Diary Contents

October 2005

09/10/05: From Timid Student To Dominant Wife - Part I
A short history of my relationship with my husband Martin - from when I first met him until I started writing this diary.

15/10/05: From Timid Student To Dominant Wife - Part II
The second part of the history of my relationship with Martin.

22/10/05: Maria The Loyal Wife (Well, Sort Of...)
I've been faithful in my marriage so far, but it's been close. Read about what I get up to at work and at parties.

29/10/05: The Object Of My Desire
Here I tell you about the man who's never far from my thoughts these days - the man who's made me want to cuckold my husband for real.

November 2005

05/11/05: Breaking The News
Last night I told my husband that his greatest fantasy was going to become reality.

12/11/05: Planning My Affair
If Matt's going to become my lover, I need a situation where I can signal to him that I'm available.

19/11/05: The Girl Who Loves Cream
In this post I tell you more about what turns me on, and I describe one of my favourite ways of humiliating my husband.

26/11/05: Training Day
Here you get an idea of how I punished Martin for his recent moodiness.

December 2005

03/12/05: A Green Light?
Last week I had a meeting with Matt. Was it wishful thinking, or did he give me an unmistakable signal?

10/12/05: The London Meeting
The big day arrives. Can we win the contract? More importantly though, can I win Matt?

22/12/05: A Night To Remember
After weeks of dreaming about it, I finally get to go out on a date with Matt. This is what happened.

January 2006

06/01/06: A New Year, A New Life
Recently everything has gone better than I could ever have wished for. I'm hoping 2006 will be just as lucky for me.

18/01/06: Feedback & Requests
Here I respond to some of the correspondence I've received since I started my diary.

29/01/06: Do You Want To See My Diary?
A very special new reader is introduced to my diary.

February 2006

05/02/06: Puss In Boots
I take a little trip out in public - with Matt.

12/02/06: The Symbolism Of Cuckoldry
A cuckold marriage is more than just the wife having an extra-marital affair.

19/02/06: Working Girl
Some more background on how I dress for my business meetings.

26/02/06: A Slut Is Born
This week you find out just how much of a whore I really am.

August 2006

12/08/06: What, You Thought I'd Gone For Good?
Things are getting interesting, and I can't resist telling everyone. I'm back for a while...

24/08/06: Lights...Camera...Action! - Part I
Martin goes away for a week, and Matt and I make some videos. An unforgettable week.

September 2006

07/09/06: Lights...Camera...Action! - Part II
More details about my week of video fun.

22/09/06: The Shoe Queen - Part I
Meet Robert, a business client with the capacity to surprise.

22/09/06: The Shoe Queen - Part II
I have a somewhat unusual business meeting.

October 2006

06/10/06: Happy Anniversary
The pressure on Martin increases - as if he hasn't already suffered enough.

21/10/06: Whip Sister
No sooner am I back than I'm gone again. Not even I could have anticipated the reason why.

January 2007

21/01/07: The Complete Seductress
I think I've now got all the skills I need, and I just require more men - slaves as well as lovers.

February 2007

11/02/07: Business Slut
The key to retaining business clients is to keep them happy. Here's how I'm going about it.

13/02/07: The Last Post
And so it ends...

March 2008

Special Post: From Work To Play, Part 1 - Alison
Some needed background on my dearest friend.

Special Post: From Work To Play, Part 2 - Breakthrough
Alison's scheming opens up a new world of opportunity.

Special Post: From Work To Play, Part 3 - Double Delight
I get introduced to a friend of a friend.

Special Post: From Work To Play, Part 4 - Whipping Boys
Lady luck deals me the perfect hand and enables me to become a true dominatrix.

25/03/08: A Living Fantasy
After an absence of over a year I'm back, but for how long? Hopefully long enough for you to learn how I've turned my life into a dream come true.

April 2008

08/04/08: Just Another Day - Part I
Here I document a single day in my life to give you an idea of how I currently amuse myself.

23/04/08: Just Another Day - Part II
The fun continues as my first afternoon visitor arrives.

June 2008

08/06/08: Feedback & Requests 2
Responses to some recent correspondence.

December 2008

22/12/08: Publish And Be Damned?
Can I realistically maintain an online diary and simultaneously hope to lead a private, carefree lifestyle?

January 2009

17/01/09: A Dish Served Cold - Part I
I get introduced to a new friend, Michael.

17/01/09: A Dish Served Cold - Part II
Life is full of surprises, and I had a major one last year when I visted Michael for some afternoon fun and games.

March 2009

01/03/09: Winter Boots
The thrill of wearing front-laced thigh boots in public.

April 2009

10/04/09: Hostess
Gerald brings my dreams to life in an unforgettable way.

January 2011

31/01/11: London Whore
I'm back again, and currently I'm very much in demand.

June 2011

03/06/11: The Dream Consultant
More of my extreme exhibitionist games.

July 2011

23/07/11: Journey's End?
Why I'm posting so infrequently.

February 2012

14/02/12: The Festive Season
A Valentine's Day update on my recent activities.

November 2014

11/11/14: Stepford Slut - Part I
I welcome a special guest at home.

25/11/14: Stepford Slut - Part II
Some more background and detail on my summer visitor.

December 2014

21/12/14: Stepford Slut - Part III
I get to indulge in some office role play.

March 2017

19/03/17: Wank Doll
How my desire to arouse men has shaped my current lifestyle.

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