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Message from Maria, December 2020:

In order to help maintain my privacy, I'm afraid that Maria's Diary is no longer publicly accessible. Visitors who have previously been given a username and password will still be able to read my posts, but regrettably I am no longer responding to new requests for access.

For those of you who currently have access, if you want the diary to remain online then please do not share the login details or any of my content elsewhere.

July 2011

30/07/11: A Nice Feeling

August 2011

14/08/11: Afternoon Relaxation

24/08/11: My Special Friend

September 2011

06/09/11: The Shock Of The Old

17/09/11: Straps Are A Girl's Best Friend

25/09/11: Heel Power

October 2011

07/10/11: The Perfect Lover

10/10/11: Sunday Business

18/10/11: Lunchtime Threesome

December 2020

10/12/20: A Client Appointment

13/12/20: Dressed For Danny

22/12/20: Strapped And Booted

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