From Work To Play, Part 3 - Double Delight

Original draft 2008; posted January 2011

At Easter in 2007 Chris visited me for our fourth weekend of fun. As usual the four of us went out on the Saturday night, and when we returned home we added some more video to my growing library of cuckolding fantasy. However on this occasion Chris didn't have penetrative sex with me, and by prior agreement he didn't even experience an ejaculation. I had plans for the next day and I needed him to save himself.

The following morning Chris was fully rewarded for his previous night's forbearance when I took him to my bed and we enjoyed unarguably the most satisfying intercourse to date. Martin wasn't allowed in the room for the first hour of this and he stayed downstairs with Alison. I took my time with Chris, and for the first half hour I contented myself with licking and sucking his prick as he watched me pleasure myself with several different dildos. Later when I mounted him we had the sort of slow, intimate fuck that I normally reserved for Matt alone.

When Alison finally led my husband into the room on a collar and chain, Chris and I exchanged positions. As he then began working his shaft in and out of me, I wrapped my thigh boots around his back and Alison directed Martin to start paying homage to my heels and leather. Although it wasn't the first time he had performed this service, it seemed so much more erotic on this occasion because of the easy pace we were taking. I love the feeling of a tongue working its way over the full length of my thigh boots, and for a while Alison added to my excitement by mimicking my spouse with the other boot. With Chris pumping his wonderfully hard rod slowly back and forth, and with my mouth locked devotedly to my lover's, I enjoyed the most memorable Easter Sunday of my life so far.

When I was a little girl I used to look forward to eating my chocolate egg on Easter Sunday. Nowadays I've found far more satisfying things to fill myself up with.
Maria enjoys Easter Sunday with Chris

Alison eventually started punishing Martin with what had become her favourite instrument of abuse, but it was slow at first, totally in keeping with the dreamy mode of sex. Every ten seconds or so I would hear the beautiful sound of metal studded leather striking my husband's rubber briefs, and I would reflexively dig my gloved fingers into Chris's back, urging him to penetrate further. Gradually Alison increased the tempo of her strikes and I began using my legs as well to encourage my stud, kicking the backs of my heels into his buttocks.

Before long I was moaning and pulling my legs up even higher as I built up to what I already knew was going to be a shattering release. Alison had begun to really whack Martin and the sound seemed to reverberate around the room. She had also started her taunts, and whether by accident or design she hit upon the one subject that was guaranteed to make me come and come...

"Look at that Martin, look at that lovely cock going up her...don't you wish you could do that? She could take more though, couldn't she? She loves prick so much I bet she could take the same again and she'd still be gagging for more. I wonder what mummy would think if she could see this right now, hmm? Actually, I bet she's at church about now isn't she? Mummy at church on Easter Sunday, totally unaware that her little-pricked son is busy licking his wife's boots while she's being fucked by another guy."

"Oh, yes, YES!!!" I screamed, "that's fantastic!"

That really did it for me and within less than a minute my body went rigid as I pulled Chris with all my strength and the orgasm exploded through me.

"Oh, God, it's unbelievable!!" I screamed.

Chris managed to last another couple of minutes, and I was still getting spasms from my climax even then.

"That's it baby," I gasped as he arched his back and held his forward thrust as his cock began spurting inside me. "Fill it up, fill it up".

I didn't stop with my encouragement, even when he later began to ease off.

"Come on, just a bit more. Squeeze every drop out; empty those balls for me."

Finally he collapsed on top of me, drained in more senses than one.

"Oh thank you, thank you," I said to him as I stroked his hair fondly. "You were brilliant, just brilliant."

Martin probably thought my next line was a theatrical taunt at him, but the truth is that I meant every word I said:

"If only you'd started fucking me all those years ago when I first met you..."

We had Sunday lunch at our local pub in the village. I tend not to go there when I'm wearing anything too outlandish and that day I was dressed quite demurely, with trousers rather than a skirt and fairly low-heeled shoes. My make-up was lighter than normal too.

We live a little way outside the village and we have tended to keep ourselves to ourselves. The last thing we have ever wanted is overly-friendly neighbours wandering up the driveway and knocking on the door for a coffee and a chat. On the other hand we have always contributed generously to various local charities and projects, and everyone in the pub has always been extremely friendly to us. The landlord had even gone out of his way to fit in an extra table that day because we had booked late and they were already full.

We smiled and chatted normally, and you would have found it very hard to guess that the well-spoken and always presentable Mrs. D-----, wife of the respected and much-envied Martin D-----, had that morning taken every inch of the erect penis of the unknown man who was sitting with them into her mouth and throat; had subsequently coaxed an equal length of his engorged phallus into her vagina; and had finally enjoyed much the same measurement once more, this time in her very heavily lubricated backside. Then again, maybe if you knew Mr. D----- well and had studied him carefully that day, you might have noticed that he didn't appear quite as confident as you remembered and that on occasion his cheeks would redden a little when his wife or her female companion spoke to him.

After lunch we made the annual Easter trek to see Martin's parents. It isn't actually that far and we never stay for long, but I have always hated going and have mentally come to see it as an ordeal to be endured. For some reason it wasn't quite so bad that day, even though we were still hearing the usual mind-numbingly boring monologue from Grace as we sat there with our cups of tea trying to look suitably interested. You don't tend to chat much with Grace; you just learn to obediently listen.

Grace had at least complimented Alison on how well she looked. She had only seen her a couple of times since our wedding, but Martin had told her all about my friend's problems and Grace knew that for a period she had given up on herself. I'm soooo glad you're happy again, dear. Chris was of course introduced as Alison's boyfriend, and the two of them held hands as they sat on one of the sofas together. I'm sure Grace thought it was very sweet.

As Grace talked us through the problems she and George were having with the rabbits digging up parts of the vegetable garden and the quite despicable attitude of Mary Stevenson in refusing to second her nomination as Lady President of the local Rotary Club, Alison and I kept glancing at each other and exchanging small smirks. I'm pretty certain my mother-in-law didn't spot this impolite behaviour, any more than she had on previous occasions over the past year when an involuntary smile had crossed my mouth as the thought hit me once again of what she would think if she knew what was going on behind her back.

On my last visit I had sat there with my legs crossed as I listened to her, all the while feeling the delightful wetness of the cum-soaked panties that Matt had helped me fill earlier in the day. The time before that I had four inches of moulded black rubber in my rear, and little did Grace realise that I was ass-wanking myself as I periodically changed position in the armchair. On this day however I was having fun at her expense in a different way, but it was no less exciting, and there was also the intoxicating knowledge that a mere three hours earlier, Martin, her precious boy, had unzipped the rear of his wife's leather panties and had dutifully held them wide open as another man guided his stiff prick into her eager slut arse.

I knew both Alison and I would be hot by the time we left, but we didn't mess around on the way home even though we were sitting in the back of the car together. Chris was in the front passenger seat beside Martin but they exchanged very few words. My husband has never found it easy to converse with his tormentors and so he switched to the sports channel on the radio to create some distraction. I imagine he was also preoccupied with what we were going to do when we arrived home.

Alison and I went straight upstairs once we were back, leaving Chris watching TV in the second lounge while Martin set up the video cameras in the main one. We were dressed to kill when we came down, two fetish-clad dominas with the make-up, toys and punishment tools to match. We went into the large room where Martin was waiting, but we didn't call Chris through, and nor was he expecting us to. Instead we shut the double doors behind us. This was a moment for just the three of us.

On the recorded video from that session you see Alison take Martin by the hand and position him in the centre of the room, still standing. I'll give an extract of the dialogue here that will hopefully provide some insight into what happened over the next twenty-five minutes. Note that initially Alison and I are not hamming it up or exhibiting the patronising, mocking tone that one might expect from dominas dealing with a sub. In fact Martin is fairly laconic with one response to Alison, which you might think would warrant retribution, but this is how we are with my husband, especially when the video shoot hasn't been meticulously prepared – we talk very much on the same level until the fun really starts. It's only once passions rise that we put him in his true place.

[Maria] "Okay, we just need to take your clothes off."

[Alison] "What did it feel like?"

[Martin] "I didn't actually feel much."

[Maria] "You didn't get hard then?"

[Martin] "I did a bit, but not enough... you know..."

[Maria] "You couldn't fill it then [laughs]. Anyway, Chris is quite a big boy."

[Alison] "How did it feel sitting in front of your mum?"

[Martin] "What do you think?"

[Maria] "God, I'd give anything to see her face if she saw you like this."

You see us removing Martin's clothes as this exchange takes place, and soon he's standing there naked in front of us - naked that is save for the condom on his prick and the cock and ball strap that has prevented it from slipping off ever since we eased it on to him earlier that morning. Chris had filled the sheath with an impressive load just as I had wanted, and we had induced a strong erection from Martin so that his cock head was actually bathed in my lover's cum when it was first put on to him.

It may seem a rather pathetic thing to do, but if you think that then you haven't really understood what cuckolding humiliation is all about and I doubt that you ever will. For a man to have to sit in public, acting as normally as possible, with the knowledge that he is wearing a latex sheath on his prick that is filled with another man's semen – semen from a prick that was inside his wife when it ejaculated... for him to have to sit before his parents maintaining the same air of normality... I don't think I have to say any more.

[Maria] "Well, I really enjoyed it, so thank you [kisses Martin on the mouth]. Okay, get on all fours."

[Alison] "I think I may have bruised him a bit too much today. Sorry about that."

[Maria] "It's okay."

[Maria] "Do you want to get down?"

[Alison] "Yes, okay."

[Maria] "Right, I want you start off by licking Alison's boots, okay? Nice and slow. Work your way up her legs and then you're going to lick her cunt."

[Alison] "I want you to make me come, but not too fast, alright? You know what I like."

[Martin] "Okay."

[Maria] "I'm going to get you really hard and then wank you so you spunk into the condom, but if you feel yourself coming before I've given you permission, then you let me know, okay?"

[Martin] "Okay."

Very little is said then for the next ten minutes as I coax Martin to full erection with my hands while he obediently pays homage to Alison's boots. I knew he wouldn't maintain all of his hardness for the duration of the session, but I get what I want on camera. You see me massaging the condom upwards so that it's pulled fully on to my husband's shaft, leaving his cock head soaked in Chris's cum once more.

[Maria] "God, that's a horny sight."

[Alison] "What?"

[Maria] "The condom's fully back on. The spunk's all round his cock."

[Alison] "Oh yeah."

At this point you see me pick up a very realistic looking rubber prick and I begin to work it into Martin's rear with my left hand. Simultaneously my right hand starts gently wanking his dick. I used to use either an anal probe or a conventional dildo on Martin when I milked him like this. It was Alison's idea to use something that looked more like the genuine article. Teach him to associate the sight of a real prick with sexual pleasure, she said. She's evil.

I start steadily pumping the phallus back and forth, giving words of encouragement as I massage Martin's cock. By now he's started to lick Alison's pussy and she's already moaning softly as she puts her hands on his head and pulls him tighter to her. A few minutes later she becomes far more vocal, and she pulls up her legs so far that her boots are able to go right over Martin's shoulders.

There's another five minutes of this and then she begins to vigorously kick her heels into my husband's back.

[Alison] "Come on, that's it... that's it... eat me, eat me!"

[Alison] "Yes, like that! Just like that! Oh God!!"

[Maria] "Okay baby, you can spurt now. See if you can do as much as Chris."

I start masturbating in earnest and I'm giving total penetration with the realistic cock. It doesn't take long.

[Maria] "Good boy, that's a good boy. Oh lovely, that's filled it up beautifully."

Martin's still grunting as I squeeze the last few drops of sperm from his prick, and then I carefully remove the condom.

[Maria] "Do you want to tell him, or shall I?"

[Alison] "I can't [breathless]. I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come."

I kneel down beside Martin, dangling the loaded sheath close to his face, although he's too preoccupied to see it.

[Maria] "Chris's probation period is over baby. Next time he comes here he's going to be pumping his hot cum into me for real. And you know what that means, don't you..."

[Alison] "Oh do it, do it! This is gonna be the best ever!"

[Maria] "Move your head away a little, baby, just so I can see. Don't stop licking."

Martin pulls back as instructed and once she has removed her legs from his back, Alison immediately reaches down to her pussy, pulling her vagina lips wide open.

[Alison] "Oh yes, do it! Do it!!!"

I tip the condom up and begin emptying the dual load into Alison's gaping pussy, doing my best to target her exposed clit. Almost as soon as the contents land, my husband's tongue dutifully cleans away the mess.

[Maria] "Oh God, you should see this."

[Alison] "Are the cameras getting it?"

[Maria] "Yes."

[Alison] "Fantastic. Just fantastic."

I start massaging the semen into Alison's pussy as I'm pouring.

[Maria] "Now eat as well as lick, baby. Come on, eat the cum from her cunt."

I would have loved to have been in her position for those next couple of minutes as I squeezed every last drop of double cream out of the sheath, but it was only right that she should be the one to enjoy the fruits of her scheming.

And she called it correctly. For her, it was the best ever.

When Chris and Alison were about to depart later that evening, I went outside to give Chris a final goodbye embrace, something I had been doing ever since his first visit. I knew Martin would be watching from a window, and both of us were getting off on this as Chris lifted up my skirt and had a final play with my suspenders and panties as we kissed passionately.

As our lips parted Chris began to turn away, but he then hesitated.

"Maria?" he started.


"Since I've been coming here I've lost count of the number of times you've told Martin that you can't wait to have two men with you. So, erm, is that just to wind him up, or do you really mean it?"

I didn't blink and I answered completely honestly.

"It's not a wind-up - I really do mean it. I'm going to be double-cocked one day as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow. It's just a matter of when."

"Oh, okay," he said quietly, and he seemed about to say something else but obviously thought twice about it.

"What's on your mind?" I asked.

"It's just that, er, well, several years back I used to go to Spain in the summer with a couple of friends – brothers actually - and when we were there once... well, you know how it is... everyone gets smashed and the girls especially go wild. So one night we came back to our apartment with these two really hot girls, but one basically passed out from drink. But the other one... well, she was very, erm... willing, if you get what I mean. With all three of us..."

"Seriously?" I said.

"Yeah, seriously."

"She took on all three of you at once?"

"Not in the way that you've talked about. We, er... you know... took turns. But we were all in the same room together."

"So what are you telling me? That you're game if I can find someone else?"

He bit his lip.

"What I'm saying is that I'm still in touch with one of those guys and I'm pretty sure if I explained how attractive you are and what you like to do then he'd be interested in seeing you. And if you like him, then..."

His voice trailed off.

Holy shit!, I thought, he's offering me the ticket to the jackpot. I don't believe it...

"It's just a thought," Chris continued. "Don't say anything now, maybe just keep it in mind as an option."

I couldn't think straight and was virtually lost for words.

"Er, okay, yes, I will. And thanks for thinking of it."

He got into his car and drove away, but before he had even reached the bottom of the driveway I knew what I wanted.

I left it until mid-week before I rang Chris. I didn't want to appear too keen, but he must have known how enthusiastic I was despite my efforts to disguise it. I said that yes, I'd like to meet his friend, and I suggested that he contact him to sound him out. Tell him about me, what I look like, what I like to wear, the sorts of games I like to play, but don't give any personal info such as my surname or profession, or anything relating to Martin's business. Just the broad brush strokes, and if he showed some interest then call me back and give me his number. I'll arrange to meet him and fill him in on some of the details.

Chris started using his friend's name then – Nick – and he asked how much he should divulge about my relationship with Martin. Was I just a hot wife who wanted something on the side? Or should he reveal more of the reality?

I thought about this for a moment.

"No, I don't think there's any point in being economical with the truth," I said. "I want guys like you who enjoy it. Don't go into every detail, but make it clear that Martin can't give me what I need and so I go elsewhere to get it. And I enjoy rubbing his nose in it."

I had my own question, one that had been constantly in my thoughts since Sunday. Chris had painted an image in my mind of three good-looking guys abroad - beach by day and clubs by night, with no shortage of girls lining the route. I would be very disappointed if Nick didn't live up to my mental construct.

Chris was straight with me and gave a potted history. Nick was roughly the same age as him, but he had already been through one marriage and a second long-tem relationship had also broken down. He was loyal though and hadn't messed about when he had been attached to someone. He came from a low-income background, had struggled to get the qualifications for a management position in engineering, but his single-mindedness had enabled him to climb a good way up the ladder. He was uncomfortable around upper middle-class professionals though, and Chris thought that the roots of this lay in Nick's upbringing. He had never been taught the conventions and manners that Chris and I now took for granted, and as a consequence he was always a little unsure of himself in formal social contexts. He had no problem when it was straight business.

"He'll be intimidated by you," Chris said, "especially if he finds out where you went to uni. Then again I reckon that's one of the reasons he'll be so interested in you – women like you are out of his league, at least in his own mind. I think he'd get a big buzz out of... well, you know..."

"Is he good-looking?" I asked. I had to say it.

"I don't really know what your idea of good-looking is, but I'd say yeah, he's a fairly good-looking guy. He's tall and very well-built, so he tends to attract women who like that kind of strong physical look. I know it's not every girl's thing, and so maybe you won't be that struck by him."

"Well, I'm not really into big guys like that, but I'm honestly not that fussed. It's just very important that the men I'm with in my videos are better than Martin physically."

Chris chuckled. "I can tell you now that there's one area where Nick will make Martin look very inferior indeed."

I knew exactly what he meant and I felt a sudden ripple of anticipation.

"Really?" I said, and I couldn't hide my excitement.

"No kidding," Chris said levelly.

"Bigger than you?" I persisted as my hand went up my skirt.

He laughed at this. "You'll just have to see won't you?" he teased.

But I wasn't in the mood for mirth. Too many bizarre images had just entered my head.

"Make this work for me, Chris," I said, almost pleading with him. "Make it work and you'll get a reward you'll never forget."

I met Nick in a hotel bar only a week later. In normal circumstances I would have wanted to go to a restaurant, but I had a late lunch arranged with a client that day and I didn't want to eat a second full meal. Nick would probably have preferred to have met in the more welcoming atmosphere of a pub, but the danger there was that we wouldn't be able to talk freely. The bar I had chosen was spacious and never particularly busy, which for my purposes was perfect.

I deliberately arrived ten minutes late, judging that Nick would be waiting for me, but the bar was empty when I walked in save for an elderly couple sitting on the far side of the room. I went up to the counter to get a drink and immediately got an icy look of disapproval from the young girl serving there. This naturally brought out the very worst in me.

You're a fat bitch at twenty, and you're going to be a bloody sight fatter when you're my age darling, so I forgive you for the jealousy. Bet you wish you could look like this though, don't you? A cock magnet.

"Hi," I said with a bright smile, "could I have a tonic water, please? With ice and lemon."

She didn't return my attempted friendliness. I guess the height difference didn't help. Fucking midget.

I walked away with my drink in classic catwalk style and I could almost feel her eyes burning into the back of my head. What she thought of the five-inch heels and heavily patterned stockings I'll never know, but I think I can make a pretty good guess.

I have no idea whether she watched me take my coat off as I was about to sit down because I was too preoccupied with keeping an eye on the old boy on the other side of the room. I could see that he was looking over at me, and he probably didn't realise that I knew it. Are you ready baby? Take a look at this...

I thought he was going to have cardiac arrest when he set eyes on my shiny leather miniskirt and opera gloves, and he hurriedly put his drink down on the table, presumably to stop it spilling all over his lap. Yeah, you can see the sussies outlined through the leather can't you, my darling. Remember when all the girls used to wear them? If you can get that dick hard for the first time in twenty years I'll take you outside and let you slip it between the straps. Like that would you? A garter wank? Spunking over my lacy stockings? Yeah, I bet you would.

Seconds later I got look of disapproval number two, this time from his wife when she turned her head towards me. Plus ça change...

I sat down and began to slowly remove my long gloves, still under the watchful eye of my elderly admirer. It was regrettable that Nick wasn't there to see me do this, but hopefully I would be able to make a statement with them later when I put them back on again. It was also slightly disappointing that there weren't more men around to see me, but at least Nick and I would be able to talk quite privately, especially as there was some background music playing.

With the gloves folded neatly over the arm of the chair I started scanning the room, trying to appear interested in my surroundings. I had to resist sipping at my drink, because it was the only prop I had got. Normally in situations like this when I'm alone I have a case full of papers or a newspaper to outwardly preoccupy me. Come on, Nick.

I didn't really have any fear that he would let me down, and fortunately he walked into the bar about five minutes later. I hadn't made any arrangements with him for some sort of signal so we could identify each other. "You'll know it's me as soon as you set eyes on me," I had said confidently, and I was right.

He walked over to me, looking a little flustered.

"Maria?" he asked.

"Hi Nick," I acknowledged with the sexiest smile I could muster, and I stood up to shake his hand.

"Look, I'm really sorry I'm late. I got caught in the queues from a traffic accident on the M25."

"That's no problem," I said. "I've not been here long."

"Er, are you okay for a drink?" he asked. "Can I get you another?"

"No, I'm fine thanks."

"Okay, I'll be back in a minute."

It's surprising how an image of a person can be encapsulated in very few words, and Chris's sketchy description of Nick was enough to mentally prepare me for the reality. I almost felt as though I recognised him from somewhere in the past. The only bit that differed measurably from my expectation was his facial outline. I had somehow pictured him as being quite square-jawed, but his features were softer than that. He certainly looked strong, but not aggressively so.

That's the intellectual summary of my reaction to him. I also had a more primitive thought as well: Yeah, you can have your cock in me any time.

I told myself not to jump into any hasty decisions, at least until I'd had a chance to check out his personality. Having been in hundreds of situations where I had to make a rapid assessment of someone, I very much trusted my ability to see through any pretence. All I had to do was to get Nick talking and watch his eyes.

He sat down with a glass of red wine and we exchanged a few niceties. I already had him down as a beer guy, and I suspect he had chosen his drink more for my benefit than his own.

"So, tell me all about yourself," I said with a smile. "Chris has told me very little."

He shrugged and said that there wasn't much to get excited about, but he walked me through his family background and earlier years. I kept prompting him at times with questions, but it was all very relaxed and enjoyable. I found him refreshingly down-to-earth and he was completely open about the problems he had gone through with earlier relationships.

What I loved most though was that he couldn't hide the fact that he was completely beguiled by me. Earlier on in the conversation he had made some cheesy compliment, saying that Chris hadn't prepared him for just how attractive I was. Sure, his friend had said I was good-looking and had a great body, but seeing me in the flesh...

I thought yeah, yeah, yeah, but during the next half hour I came to realise that he wasn't soft-soaping me. His dancing, enthralled eyes told me that he really had been captured. In particular he couldn't get enough of my legs and the short leather skirt. He kept glancing down at them and his infatuation became so obvious that I figured it was pointless not to acknowledge it. I stopped what I was saying mid-sentence and smiled at him sexily.

"You like what you're looking at, don't you," I said.

He didn't smile or laugh, but just let out a deep breath, as if he were struggling to keep hold of his emotions.

"Maria, I've got to tell you I'm totally blown away. I'm finding this really difficult. Chris said that you like to wear hot clothes, but jeeze, that skirt you're wearing... and those long legs..."

You surely know by now how much I adore this. Provoking this reaction from a man is what I live for, and I immediately upped the torture. I crossed my legs away from him so that the silver metal clasp of one of my suspenders became completely visible.

"Oh bloody hell," he groaned.

This capture was taken roughly fifteen minutes before I left to meet Nick. I have no problem wearing an outfit like this in public, and seeing the reaction from male onlookers is thrilling for me. Note that I'm holding both a stranded whip and my favourite crop. As I was about to drive away I made Martin prostrate himself over the front of my car and I punished him harshly with both instruments, purely to add to the excitement of the evening.
Maria is dressed for her meeting with Nick

What was so fabulous from that point on was that I knew – I just knew - that in the not too distant future I was going to be masturbating him with my right hand while I simultaneously masturbated Chris with my left, and at some point I was going to be trying to put both pricks in my mouth at the same time. That, along with a myriad of other kinky thoughts, left me in much the same state of arousal as Nick, but I realised I had to remain cool. Very likely it was my superficial composure that was one of the major attractions for him.

"Well, that's what we're here to discuss isn't it?" I said as calmly as I could. "And we seem to have got over one hurdle already – whether you're attracted to me or not."

"No, you needn't have any worries about that," he laughed.

Even though I'd barely said anything about my own background, this seemed the perfect moment to start discussing what I wanted from him. The next forty-five minutes of conversation proved to be one of the most exciting exchanges of words I have ever enjoyed in my life, and well before the end of it I knew I was going to be up half the night playing with rubber cocks.

"I know what Chris has told you," I began, lowering my voice slightly, although there was no chance of the girl at the bar overhearing us. "Obviously you wouldn't be here tonight if you'd been put off by anything he said, so if it's okay with you I'm going to talk very freely and candidly about what I have in mind between us. I don't want to sit here constantly trying to phrase things delicately. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure, that's fine with me" he confirmed, and his eyes brightened. Judging by how he was looking at me, his biggest fear by then must have been that I would walk away that night and he would never hear from me again. But now I was opening the door and he must have realised how serious things were getting.

I asked him then whether he understood the psychology behind my desire to cuckold my husband. Chris had given him some background on this, but I wanted him to try to grasp my peculiar need to humiliate and dominate Martin. So I gave him a little speech which I hoped would leave him with no illusions as to the sort of person I am, and the perverse thrill Martin gets from having an unfaithful, sex-obsessed wife.

"I'm not going make any apologies for it," I said calmly at the end of it, "I want to be a super-slut, a whore wife who has sex with other men so that she can rub in to her husband that he can't satisfy her. And one thing I feel that marks a woman as a slut more than anything else is if she's been taken by two men at the same time. I don't mean together with two men where they have sex with her in turn, I mean taken by two men simultaneously. Two pricks in her at the same time."

"Yeah, that's what Chris told me," Nick offered, and as he said it he changed position in his seat, crossing his legs and casually draping his arm over his crotch in an attempt to hide his excitement. The fact that I was making him hard had already told me the answer to my next question, but I wanted him to audibly confirm it.

"Would you like to do that with me?"

"Absolutely." There was no hesitation whatsoever.

"Even though you now know what I'm like?"

"Even more so, now I know what you're like."

"And you think you could do it with my husband watching, while he's being disciplined by my friend?"

"I can't honestly answer that until the time comes, but just the thought of it... with you... doing you..."

"And you know I want to video it all? Trust me, it will always be private and Martin and I likely have much more to lose than you if the material ever got into the public domain. But I need to have that video."

"It's not that big a deal for me," he said. "You obviously haven't seen a lot of the amateur stuff on the Web these days."

"In that case Nick, I'm telling you now that I want to go ahead with it. Alright?"


"Are you free a week on Saturday, in the evening, and on the Sunday as well?"

He was clearly taken aback. Moments ago we were still in the land of dreams, but I had suddenly made it all very real.

"Er, yeah, erm let me think... yeah, definitely, I can make that."

I laughed then.

"I'm sorry," I said, "This is all a bit too much to take in isn't it? I'm probably putting you off by being so upfront about it. I don't exactly play hard-to-get, do I?"

"No, carry on," he said with enthusiasm. "I'm loving it. Seriously."

"Do you want me to tell you now about what I'd like to do on the Saturday night, or would you rather I call you closer to the event?"

"Oh, I'd very much like to hear it now," he said.

I crossed my legs even tighter. The suspender strap itself was in full view now.

"Yeah..." was all he could say.

"Okay, in the evening – about 7:30 – we'll be going out. All five of us in Martin's car, but I haven't decided where yet. When Chris has been with us we've always been to a restaurant and I like him to play with me while we're in public. Nothing dramatic, he just rubs my legs beneath the table and feels my suspenders. It's all designed to aggravate Martin."

"Wow," Nick muttered.

"The problem is that's it's not always been private enough for my liking, and when I go out with the both of you I want to go further than I've been in the past. If we go to a particular bar and can't find a table or booth that's private enough, then we can simply go elsewhere. If we're booked into a restaurant we're stuck there."

He just sat there mesmerised. Is she for real? What kind of woman thinks like this?

"When we sit down I want you and Chris either side of me. I'm going to be wearing a skirt that's fully zipped up the front, and I want one of you to undo it. Not just halfway as Chris has done in the past, but nearly all the way this time. Then I want the two of you to caress my legs and play with my suspenders, working your way higher and higher. I won't be wearing any underwear, and I want the pair of you to first take turns fingering me, and then ultimately use your fingers on me together. "

Nick started shaking his head. "I can't believe what I'm hearing," he said. "This is unreal..."

"I told you what I'm like..." I countered.

"Yes, but in public? In front of everyone? "

"No-one's going to know," I assured him. "I don't want you and Chris looking down at what you're doing. Just act normally, but use your hands on me. It's not for people to see, it's so that Martin knows that two guys have done this to me in a public place – right in front of him."

I neglected to mention that it was also because I got off on this sort of thing in big way, and the underside of my skirt was likely to be very damp by the time they had finished pleasuring me.

"I'll be taking my mobile phone," I continued, "and I'll make it look as though I'm texting someone at the table. In reality I want to try and get some of what you're doing on video."

He'd held off on the expletives all evening; after all, you don't swear in front of a lady you've only just met. Nick had obviously decided I was no lady.

"Fucking hell, that's kinky."

"You don't think it'll be exciting?"

"Uh? You're kidding. I don't fancy going to a restaurant though because I'll be enjoying myself too much to want to eat."

I laughed, but inwardly I was almost losing it. For years I had dreamed of experiencing this fantasy, and suddenly it had all become so tangible. Nick had no idea how much this little scene meant to me, how many times I'd pleasured myself with a stick of rubber as I imagined those hands working purposefully towards my pussy. And if anyone I knew found out... two men fingering me in a public place. Oh yeah...

The stretching of Nick's incredulity didn't stop there. I went on to describe my plans for the car journey back, what we would do when we first arrived home, and how the night's events would hopefully play out. By the time I had finished he looked physically drained, and I wondered whether I'd played things right. Had I overwhelmed him?

I excused myself to go to the ladies room, not out of any real need but because a couple of guys had come into the bar and I wanted to give them something to think about when they went to bed that night. Nick must have enjoyed a great view of me in my heels, stockings and miniskirt as I walked away. When I returned I could see him following my every move, drinking me in. I knew I'd got him – he may have thought it was all a bit weird and kinky, but if you get to fuck the hot bit of skirt, who cares about the rest?

He confirmed my thoughts when I sat down again.

"You made quite an impression on those two guys at the bar," he said.

"Yes, well, they only get to look," I shot back. "You get to touch."

He let out another deep breath.

"Can't you wear what you've got on now when we go out next week?" he asked, his eyes riveted to the leather skirt.

"I need the skirt to be zipped at the front," I told him, "but don't worry, I'll wear this outfit for you on the Sunday if you like, and we can go out for lunch if you want me to wear it in public for you."

This seemed the perfect opportunity to show him my gloves and I picked them up and began working one up my arm. Nick was entranced, and from the corner of my eye I could see the two men at the bar watching this little exercise too.

"I'll wear these gloves for you as well," I said casually, concentrating on working the leather up my arm rather than looking at him. "Then I can masturbate you in the car with them and suck you at the same time. How does that sound?"

"Oh for God's sake Maria... please stop it."

"...and then when we drive home again you can put me over your knee and give me a good spanking," I continued. "I love to be spanked when I'm wearing a tight leather skirt."

He started laughing, and I laughed with him. "I'm not joking," I giggled.

"I know you're not," he said, "that's why I'm laughing."

I became more serious then as I tried to convey the importance of what I wanted to say.

"Nick, there's something that you need to understand if we're going to make this work. It's vital that you get into the frame of mind where you see me as a whore and treat me as such. Not when we're out in public, but in private in front of Martin. I can tell from just talking to you that you're not the sort of guy who's going to want to be rough with me, and I wouldn't want to get involved with you if you really did think like that. But I need you to treat me as your slut when my husband's watching us. Chris is very good at this, and you can take your lead from him. I'm there for your pleasure, to be used and abused, okay? You've got to view me in that way."

The smile on his face waned and he started shaking his head.

"That's not going to be so easy," he said. "I get what you're saying, but it doesn't matter how many times you keep describing yourself like that, it doesn't fit with what I'm seeing and hearing. Even with what you're wearing now, everything about you says class – the way you speak, the words you use, how you hold yourself... you're about as far away from my idea of a slut as I can imagine."

"Thanks, I really appreciate that," I responded, giving him a warm, inviting smile, "but you're going to have to override that image and see me on a more base level. It will be so much more effective."

"I'll do my best," he nodded.

"Well, start thinking like that now," I persisted. "Tell me to my face, right here, that I'm a slut."

He flinched at this, mainly out of surprise I suspect, but he looked me straight in the eye and his voice was completely level when he complied with my instruction.

"You're a slut, Maria."

"I'm a slut and you're going to fuck me hard," I went on. "Say that to me as well."

"You're a slut, and I'm going to fuck you hard."

The way he emphasised the last three words as his eyes burned into mine was perfect, and I think at that moment we really clicked with each other. I told him that he should keep that thought in his mind every day until he saw me next.

We left shortly afterwards, and he followed me out of the hotel towards the car park. I deliberately hadn't put my coat back on, not only so Nick could keep eyeing me up but also so other hotel patrons could enjoy the view as well. As we walked along the side of the building he commented again on the way I was dressed.

"You look absolutely fantastic in that skirt," he drooled. "The way you walk in those heels too. I could follow you around all night."

I stopped and turned around to face him. It was time for the line that has very rarely ever let me down:

"Would you like to tighten my suspenders?"

"What... here?"

"Yes, right here."

And tighten them he did. There was no one around and it was fairly dark, but I still got a huge thrill from that, especially when I turned away from him and pulled my skirt right up so that he could do the rear straps. He muttered another expletive as he set eyes on my shiny leather briefs, and I'm sure he realised that the four-inch silver zip at the rear could only serve one purpose.

"You're the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life," he said. "In films, on the Net, in clubs, anywhere."

I turned back to face him once more, and I gave him the softest of kisses on the mouth.

"You're going to find out just how hot I am next week," I teased, and as I said this I ran my fingers up the front of his trousers, stroking his erect cock. Chris had given me high hopes, and I wasn't disappointed.

"Oh God, you're big aren't you?" I moaned. "Did Chris tell you I like big boys?"

"Yeah, he did mention it."

And with that I gave him a special goodnight kiss. I pulled his shirt apart just above the waistband, and there was his beautiful cock-head waiting for me, just as it is with Matt. I bent down, opened my mouth a little and lightly pressed my lips against the soft underside of the head, momentarily tonguing it as well.

"See you soon," I said as I came back up again, and then I simply walked away from him towards my car, but I turned my head after a few steps and gave him a parting thought:

"It's going to be fantastic, Nick. I can't wait to have you up me."

On a Sunday morning in the latter half of April 2007 I rang my mother on my mobile phone and chatted to her for about ten minutes. Normally we would talk for half an hour or so, but that day I told her that I was pressed for time because Martin and I were going out. I just wanted to make sure that she was okay, I said.

For the entirety of that short conversation I was being fucked by two pricks. I was leaning back, sitting on Chris's midriff, and his cock was completely filling my rear. My thigh-booted legs were pulled up high, and Nick was holding them as he stood in front of me and fucked my pussy. This was the position I'd enjoyed most the previous night when I was double-cocked for the very first time.

I had been realistic enough with my expectations to appreciate that this form of sex wasn't likely to fully live up to the fantasies that I had enjoyed over the past few years as the thought of two men taking me together in front of my husband became ever more attractive. I knew that the images created by the porn industry of hot sluts being multiply penetrated glamorised the reality, and I also knew from the number of times I had tried to simulate the experience with two large dildos that the result could be painful if things weren't taken very slowly and the thrusting became too aggressive.

However, hoping for some sort of out-of-this-world sexual experience had never been the primary motivator for participating in such an act. I was already enjoying fabulous climaxes with Matt as he reamed my arse with a rubber cock while he fucked my pussy; and with my business client Robert I could use a dildo, vibrator or clit stimulator to maximise my pleasure as he took me from behind. I honestly held no illusions that two real pricks were going to be able to beat the intensity of satisfaction that a single man could provide with the assistance of toys, and I certainly couldn't imagine it could better the indescribable enjoyment I received from having Martin orally servicing my vagina as I impaled myself anally on my lover's dick.

But at the root of all this lay pure symbolism, and that's why being double-cocked was so momentous for me. In the second 'Lights, Camera, Action' post I said: "...I know that nothing marks a woman as a whore more than the knowledge that she has been taken by two men simultaneously". That's exactly how I felt. I wanted to be able to sit in front of friends and family, business clients and colleagues knowing that I had done this. And deep down I think I knew that it wasn't going to end there; much of the excitement for me lay in the fact that I was virtually certain that a number of those same individuals would one day be acquainted with the depraved truth – that two men had ejaculated inside me as I was screaming with delight from not only the double fucking but also the sight of my cuckold husband being whipped in front of me.

The video imagery looked amazing once I had edited it. Gone was all the awkwardness of getting into position for each scene, and also the cautious initial minutes as my body came to terms with the two violators. Often you hear me urging my two big-cocked studs on, and at times I can't resist looking into the camera, smiling as I imagine Martin's mother and others who are close to me watching Maria the Slut at work.

Nick didn't let me down. Both he and Chris revelled in playing their parts, fucking the leather-clad nympho wife until her pussy and ass were sore. Even then she wanted more, and they'd fuck her again. And again. They spanked her; they chained her up and paddled her; they pushed black rubber dongs into her; they took turns to slap her bare pussy with a belt while her gagged husband watched helplessly from just four feet away. And he also had to witness her mouth being held forcibly open by a ring gag, with one of the men holding her immobile by the hair while the other vigorously fucked her mouth.

Unfortunately for Nick, I couldn't permit him to have anal sex with me (he's roughly Matt's size and that's much too large for my rear) but his awesome prick added so much extra power to the video scenes we shot and allowed Alison and I to heap derision on my hapless husband. In one unforgettable scene Martin is made to orally lube my vagina and he is then instructed by Alison to watch closely as Nick inserts his hugely bloated cock head into me. You see me momentarily lift up my spouse's semi-erect dick with my hand as this is happening.

"Oh God, look at the size of you in comparison," I lash out at Martin with undisguised disdain, and the disgust I felt towards him at that moment as I compared the two men was very real. "I can't believe I ever let you put that thing inside me... ah yes, yes... that feels wonderful Nick... just incredible... oh, whip him Ali, get him out of my sight and whip him... and Chris, I want your prick in my throat... come here and fuck my mouth, baby, and use the nipple clamps on me, please..."

I always knew that this is what being with two men would give me, and it wasn't only about being double-drilled. The permutations of kinky scenes we could shoot seemed limitless, and scenarios where the whore wife was being dominated in front of her cuckold had so much more intensity. What I hadn't been totally prepared for however was the extraordinary pleasure two men can give to a woman compared with one - not so much with their pricks, but with their hands and mouths.

I got my first taste of this in Martin's car as we drove home on the Saturday night. I was already on a high from the heavy petting I'd received in the bar, and before we had even journeyed a mile I had both my lovers' cocks out and I was wanking them aggressively. My skirt was undone once more and Nick's fingers were buried in my pussy as I locked my mouth to his for the first time. Chris meanwhile had pulled open my blouse and was fondling and sucking my breasts. Oh my God, I thought, this is incredible.

I would dearly love to show the world all that I get up to these days, but maybe some things are best left to the imagination. In any case, if I have to distort images to this extent there seems little point in posting them.
Maria gets greedy

Maria gets greedy

How would you like to be made to prepare your wife for a double penetration while she greedily excites the pricks that will be pleasuring her? Your own little cock is locked into a plastic chastity device and is dangling uselessly between your legs. Meanwhile your wife's friend is now buckling a strapon harness to her lower body and will soon be compounding your humiliation. It's all captured on video as well for others to later watch.
Maria is prepared for a double penetration

After that first weekend my mind was spinning with possibilities, and as I drove to see a client on the Monday morning I was consumed with thoughts of having sex with them again. There was no way I would be waiting several weeks as I did with Chris. I wanted those two cocks inside me once more, and in different ways. The brief shot I had of me taking both pricks in my mouth at the same time looked superb, and I wanted more of those. And could I simultaneously take both in my pussy? Nick was so big it didn't seem possible, but what a sight that would be, and I knew I was going to give it a try. Then there were the foursome scenarios with Alison that we hadn't even touched upon yet. How many different ways can two girls and two guys have sex together?

Thus began a period of intense self-abuse in the evenings as I sat at my computer and typed out ideas for what I could do with my two lovers in the coming months. Most of it was authored with just one hand as the other was almost permanently massaging my vagina or holding a toy that was doing the same. It didn't help that there was another man I had recently become involved with, and thoughts of what I could do with him had also been keeping me awake at night (I'll give you more detail on this later). Looking back there's no question that I became out-of-control during that time and lost all sense of proportion, but on the other hand I did get what I wanted – a library of video images that still hypnotise me today and have a similar effect on others who have now seen them. 2007 was my wild year, but if I lived it again there's not much I would want to change.

Confirmation that the brilliant sex I had enjoyed with Chris and Nick that first time wasn't just a one-off affair came two weeks later when we went out again on the Saturday night, following a more elaborate game plan. This time my two male friends took turns to dildo me while we sat in the bar we visited, and I managed to capture the most sordid parts of the scene on my phone. Then on the way home we stopped at Martin's business offices and Alison filmed me having double-cock sex on my husband's desk while Martin licked my boots. This was merely the first of a number of 'away-from-home' sessions subsequently captured over the following few months.

One of the problems I faced from this frenzied preoccupation with fantasy sex was balancing my career with my private life. On the Monday after that second weekend visit from Chris and Nick I was extremely tired and could really have done with a day off to recover. Then later in the week I found myself being distracted by thoughts of what I had done and what I was planning for the future. I had always been proud of my ability to function competently at work even when powerful sexual imagery was invading my mind, but this time I found it more of a struggle. Get a grip, Maria, I kept telling myself.

I also began to neglect Matt, although I was too consumed with my video shoots to realise it at the time. Our Saturday night role-playing excursions were increasingly becoming a rarity due to the weekend visits from my two lovers. Matt didn't openly voice his frustrations, but I should have seen the signs earlier. It was only when Alison chose to visit him one Saturday night when I was out at a function with Martin that I began to appreciate how forbearing my boyfriend had been, and I vowed to rectify the situation.

You would think that having sex of such variety and intensity would have fully sated me. After all, I was still seeing my boyfriend at least twice a week, I was enjoying periodic liaisons with three of my business clients, I had a close female friend who let me enjoy a completely different style of sex, and I was becoming increasingly confident that the new relationship I had forged with the man I spoke of above would become permanent and give me a new avenue to explore my unusual desires. On top of this I now had two extremely virile men who were willing to indulge in just about any warped mode of sex I asked of them. Surely that's enough isn't it? Why the heck would I want anything more?

But unfortunately I did want more. I was discovering that I didn't become mentally worn down by the sessions I was enjoying with these individuals. Physically tired I might be at times, but mentally I was always ready for more sex no matter how much I indulged in. And it was so wonderfully enjoyable, so much more rewarding and fulfilling than my work. I was never aware of time passing when I was having sex, and looking back I realise that this is how it has always been ever since I started pleasuring myself alone on Saturdays when Martin was out. My level of absorption when I am dressing up in my fetish clothing and playing with toys is so great that hours can pass without me realising it. It's the same when I'm writing about sex too.

It was also becoming rapidly apparent to me that my fantasy of having sex with numerous business clients was simply that – a fantasy. It appealed to the prostitute image I had of myself, and that's how it felt when I was seeing Robert, Charles and Gary. I was a business hooker who gave her clients everything they wanted and more, and I loved getting into my car in the morning with my kinky underwear on, dreaming of who I was going to be sucking off that day. In a small black travel bag in my case I had condoms, sachets of lube, a vibrator, two dildos, nipple clamps, and a pair of handcuffs. Even as I write this today I so wish that I had been able to make that lifestyle work, but it was never going to be.

My dissatisfaction crystallised in late May that year when I had a phone call from Nick one evening. He had been forced to down-tools on a project for a day due to a health-and-safety issue, and he wondered if I fancied a day off work with him. Just the two of us.

I had never been alone with Nick before and nor had I properly entertained a man at home during the daytime while Martin was at work. I found the offer extremely tempting, the only problem being that I had a couple of meetings the following day. In the end desire overcame my sense of responsibility and I decided to call in sick the next morning, something I would never have done in the past.

I walked into the kitchen that morning and Martin had to do a double-take. Rather than wearing one of my work outfits I had a tiny rubber miniskirt on, teamed with net stockings and my seven-inch heeled sandals. I was also wearing a cream latex blouse, and it was pretty obvious that I only had a quarter-cup bra on underneath. Looking down I could see my erect nipples protruding quite noticeably through the rubber.

Martin managed to compose himself. "I'm guessing you're not going to the office until later today," he said dryly.

"I'm not going to the office at all today," I replied absently as I made myself a coffee. "I'm entertaining at home instead."

That certainly jolted him.

"Oh? Who?"

"That's none of your business," I said tersely. Ooh, I loved saying that... a husband has no business knowing who is coming into his own house to see his wife when she's dressed for sex?

I walked over to the table and put my coffee down. Then I moved round to where Martin was sitting.

"Can you just tighten the straps on my harness please?" I asked.

He swallowed hard, but didn't say anything other than a resigned "sure". It wasn't a totally ridiculous thing to ask, but I imagine that he knew full well that I was playing with him.

He undid each buckle in turn, pulling the strap tight and refastening it on the last eyelet. I love the feeling of the dildos penetrating further when this is done to me.

"Ah yeah, that's better," I said. "Phew..."

I went and sat down at the table. "Oh God yeah," I moaned as the rear cock was driven even deeper into me.

I wasn't done with my requests.

"Do you think you've got time to spray and gloss my latex halter neck top before you go?" I said. "And the rear-laced latex skirt, the old one? I'm going to wear them with my thigh boots later."

"I should think so," he said. Again, he must have known what I was doing. This was one of his favourite combinations, an outfit I had worn many times for him before his cuckolding.

"Thanks," I said, sipping at my coffee.

I waited a couple of minutes. He was staring at his laptop, doing his best to ignore me.

I was looking out of the window into the garden when I next spoke. I tried to say it as matter-of-factly as I could.

"Do you want me to call you when I'm being fucked?"

He laughed at this. "You really are the best, aren't you? You should have been on the stage."

I turned to face him. "You haven't answered the question. Do you want me to call you when I'm being fucked?"

He lowered his eyes from me and gave his response in a quieter voice.

"Yes, I want you to call me."

I could so easily have smiled, but my deadpan expression didn't alter.

"Martin," I said, changing the subject, "what do you think about me giving up work? I know we've discussed it before, but things have changed. I'm just not enjoying it any more. I've got other things on my mind most of the time, and I'm not getting what I want."

He sat back in his chair on hearing this, and he removed his reading glasses.

"I know you're not enjoying it," he said, "but surely you can see why? You've become obsessed with this game you're playing. It's all you ever think about. Okay, I know you can lay the blame at my door for much of it, but I do now worry where it's going to end."

"I thought this was what you always wanted," I threw back at him. "I thought I was living your dream. You mean you don't want me to be like this?"

He looked down at his hands.

"I'm always asking myself that," he said, "but I don't trust my feelings. The truth is that I've loved seeing this change in you, loved the fact that you want it all the time and are so determined to get more. And look at you... I mean, look at you now. You're a fantasy doll, and you know it. And now you want to become a fantasy doll every hour of the day."

He had looked up again when he said that last part, and he was now staring right into my eyes.

"Let's not kid each other though, shall we?" he went on. "It doesn't matter anymore whether I want you to be like this. Nothing I say is going to stop you, is it?"

It was my turn to lower my head.

"No, it's not," I acknowledged quietly.

"So you're not really asking my opinion, are you? You're looking for validation, justification. You've already decided what you want, and you're seeking my approval so it will make you feel better, because make no mistake, this is a huge move you're contemplating. A huge move."

"I know it is," I conceded.

"But I'll tell you this," he said adamantly, "whatever you want to do, I'll give you the utmost support. If you want to spend every moment of your day dressing up in hot gear, playing with yourself and fucking other men then I'll help you do it, because quite honestly the thought of you doing that drives me absolutely nuts. I can't imagine anything more mind-blowing than having a wife like that. Just promise me one thing though: that you'll never exclude me from your life. Leave me if you want or..."

"I don't want to leave you," I protested. "Don't be absurd!"

"You don't now, but you just can't say you won't want to later," he continued. "If you follow this road then increasingly I'm going to be a toy for you, and no matter how much they're loved, toys tend to get discarded for better, shinier toys. You'll get bored of me, and you'll find someone else to give you bigger kicks. I just want you to promise that you won't throw your old toy away. You'll still play with it now and then for old times' sake."

I turned away from him because I didn't want him to study my eyes. There would have been no harm in him seeing the tears welling, but he might also have seen another aspect to my reaction – the fact that what he had said wasn't any revelation to me. Martin is a very clever and perceptive man, and the most frightening thing for me at that moment was that he might be right.

"That's never going to happen," I said firmly, turning back to face him. "It's true that I want a lot of other men in my life, and that may mean that I haven't as much time to give you, even if I'm not working, but I don't want to live with anyone else."

He sat there saying nothing, but his eyes held a deep longing for me, a desire that he knew I would never assuage again.

"It's you who makes me want to be like this," I said forcefully. "Without you it would be pointless. Today wouldn't be any fun without you, but instead it's going to be awesome, because you're going to love the fact that I'm being fucked senseless while I'm dressed like this, aren't you? Hmm, aren't you?"

"You know I am."

"And you never get tired of it, do you? In a year's time I'll walk in here in a similar outfit and you'll be just as excited when I sit here and tell you whose prick I'm going to be sucking that day."

"Yeah, I will be."

"It's Nick who's coming today," I said. "You think of that huge cock going up me."

"Oh God..."

"About twice the girth of yours. It's only right that I should have dicks that size up me don't you think?"

"Yeah, it is."

"And I've had enough of condoms with him. I want to eat that prick properly... taste his cum. Shall I let him spunk inside me for real today?"

"Oh yeah, do that. Please."

"I'm going to put my rubber French knickers on after he's come inside me. When you arrive home tonight they're going to be hanging in my bathroom and I'm going to watch you lick them clean. And you're going to lick any drips off the shower floor."

"Oh, Maria, stop it. Please stop."

I reached across to him and took his hand. "This is the perfect relationship, Martin. You can't get any better than this. In the eyes of others it may seem warped, but we know - we know - what we've got. And we're going to make it last."

We looked at each other intensely for a moment and he seemed about to continue the conversation, but he obviously thought better of it and slowly removed his hand from mine.

"I need to get moving," he said, rising out of his chair and making his way towards the hallway.

"Oh, and one more thing," he added as he reached the door. "I suggest you hand in your notice this week."

Nick's visit that day confirmed in my own mind that I would have few regrets if I stopped working and started indulging myself each and every day in the sort of sexual activity that currently I was largely only enjoying at weekends. The interaction with Martin was so satisfying – my husband hard at work, earning sufficient money to maintain the decadent lifestyle of his whore wife. To have to sit at his desk with all the everyday trials and tribulations of running a business while she lay in her bed with another man's prick pumping in and out of her. That thought as I was lying there being taken was divine.

Earlier I had sent Martin a text message, forewarning him that I would be sending some pictures throughout the day and that he should only view them privately. The first two photos were shots of me sucking Nick's prick, and as I sent them I knew that Martin would be tormented by this material for the rest of the day, trying his best to put them out of his mind, but then reaching for his phone again for just one more look...

However, many of the subsequent pictures I sent weren't only of me pleasuring my lover in some way. I also included shots of me playing with my toys in several different outfits and scenarios, including one where I was in the bath dressed in rubber and well on the way to climax, and another taken outside on the patio where I was showing Nick how I liked to screw myself anally on a dildo suckered to one of our garden chairs while my vibrating clit stimulator brought me to orgasm. I knew how much pain these images would inflict on Martin; these were acts that I used to share exclusively with my husband, but now he was no longer permitted to witness most of them. Other men were going to watch me do these things though; numerous other men.

Maria takes a bath in rubber

This was taken just after we returned home after going out for lunch, although I didn't wear the leather skirt in public. The picture has been cropped and distorted, but Martin was sent the unaltered original which shows the unusual object Nick was inserting into me at that moment. I still dream of sucking a real cock this size one day.
Maria wishes it was real

Mid-afternoon and I'm in yet another outfit, but I'm still hungry. And yes, that's a riding crop that my lover is holding in his hand. I wanted to show Martin what naughty girls have done to them.
Maria feeds herself

I called Martin later in the day.

"Are you alone?" I asked.

"Not totally," he replied, "so I can't say much. It's okay for you to speak though."

"Nick's cock is in me. He's been slow-fucking me for about twenty minutes. It's fantastic Martin, fantastic."

"I'm sure it is."

"Did you get the pictures?"


"There'll be plenty more like that soon. You'll be getting them every day when I pack in work. Shots of guys spraying into my mouth and over my rubber. Pictures of two cocks inside me."

"You've always been greedy."

"Well, you wait... Oh God, Nick's getting off on this and he's really fucking me hard now. I've got my boots wrapped around his back, and the penetration is... ahh!... ahh!... oh, his cock's amazing, just amazing. Are you going to squirt into me in a minute, baby? Fill me up properly for the first time?"

I don't know whether Martin was able to pick up Nick's half-grunted reply.

"I've got to go," I moaned. "I want to climax when he ejaculates. You'll see it all on video later. And all the other stuff. Don't wank that flaccid little dick too much."

My rubber panties were waiting for my husband when he arrived home, just as I had told him they would be. As he servilely knelt on the bathroom floor licking the insides clean while I patiently stood there in my thigh boots and dildo briefs waiting for him to finish, a delicious warm feeling of fulfilment coursed through me. This is what I was born to do, I thought. Nothing matters other than this.

And soon I would be free.

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