From Work To Play, Part 2 - Breakthrough

Original draft 2008; posted January 2011

In the 'Complete Seductress' post back in January 2007 I wrote:

"Don't take this diary entry as a resumption of regular posting. I intend to put up another post which will acquaint you with some recent events that have occurred, and after that I want to write in some detail about a particularly significant weekend that I recently experienced, the one which Alison was instrumental in originating."

In the end I never did relate the events of that "particularly significant weekend" because I closed the diary down shortly thereafter. Although I no longer have any intention of giving you a detailed account of what happened, I think it's important that you are given the general background as to what occurred around that time because it was the major springboard for what came after and was certainly one of the most significant moments in the journey I have undertaken in fact if you consider how things snowballed for me from that point on then it's no exaggeration to say that it was a life-changing experience.

It all started just a few weeks after the momentous weekend with Alison that I described in my last post. Alison rang me one evening and invited me to come and stay with her for a couple of days. She had arranged for us to go out on the Saturday night with her ex-boyfriend Chris, the guy she had been with for a while before she met Jason. She had occasionally been seeing Chris ever since she had started recovering her self-assurance, but it was nothing serious. This suited her completely because she knew exactly what Chris was like and she could be confident that he wasn't interested in any long-term attachment. A date with him now and then at least got her out of the house, and it was mutually understood that there were no commitments. I knew they sometimes had sex, but Alison had kept her growing interest in fetish clothing and sex toys to herself. It was just straight stuff with Chris.

It was obvious to me that she was cooking up something and so I asked her outright what she was up to. She was surprisingly relaxed and open about her intentions, and calmly told me that she wanted me to be fucked by Chris. I was totally taken aback by this, so much so that I was left speechless. My immediate thought was 'no way', but at that moment I couldn't conjure up a good reason why I should decline. After all, only a few weeks earlier I had done almost exactly the same thing to my friend with Matt, and she hadn't let me down.

Alison obviously sensed my hesitancy and it was then that she did a superb selling job on me. What attracted me most was when it became apparent that her underlying motive for concocting this scenario was so that we could pressurise and humiliate Martin.

"You only have to go to bed with him once, that's all," she said. "Then the four of us can go out together and Martin will have to sit there knowing that you've been taken by Chris. Remember when Martin put Chris in his place that time we went out years ago? I mean, he was quite right to, and I don't think Chris was really that bothered about it, but it will seem to Martin that Chris is getting his own back. And you know what Chris is like he won't be able to resist sitting there with a smirk on his face."

She clearly knew how to press the right buttons. That thought was very appealing, particularly as I had always wanted to do something like this with Matt, but my boyfriend had always declined. I admitted to Alison that I could see the attraction of it all, and she immediately pressed home her advantage.

"The four of us could go to a restaurant, and Chris could sit next to you rather than me. You could wear one of your leather skirts and Chris could stroke your legs, playing with your suspenders through the leather right in front of Martin. Wouldn't you like that?"

"Oh God, Ali..."

"...and you never know, maybe we could get you both in the back of Martin's car. You wouldn't even have to do anything. Just get Martin wondering..."

She didn't have to say any more. She'd got me.

I didn't let Matt know about our plans. As far as I was concerned I had no intention of getting involved with Chris and this would be a one-off night of sex so that I could add another name to my list of extramarital conquests and have ammunition to bludgeon Martin with for months to come. I'd reveal things to Matt eventually, I told myself, but after the event, not before.

Chris was totally unaware of what Alison had planned. He may have thought it slightly odd that I had been invited out with them for dinner that evening, but he clearly enjoyed the fact that he had two very hot lookers on his arm when we arrived at the restaurant. I wasn't wearing anything particularly outrageous that night but I'd made every effort with my hair and make-up. Alison looked the business too and Chris mostly had eyes for her, but he kept giving me a double-take as if he couldn't believe it was the same person he'd met a number of years previously.

He was still highly attractive and I actually thought he looked the better for being somewhat older. His hair was beginning to recede a little and the colour was just showing signs of turning, but he looked ruggedly handsome now rather than 'pretty-boy', which is how I remembered him. He still dressed well too, and the distinction between him and my husband had become even greater. He hadn't put on a great deal of weight, whereas Martin was definitely showing signs of an expanding waistline.

In my previous post I said that I didn't fancy Chris when I had met him, but initially I got a buzz from him this time. The only problem was that he still hadn't lost the inflated opinion of himself. He'd certainly toned things down, but after a couple of drinks a number of the 'I am' comments started to surface and that told me that he hadn't really changed. In this sense he just wasn't cool like Matt, and indeed even Martin would eventually have outshone him over the course of an evening. Fortunately though this didn't matter to me and in fact in some ways it was a bonus. Martin could see why I would be attracted to Matt and Robert, the two men I was having intercourse with at the time, but Chris? Why would I want to have sex with Chris?

That's what I was hoping Alison's little adventure would drub into my husband. I'm prepared to have sex with anyone, my darling. Anyone but you.

It was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Fantasy brought to life once more. Alison and I had it all worked out, and we were determined to milk the cuckolding symbolism for all it was worth. The three of us went back to Alison's house, and after a nightcap and a fairly long chat I excused myself and went to bed. I knew that Chris would be staying the night, but Alison made sure that they didn't come up for at least half an hour. That gave me time to dress for the occasion, and then it was merely a matter of waiting.

My heart was racing when I heard them come up the stairs and by this time I was on heat. I so dearly wanted Chris's dick in me, and he was going to see that desire as soon as he set eyes on me. It seemed to take forever for Alison to come to my room, but when she walked through the door I could see that she too was trembling with excitement.

"Fantastic," she said as she looked me up and down.

"And you," I replied. She'd dressed up for Chris, and I knew he must be lying there in her bed with a massive hard on, wondering why the heck she'd suddenly left the room, but eagerly awaiting her return.

She quickly clipped the chain dog lead to the studded collar around my neck. Then she led her bitch to her Master.

I'm not sure I'll ever see anyone look as stunned as Chris did in those next few seconds as we walked through the door. I don't think Alison's words even registered.

"Look, I've brought you a present."

I'd thought about wearing a dress or maybe a skirt and top, but there wasn't going to be much in the way of foreplay that night, that much I was certain of. Alison and I were going to get into bed with Chris and the kissing, licking and sucking was going to start straight away. So I kept to underwear the classic combination of leather waspie, bra, zipped panties and opera gloves, teamed with black stockings and super high heels. The collar finished off the effect perfectly, and my face said: "I want prick. Give me prick." Believe me, I looked so fuckable you'd have creamed just at the sight of me. I imagine Chris very nearly did.

"Fucking hell," he moaned.

Alison was in her element.

"Come on then, turn around and show Christopher how you've been a bad girl."

I did as I was told, and Chris let out another expletive. He maybe hadn't noticed the two silver chains that were clipped to the front of my corset and pulled tightly between my legs, but when I turned around he couldn't miss those same chains and a third one at the limit of tension at the back. The three of them were securely holding a black dildo in my rear, and as soon as I stopped turning Alison grabbed the base of it and started pushing it in to me.

"Let's turn this on and see how far up we can make it go," she said with relish.

She turned the control on the base and I immediately felt the delicious throbbing inside me. Beautiful, just beautiful. Only a third of the dong was inside me, but a few seconds later it was virtually all inside me as my friend pushed and pushed and pushed again. My panties were fully unzipped to allow this violation, and she reached around me with her other hand, lightly stroking her fingers over my wet pussy.

"Wow, you really are ready for cock, aren't you?" she teased.

"Oh yes," I gasped, "I need some cock."

She let go of the dildo and I heard Chris make a third groan of disbelief. Without the pressure of her hand my body reflexively tried to evacuate the shiny black rubber intruder, and out it came until the silver chains became taut once more. The buzzing head was still trapped inside me and there was no escape from its torment. It was wonderful.

I was led to Alison's bed then, and almost nothing was said for twenty minutes or more as the three of us kissed, fondled, sucked, groped, licked, and fingered. Chris's prick was perfect for me - beautifully hard, big enough to pleasure my pussy in a way that my husband's never could, but not so big that I wouldn't want to let it take the place of the dildo in due course. I had only recently lost my anal virginity to Robert, but I was eager to have more cock in my rear. At the very first sight of Chris's prick I knew he was going to take me both ways that weekend.

In due course Chris was lying on his back as Alison and I both gave his prick the sort of close oral attention that two naughty schoolgirls had given their teacher Matthew a few weeks previously. I can understand why guys pay hookers to do this in pairs because the experience must be sensational for a man. Together we kissed his balls, licked the shaft, and sucked the engorged head, saliva dripping from our mouths as Chris grabbed us by the hair and urged us on. All this time the rubber dildo had been buzzing away in my backside, but I had miraculously managed to avoid climax. I had now reached the stage where I could hold it no longer.

"I need to come," I pleaded.

Alison took a condom out of the bedside drawer and I held Chris's cock as she rolled it on.

A few seconds later I was rubbing the end his dick against my clit before I finally mounted him. "Oh God," I moaned, "it's fabulous."

"Easy, easy," Alison soothed. "Hold on a bit."

She got off the bed and walked over to the dresser, picking up her phone. She started pressing buttons.

"What are you doing?" Chris said, the confusion written all over his face.

"I'm ringing Martin," Alison said matter-of-factly. "I want to let him know that Maria is being screwed."

"What the heck do you thi..."

"It's okay, it's okay, " I urged. "Honestly, it's okay."

This was the one part of the plan that we couldn't be sure about; we simply didn't know how Chris would react. Alison hadn't really initiated the call and now we were about to find out whether Chris would play ball.

Alison came over to the bed and sat close to Chris.

"Martin is a wimp," she said to him. "Seriously, a total wimp. He can't get it up any more and Maria eventually had enough of it and started seeing someone else. And you know what? Martin's so pathetic he actually got off on it. He didn't like it but he got off on it. Maria would come home with spunk dripping from her knickers and Martin would kneel before her and jerk off while she told him what she'd done."

"You're kidding," Chris said.

"No, she's not kidding," I assured him. "It's absolutely true."

"Oh, this is just too much," Chris moaned, closing his eyes. "Too much."

I glanced at Ali and she gave a small shrug of her shoulders along with a face that said: I've no idea what he's thinking. One thing I did find encouraging though I could feel the incredible hardness of Chris's prick inside me. He had lost none of his excitement.

I started grinding on his dick. "Ahh, please let me come," I begged.

So far it had all been one way with the surprises, but it was at this point that Chris turned the tables.

"Come on then," he goaded, "tell me more about what you've done. What else do you get up to?"

I started moving more vigorously.

"I've made Martin drink from condoms," I moaned. "Condoms someone else has filled."

"Seriously?" Chris said incredulously. "Are you serious???"

"Really," I gasped. "And I go out in thigh length high heeled boots and when I get home I've got spunk all down them. Martin licks it up."

"Oh yeah, that's awesome," Chris almost shouted. "That's fantastic. Come on, tell me more... I want to hear more."

Chris started moving his body at that point, pumping his cock upwards. By now he'd pulled my bra cups down and his hands were roving over my breasts.

"Can I call him?" Alison interjected.

"No, don't," Chris said, almost as an aside. "Come on Maria, what else?"

I gave him what else, and we had an amazing fuck as I began revealing the myriad kinky ways in which Martin had been forced to suffer through my infidelity. Neither of us lasted long, but after a period of lying there in recovery Chris started asking questions again, and it wasn't long before Alison was getting her own share of prick as we both took turns to stimulate Chris with examples of Martin's disgrace.

The following morning Chris took me again, this time anally, and he wanted the stories over and over again. It wasn't just what I'd done that excited him it was hearing me say it. And the more bizarre the accounts became, the harder his prick felt inside me.

I got home later that Sunday and Martin was in the main lounge. The TV was on, he had the Sunday newspapers draped over his lap, and there was a half finished glass of wine beside him along with a virtually empty bottle. He was asleep with his head back and he was snoring lightly. After the awesome fantasy sex I had just enjoyed this brought me back to earth, but somehow it provided every justification for my depraved exploits. How could a goddess be expected to tolerate such a deficient, weak man?

I switched off the TV but he still didn't stir, so I went out of the room and back into the kitchen where I had left my bag. A couple of minutes later I was back beside him and I laid my black leather panties on the arm of his chair along with the condom that Chris had filled on our first fuck.

I've now had prick number three up me Martin. Only another hundred or so to go.

I contacted Alison the following day to thank her for coming up with the idea of having that weekend. I had been dubious about it at first, but the result had been way beyond my expectations even though we never did get to call Martin and let him hear my cries and the sound of the dildo vibrating in my backside as Chris brought me to climax. I also told her what I had done on my return and how exciting it was to keep Martin guessing about events. At this point he was aware I'd had sex with someone new, but he didn't know who that person was.

"Can you see yourself getting together with him again?" Alison queried.

I had already asked myself this several times and I didn't yet have an answer.

"I'd like to," I told her. "The only problem is Matt. I'm not sure he'd take it too well."

Alison then mentioned how struck she was with Chris's reaction to our revelations about Martin's cuckolding.

"He got off on it in a big way, you know. Even after you left he didn't stop talking about it."

"I know," I agreed. "Matt gets off on things like that too, but not to the same extent."

Alison hesitated for a moment.

"I asked Chris if he'd be prepared to go out with Martin and the two of us sometime. He said yes, no problem, and he really sounded quite keen."


"Yes. And when I put it to him he also said he'd go further than that..."

"You mean touching me up in a restaurant?" I asked. Just saying that gave me a familiar tingle and a number of images immediately flashed through my head.

"Maria, I asked him whether he'd be willing to let you suck him off in front of Martin. He said yes, he would."

"Oh Ali, please, don't..."

"It's really worth thinking about," she pressed. "I know you want to do these things with Matt, but come on, let's get real. Matt is an honourable, decent guy and he likes and respects Martin. He may get turned on by the way you treat Martin, but he's getting aroused because he's seeing and hearing you getting aroused. That's where he gets the kick. You're never going to coax him into laughing at Martin as he screws you, and he especially won't ever do the more extreme things you want. Chris is different though, you must have seen that. Chris was getting off on the humiliation for its own sake."

She was absolutely right. I had always wanted my boyfriend to enjoy humiliating my husband, and for me the true test of this would be if Matt could one day turn and face Martin as he is fucking me and give my husband a victorious, taunting smile. That was never going to happen, and any pressuring from me was only going to put a strain on our relationship. That's why I had increasingly backed off on this and instead tried to encourage Matt to play less overt games. Even with these he was often uncomfortable.

Alison kept pushing.

"We could go out, the four of us, and you can be played with in the restaurant just like you've always wanted," she urged. "Then on the way back in the car you can suck Chris. Think about it. Martin will hear the zip being undone and then he'll hear you sucking. You can unbutton your blouse too and unzip your skirt and Chris can have his hands all over you."

I was in our downstairs study when I made this call and at this point I told Alison to hold on for a minute while I went upstairs to my bedroom. Once I was there I lay on the bed, pulled down my panties, and a few moments later my favourite dildo was easing in and out of me.

"Tell me again what we could do," I said to her. "Tell me slowly, every little detail."

The following evening I went to see Matt as usual and I revealed what I had done that weekend and also what I was planning. I don't like keeping secrets from him and I have always been absolutely honest with him, not only about my experiences but also about my thoughts and feelings. I didn't soften my account in any way I wasn't particularly attracted to Chris, I told him, but that hadn't stopped me kissing him passionately and loving every moment of his cock inside me. My orgasm was fabulous too, with Alison massaging the chained dildo in and out of me as I came.

I also loved it the following morning as well, I said, when I was on all fours on the bed and Chris took me from behind. I was kissing Alison and sucking her breasts while Chris's hard cock was reaming my backside. I took every inch, I told Matt. Every last inch was up me.

I have used this sort of dialogue with Matt ever since I started seeing other men and he has never been able to hide the lust in his eyes as I recount every little detail. I would go as far to say that my boyfriend would now be very unhappy if I stopped playing kinky games with other guys. We have always had fantastic sex together, first when he punishes me for my misdeeds, and later in bed when I talk him through the scenarios a second time. He especially gets off on tales of how and where I have been anally penetrated, a form of sex he has always been, and forever will be, denied. We all covet most those things that are out of our reach, and Matt's prick is never bigger than when I'm whispering into his ear and telling him how I love the feeling of a hard, throbbing dick squirting hot cum into my rear.

He was clearly a little put out by the fact that Alison and I had been playing together with another man. He had probably begun to feel that he was part of a unique triangle, but now he had to accept that he wouldn't be the only guy who would receiving our dual attention. And he was also facing the prospect of another man usurping his role as Martin's nemesis.

"You can still take Chris's place if you like," I said. "You know that's what I've always wanted."

"Would you really be happy if I said 'yes' to that?" he came back. "In all honesty?"

I didn't answer that immediately and he lay there looking at me intently.

"No, I wouldn't," I finally conceded. "Chris is very much up himself. He's perfect for something like this and he'll rub Martin's nose in it, I just know he will. You couldn't do that."

"Well, you've got your answer then, haven't you?" he said, and there was a hint of a smile on his face. "Kiddo, this is what you've been after for as long as I've been with you. We both knew you were going to do it at some point. So go ahead, do it, and give it everything you've got. And I mean everything."

I smiled back at him. "Don't worry," I assured him, "I fully intend to."

In my previous post I recounted the awkward moment when Martin had come close to openly belittling Chris when we went out for dinner one night, and I said that I knew that it would be the last night we went out together as a foursome. Well, I was wrong, and on a Saturday night at the start of the New Year in 2007 Martin and I went out for dinner with Chris and Alison for the third time.

On this occasion it was Chris who held all the aces, and although he never said anything to rub in the advantage he had over Martin, there was an inescapable smugness about him which made the evening perfect as far as I was concerned. He knew he was better looking than my husband, knew he was physically superior, and above all he knew that the very attractive woman in the tight leather skirt he was sitting next to would later be sucking his prick while her feeble spouse humiliatingly drove them home. Adding to his enjoyment was the knowledge that the condom he had filled when he came inside this woman's pussy at their previous meeting had hung beside her husband's bed for a whole week, and that in the interim she had been going to work on certain days with a rubber cock in her vagina which had 'Chris' written on it in bright red lipstick.

The restaurant game was highly erotic, even though we didn't do anything outrageous. Chris simply caressed the tops of my thighs gently at first, running his fingers up and down the suspenders as they protruded through the leather of my front-zipped skirt. Later I unfastened the skirt about halfway and he was able to slide his hand inside my thigh and massage my leg, intermittently fingering the lace of my stocking top and the metal clasps of my straps. It was so reminiscent of that time when my former client Alan had fondled me in a London restaurant and I'm now very much convinced that it was that episode that lies at the root of my desire to be groped in this way. To this day I find myself wishing he had gone further and I had been given the opportunity to reward his attentions with my mouth.

The car journey home was everything I had dreamed of. The front zipped skirt was an obvious choice for the restaurant, but it proved perfect for the car too with the sound of the zipper easily audible above the engine and wind noise. Martin couldn't see what was going on because if you recall I always made him turn the driver's mirror to one side whenever he was chauffeuring me, but his head reflexively turned a little when he first heard the zip being unfastened. Alison was in the front seat beside my husband and she made it clear that what was happening was a private matter between Chris and me.

"Keep your eyes on the road, Martin," she said calmly.

The second zip was even louder. I was wearing some rubber panties that very rarely saw the light of day for the simple reason that the zipper on them was so stiff, but they were just what I needed for this occasion. Chris had to pull quite hard at first, but once the zipper started moving the noise was sublime. Amplifying the excitement for me was the knowledge that Martin's sudden erection from hearing these sounds would be painful for him as his inadequate cock strained against the confinement of the chastity device he was wearing. The key had been around Alison's neck all evening and she had shown it to Chris at the dining table, asking him to guess what it was for. Martin's face had turned a brighter shade of crimson at that moment.

I removed my silk top, and all I had on my upper body was the tight rubber bra. We would be driving through two town centres on the way home but I had no intention of covering myself up again and by then the skirt was going to be fully undone too. Hopefully we would pass some high vehicles where the occupants would be able to see me in full glory.

We didn't say much, but what little dialogue was exchanged some of it by design, some spontaneous must have pierced my husband to the core.

"You're soaking..."

"Two fingers, baby... use two."

"I can't believe how hard you are."

"Oh yes, yes, that's it... squeeze them with your fingers really hard."

"It's no good, I've got to take it out and look at it."

"Oh yeah... yeah... yeah... yeah... just like that... just like that..."

"Try and take a bit more, Maria. Come on, you can get more in than that."

Periodically I would change position, making my skirt rub against the leather seats. Leather on leather, a sound Martin adores. I didn't have to fake my reactions to Chris's prick because it was fabulously erect. As Alison had predicted, her boyfriend revelled in this sort of kink, and several times I had to ease off on my fellatio because I sensed that he was close to ejaculation. The plan had been for him to spray all over my leather skirt at some point, but not until we were much closer to home. Now however I was determined that this wasn't going to happen. I wanted much, much more.

"I want your cock in me," I whispered in his ear. "I've got to have it up me when we get home."

Christmas had passed, but Santa gave me a late present that night. Chris's words were an answer to all my dreams:

"Don't worry, you're going to get it."

Twenty-minutes later we stopped at some traffic lights in the second town we passed through. Alison told me afterwards that a couple who were walking by suddenly stopped and turned round, both of them looking intently at the car. Some noise had disturbed them, something unusual above the purr of the engine. But before they had a chance to pinpoint what the sound was, Martin had accelerated away. I had no chance of seeing them because I was lying across Chris's lap with my face looking into darkness as he methodically spanked my leather covered backside under Alison's direction. She made sure she got some revenge for my monopolisation of all the fun.

"Harder, Chris. Come on, really whack her. She loves it. Actually, why not take off your belt and use that on her?"

Martin couldn't see any of this. All he could hear was the sound. The sound...

That was my first real experience of cuckold car sex (hmm, I just Googled that expression in inverted commas and didn't get any hits that directly related to what I'm talking about. So, © Maria 2008). It's such an amazing experience that I would urge any wife who wants to experiment with a cuckoldry lifestyle to consider this as an early step rather than taking things to the bedroom. It doesn't have to involve actual intercourse, or even oral play. It's thrilling to just be kissed and caressed by a man in the back of a car while your husband obediently drives you home.

At this point you're probably expecting me to talk you through the later events of that night when for the very first time I was fucked by another man with my husband as a physical witness. After all, didn't I once say that nothing could beat this? The truth is that the memory of that night isn't particularly high up my list of all-time greats. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that Chris didn't perform well or that things fell apart, and in fact I don't think it could have played out any better than it did. Even at the time I wasn't expecting anything mind-blowing; all that mattered to me was that Chris would be confident in front of Martin and that he would enjoy and become drawn to the experience of giving a hot-for-cock slut wife satisfaction that her husband could no longer provide.

It was for this reason that we didn't get the video camera out that night. Certainly I would like to have captured that first session of having full intercourse with Martin as witness, but it was far more important to me that the sex should be spontaneous and passionate without the self-consciousness that the presence of a camera might prompt. In any case, my night-time video shoots invariably produce poor quality material and therefore I was quite happy to forgo any filming. The key for me was to get Chris in a frame of mind where he would be eager to continue the games on the Sunday, when Alison and I could coax him into indulging in far more imaginative scenarios, this time with a video camera recording events.

I might have felt different about this if Chris hadn't been wearing a condom when he ejaculated into me that night, but that didn't seem a sensible move (which on my part was more due to considerations regarding Matt's status in relation to Chris rather than any health aspects). Certainly in most of my fantasies Martin would lick my lover's cum out of my pussy after I had been sired, but even then I'm not sure the moment would have been that notable for me. I'm honest enough to admit that the reason I don't hold that night on a pedestal is because it wasn't kinky enough for me; it lacked sufficient depravity. I've done a number of things since then that have got that special element of sordidness, and they occupy my mind far more than that night when Martin watched Chris fuck my brains out.

That's how I see things in retrospect; at the time the sex was fantastic, and there were certainly some unique moments. One was fairly early on, when Chris and I finally went upstairs to my bedroom.When we arrived home I had excused myself for a moment to fetch some bondage accessories and a couple of toys. When I returned Martin was permitted for a short period to watch Chris fondle and kiss me as we sat on the sofa in the main lounge, and in due course he put me across his knee and spanked me for a second time before using a dildo on my rear. I was able to look right into Martin's eyes as my husband sat there helplessly watching his wife being ass-reamed with a rubber dong.

"This is what a real man does to me," I taunted.

After another five minutes of this Alison told Martin that we should be left alone together and she took him out into the hallway. We had a sort of dual stimulation then. Martin could hear my moans from the lounge as Chris fingered and dildoed me to climax, and I could hear the smacks as Alison disciplined Martin. She had put him over a chair in the hall, pulled down his trousers, and was steadily spanking him. The sound was delightful.

This was all by design, and several minutes later Chris emerged from the lounge with me following behind him. Martin presented a pathetic sight as he stood there bent over the chair, his reddened perspiring face looking directly at us. At moments like that I really do feel incredible contempt for him deep, deep, contempt.

I will never forget Alison's words as Chris walked towards the stairs and no longer blocked the view of me:

"Oh God, Martin, look - he's chained up her cunt."

Chris was indeed leading me by two long chains attached to me via labia clamps. Initially we'd thought of using the standard collar and chain combination to symbolise my submissiveness to my lover, but I had the idea of leaving a far more disturbing memory for my husband that of his wife's vagina being bondaged to her Master. It was actually a somewhat painful experience, but I only had to endure this for a couple of minutes, and boy was it worth it.

Alison and I had half expected that Chris would screw me in front of Martin that night, but we had agreed that if it happened then we would take things slowly with Martin's humiliation. The first time he would merely watch and Alison would goad him with words, something she had already shown great talent for. When it actually came to the moment when Chris mounted me and began screwing me aggressively I was aware of Alison's running commentary as she twisted the knife into my spouse and made him admit that he should be punished for his failings. A short while later, in keeping with the dialogue, she gave Martin a couple of sharp whacks on the buttocks. That really did it for me.

"Oh, hit him again," I moaned.

Alison did exactly as asked, and I gripped Chris tighter, lifting my legs around him and squeezing tightly.

"More," I ordered. "Come on, Ali, beat him."

Alison raised the tempo of the strikes and this sent me into delirium.

"Oh God, oh yes, oh yes," I moaned. "Get the whip, get the whip. Whip him."

For the first time Alison lifted the veil of fantasy, but she didn't get far:

"But I thought you said..."

"WHIP HIM!!!" I shouted.

I heard her leave the room, and less than a minute later she was back. I was trembling with anticipation, and that first strike on Martin's bottom when it came sent me into paroxysms of kinky desire. "Oh God," I shouted, "thrash him for me. Don't hold back... don't hold back..."

Fortunately Alison did hold back, but nevertheless Martin took a very severe beating and I loved every moment of it. I had locked my mouth to Chris's and every time a new blow landed I let out a muffled squeal of delight. When I finally climaxed it seemed to last forever, and I kept urging Alison on.

"Oh yes, come on, hit him again! Hit him again!"


"Yes, yes, again!"


"Ahhh... ahhh... fantastic... come on... harder..."


And so it went on. When Chris eventually climaxed he rolled off me and I finally got to see Martin's face. Tears were in his eyes but I knew he would have experienced some sort of perverted pleasure from his humiliation, just as I had done. Alison was already going into motherly mode, and if you heard her words and saw her affectionately stroking his hair while she soothingly kissed him on the cheek you would never believe that she had been the one delivering the punishment.

"There's a good boy, there's a good boy... it's alright now, sweetie, it's alright. You were a very good boy, weren't you? A very good boy. I'm so pleased with you, and Maria is really pleased too. As a special reward we're going to unlock your little cock in a while and let you play with it while we all watch."

As has happened in the past, I hesitated when I wrote that last section because it seems so inordinately cruel, and yet it's important that you know this because in my bedroom escapades where Martin is physically present, I cannot get proper release unless he is being abused. My climax is augmented by an order of magnitude if my husband is being flagellated as I am being fucked, and the converse of this is that I'm not much interested in having bedroom sex in front of Martin unless he is receiving punishment in some demeaning way. I would much rather torment him remotely as he listens to me being taken from an adjacent room.

Why is this? Partly it's simply an auditory reflex. I just love the sound of whips or paddles striking against flesh or leather, and I can almost feel the pain of the hapless victim even if I can't even see him. Also though there's this divine element of extraordinary unfairness not only does my husband have to watch another man taking his wife, but he actually gets beaten in the process. He's punished for his failure in front of both her and her lover, and even better, the pain he receives feeds her passion and induces an orgasm that lasts far longer and is markedly more intense than usual. It's so delectably poetic.

The whipping that Martin received as I was being screwed worked very well for me as it removed any doubt in Chris's mind as to just how servile and sexually submissive my husband is to both myself and Alison. He certainly got off on the whole thing and on the Sunday he was more than ready to participate in the games we had planned, nor did he have any objections to the sessions being filmed. What added to the pleasure for me was that I was able to enjoy a sort of double cuckolding that day. I was the first to get up in the morning, and I deliberately dressed in an outfit that my boyfriend Matt likes me to wear, especially when he's going to discipline me.

I got Martin to take some video of me in this gear and after breakfast I attached a couple of captures to an email to Matt with a hastily written message:

"Guess who was fucked in front of her husband last night :)

"Just thought you might like to see how I'm dressed for Chris this morning. I'll let you imagine all the things he's going to do to me while Martin watches.

"Must go baby, there's a big hard cock upstairs waiting for my mouth.".

Maria dressed for Chris

You might think that this was a very risky thing to do, but I had a very good handle on how Matt felt about this weekend and I knew that those few words and the accompanying photos would provoke the same excitement interlaced with frustration and jealousy that drives Martin. Matt was no longer hiding his feelings in this regard and I had come to appreciate just how powerful these emotions could be for a dominant as well as a submissive man. It's a very sophisticated form of sex that is compelling for the simple reason that it's so dangerous. Those who play these games need to have a deep understanding of their partner's limits, but even then there's no guarantee that a line won't one day be unintentionally crossed.

Matt must have been on his computer that morning because he texted me within minutes:

"You're going to regret sending me that. Now that you've done it though, send me more."

I was so preoccupied that I only managed to send my boyfriend a couple more video captures, but Matt still talks today of how it affected him when he opened my emails. This is the power of cuckoldry and why it's a lifestyle that I shall never be able to let go of. The physical sex itself is only part of the erotic experience.

The first photo is a shot of me kneeling on all fours sucking Chris's cock. I'm wearing some of Matt's favourite underwear, which again was consciously designed to antagonise him. You have to consider that Matt had never seen a picture like this, with me accommodating another man. It might seem fairly ordinary to most, but it was a very powerful reminder to my boyfriend of what a complete whore he had become involved with.

I didn't hold back with the accompanying text either:

"We're just about to go out for lunch, and this is what I'll be wearing underneath my dress. As you can see, I'm a very hungry girl. Chris's hands will be all over my leather when we drive back later, and I'll be sucking him in the car as I look forward to receiving a good, hard, anal fucking."

Maria pleasures Chris

The second email wasn't much longer and still only had a single attachment.

"Sorry for the lack of updates, but Chris and Alison have only just left and this is the first real chance I've had to get in touch.

"We had a fantastic time this afternoon, and I've attached a pic from the best session of all. Chris is just about to paddle me, and after that Martin lubed my backside with his tongue (I really mean lubed he licked it from a bowl). Then Chris double-dildoed me with Martin watching from only a few feet away. We ended up having an amazing double ass-fuck. Alison did Martin while Chris did me, and even better, Martin was licking my pussy while all this was going on. It was fabulous baby, just fabulous, and I've got it all on video.

"I'm going to start editing it right now and I'll be a wreck at work tomorrow because I'll be up all night with my dildos thinking about this. I want you to think about it too, and you can show me what a bad girl I've been when I give you the full details on Tuesday.

"Love you,"

Maria is about to be paddled

Not all of the games we played were so hardcore. In a couple of the shoots I dressed in my everyday office wear and Alison filmed me standing with Chris as we kissed and fondled each other. In the first scene you see Martin kneeling and kissing my feet, then running his tongue up and down the seven-inch metal heels of my shoes. In the second I'm wearing knee-length spike-heeled leather boots and again my husband pays homage to them with his mouth. I have no interest in him whatsoever as I give all my attention to my lover, and there's one great clip where Chris has lifted my pleated skirt to reveal my stockings, suspenders and shiny panties, and he's rhythmically pressing his fingers against the base of the dildo that is harnessed into my rear. For a husband to be servilely licking his wife's boots while another man is doing this to her...once you've been at the cuckolding game for some time you'll realise that this sort of imagery has just as much potency as more explicit bedroom scenes.

The one piece of video that I value above all others from that weekend is the scene that I mentioned in my email to Matt. It was taken mid-afternoon on that Sunday, and at first I'm aggressively butt-fucked by Chris in much the same position as I am in the picture above. This was the first time Martin had witnessed me taking cock in my rear and you can see and hear quite clearly on the video how much I'm loving it, especially as I'm kissing Alison and sucking her beautiful breasts at the same time. I climax very easily, but it doesn't end there. Chris withdraws from me and sits on the chair, and after unbuckling the spanking skirt you see me gradually lower myself on to his lap, facing away from him. I've reached behind me and grabbed his erect cock and I gasp as I steer the head back inside me. My eyes close as I steadily move my body up and down, forcing deeper and deeper penetration. Eventually I'm no longer supporting any of my own weight, and I'm totally impaled on Chris's rod.

Martin then appears on the scene, crawling on all fours as Alison leads him on a collar and chain to me. You see me open my legs wide, grab my husband by the hair, and pull his face against my pussy.

This particular form of sex with a penis fully penetrating my rear and a man sucking and licking my vagina - is one of the most pleasurable that I have ever experienced. I can fully direct the mode of vaginal stimulation, and by using the arms of the chair to lift myself up I am able to completely control the anal pleasure I'm receiving too. It's the sort of sex that I tend not to rush because it's so indescribably divine, although there is the ever-attendant risk that the guy who's got his dick in my backside will prematurely ejaculate.

Martin attends to me for almost fifteen minutes, and you hear me periodically order him to use his mouth in a different way. Chris, to his credit, stays rock hard throughout all this and doesn't succumb to my gyrations. Instead he reaches his hands around me and massages my breasts.

At this point Alison comes into view again, and she's now wearing a pair of heavily glossed latex dildo briefs. She kneels behind Martin, forces the lubed phallus into his rear, and then gives him a hard punishment fuck with me urging her on as I begin to whip my husband's back.

Several weeks later I was still regularly watching this video scene in the evenings when I was alone in our study with my toys. The reason why it captivated me so much was because I would always imagine that Martin's mother Grace was sitting at home watching it as she logged on to a website that someone had anonymously warned her that she ought to be aware of. A reader of mine had made this suggestion to me in a private email why not set up a second site, password protected, and load it with extreme domination and cuckoldry images with myself as the star? Then let Grace 'discover' it and find out what side-business her daughter-in-law was running. Perhaps I could be selling my used panties too, with a premium on those that had evidence of my whorish activities, maybe with a short video clip next to the sale item showing me filling the garment after being taken by a big-pricked stud. How about a live webcam too? And adverts for bukkake parties in London where punters could pay to spunk over leather-clad Maria as she rods herself with big dildos? The list of possibilities was virtually endless.

I absolutely loved the whole idea of this, even though it was totally far-fetched, and I actually registered a domain name for it (obviously I'm not going to tell you what it is, but you can probably imagine the sort of word combinations that I used). The mere existence of this motivated me to be as inventive and bizarre as possible with my video shoots, and I got a big kick from imagining the material being merchandised on my website, with carefully selected stills and teaser video clips leaving Grace in a state of utter devastation.

I did also wonder whether Grace would ring my own mother and tell her. Typically of me, I used to get off on that thought too.

That weekend with Chris was a breakthrough for me. At the time I didn't realise how important it would prove to be, although I did feel it was momentous enough in itself for me to come back and tell my diary readers about it. Unfortunately that was the period where the weight of mail I was receiving became overwhelming and the diary had become too burdensome. I never did get to write about it until now.

As usual Matt got to hear every intimate detail of my activities, but when he asked if he could see some of the video we shot I flatly refused. Sending him carefully selected still captures was one thing, but letting him see full motion video of me having sex with someone else went beyond the limits I spoke of above. Although I knew full well that he would get aroused from watching many of the scenes, I also judged that he would be upset by others. Although I had never made any secret of how passionate I am with other men when I'm in the throes of lust, at that time I don't think Matt fully understood what this actually meant. I had indicated that I didn't particularly fancy Chris, but you never would have guessed this from seeing the footage of me copulating with him and pleasuring him with my mouth. As I have explained before, the simple reason for this is because in such moments I really do want that man and I give everything to please him. Just the shots with me in my everyday business wear when I'm kissing Chris as Martin licks my boots would be too much for Matt, I decided, and as for ones where I'm doing things that Matt had never enjoyed giving Chris full throat and taking his prick in my rear for example well, I didn't dare take the risk that my boyfriend would not be able to accept such powerful imagery.

I knew Matt was jealous, even more so when he heard the things Alison and I had done. He was well aware that it could have been him in those scenarios, but he didn't have that streak in him. For Chris, the enjoyment of rubbing another guy's nose in his own inferiority made him perform better, had given him a harder cock. He loved fucking a wimpy husband's slut wife, hearing her begging for more. He revelled in the knowledge that he was a better man.

"Will you be seeing him again?" Matt eventually asked as I knew he would.

"Not soon," I replied. "I don't want to undermine the excitement by doing that every week. But yes, I'll be seeing him again, probably in a month or so. There are an awful lot more fantasies I want to play out with him in front of Martin, especially outside when the weather's warmer."

"What sort of fantasies?" Matt queried, and you couldn't escape the tone of suspicion.

"Oh, you know..." I stalled. "Stuff..."

"No, I don't know," Matt persisted. "What stuff?"

We were lying in bed as we said this, and I snuggled up closer to my boyfriend and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Things that will be painful for Martin to see me doing," I said. "You know, forced fellatio, punishment sex, things like that..."

"You mean things that will be painful for Martin and me, don't you?" he said bluntly.

I kissed his cheek again and ran my fingers affectionately through his hair. Then I moved my mouth closer to his ear as if sharing a secret that no one else should hear.

"Yes, things that will be painful for you too, my baby. But if you don't want me to do them, just say so right now and I won't."

The silence said everything.

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