The Shoe Queen - Part II

Posted 22 September 2006

In early July I had a voice mail from Robert asking me to call him.

"Oh, hello Maria, thanks for calling back. I've been in some preliminary discussions on a takeover. It's tentative, but I need to be up to speed if things start moving. Can I see you next week?"

"Er, hang on, let me have a look," I said. "I've got a feeling my diary's full next week. Let me see... no, sorry, I can't make it next week, but I can do Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the week after."

"Okay, the Wednesday then. That'll be fine. 2.00 pm?"

"Yes, okay, two o'clock's fine with me. Anything I need to research before then?"

"Not really, not at this stage."

"Okay, I'll see you in a couple of weeks."

"Oh, one more thing. Um, are you in the office at the moment?"

"No, I'm parked in my car."

I think it's no exaggeration to say that his next few words marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life and were the initial catalyst for this diary being back online.

"Oh, right, good. Look, could you, er... maybe wear what you wore last time you came?"

I was wrong about Robert losing his capacity to surprise me, and I reflexively pulled my legs together tightly. Very tightly.

"You mean the shoes?"

"Er, I mean everything."

"Robert, it's eighty-five degrees outside." A heatwave had started in the UK that would last throughout the month.

"Yes, I know," he said. "I was thinking that... look, I'm sorry, don't worry about it..."

"No, it's okay," I said. "I'll wear it all."

Despite the excitement of the situation I was also strangely calm. It made all the difference in the world that he had contacted me and made the request. If he wanted what I thought he wanted then he was taking a tremendous risk, and he must have judged it worth it. I still couldn't be exactly sure though - maybe he just wanted to ogle me again. But if he wanted things to go further I had to have a way to break the ice at the meeting. I didn't want an embarrassing standoff.

"Oh, by the way," I continued, "have you got a digital camera?"

"Er, yes. Why?"

"If I'm wearing what I wore last time I thought you might want to take a few pictures of me. Especially the shoes."

There was a pause, but I wasn't worried about offending him. He had made the initial request - a highly unusual request. What was I meant to conclude?

"Okay," he said, "I'll have it here."

"Good," I said, "I'll see you in a fortnight then."

"Okay, I'll look forward to it. Bye."

I put my phone down and leaned back in my seat, closing my eyes. This is for real, I thought. At the very least I was going to be sitting in his office posing in my slut shoes and stockings - unless he chickened out in the meantime. That was something I needed to mentally prepare myself for. But if he didn't... then this was the real deal.

You know so much about me now that I think you'll already have appreciated how momentous this whole thing was for me. I was due to see a client that afternoon, but I cancelled the meeting and drove straight home. When Martin came home just after six o'clock he found me upstairs, dressed in rubber, on my knees in my bedroom doorway. I had one realistic dildo held by its sucker on one side of the door frame and a smaller one on the other side, and I was spit roasting myself between the two. For a while I didn't acknowledge my husband's presence, even though I knew he was there. I just let him watch me bring myself to orgasm with the rubber cocks. Finally, when I'd got my release - my fourth release of that afternoon - I looked up at him so he could see the excitement in my eyes.

"I'm going to have sex with Robert D-------," I said breathlessly. "In two weeks' time I'm going to have sex with Robert D-------."

Dressing for sex.

Just tapping that phrase out on the keyboard excites me. The words always carry with them a flood of images which mean so much to me. The whole concept somehow encapsulates what the complete sexual experience should be and it still saddens and surprises me that so few people seem to 'get it' - to understand that the long, ritualistic preparation for sex, which can take anything up to three hours, is as much a part of the erotic pleasure as the physical act of sex itself.

That pleasure is magnified many fold if the preparation is made with a dutiful husband in attendance, a spouse who is required to do all in his power to assist his wife in making herself as attractive and desirable as possible to the man who will be enjoying her that day. A husband who will clean and polish her footwear and clothing; who will lay her underwear and outerwear neatly on the bed in preparedness; who will wash and bathe her while she is in the shower, ultimately kneeling in the hot water spray as he uses the soaped rubber dildo that is strapped to his mouth to ensure that no part of her is left unclean; who will help fasten her suspenders, buckle her shoes, tighten her bra straps, zip up her skirt, and button her gloves; who, when all preparation is over, will kneel before his perfectly-presented goddess and kiss her feet, grateful for the reward she gives for his services: a dozen strokes of the crop.

Martin did all of these things that Wednesday when I went to see Robert, and that dressing experience will forever remain as much a part of my memory of that day as the meeting itself. So too will the car journey, with the involuntary dampening between my legs as the time approached for the meeting to start. For two weeks I had been able to think of little else. I had been through all of this before in the build up to my first night of sex with Matt, but familiarity hadn't in any way lessened the sense of excitement and anticipation. Unlike Matt, Robert was a married man. I had no idea whether this would be his first extramarital involvement, but I suspected as such. It wasn't desire for me that was ultimately going to break his fidelity though - it was desire for what I was wearing on my feet. Robert had fallen for my shoes.

Matt knew what I was planning, and although I tried to be low-key about it, I think he sensed my distraction. I didn't tell him the actual date or time I was seeing Robert, but he had access to that information if he wanted it and I'm sure he made it his business to know when it was. Thus as I was driving in the car I had the delicious kicker of imagining two men sitting at their office desks, both doing their best to divert themselves from thoughts of what my hands and mouth might be doing at two o'clock that Wednesday afternoon.

Robert had said to wear 'everything', but I discarded the jacket as it was so hot that day. However I drove there all the way in the gloves; it would have seemed wrong to only put them on at the last moment. As I parked my car in one of the spaces behind his flat, it struck me that anyone who saw me walking into the building would almost certainly conclude that I was a prostitute visiting one if the residents, and I suddenly became quite self-conscious as I got out of the car. Such an interpretation hadn't occurred to me when I last visited there, which just goes to show how my intentions had changed.

I gave Robert a bright, relaxed smile when he opened the door. I wanted as little tension between us as possible, at least initially. "Hi," I said.

"Hello," he smiled in return. "Come in..."

He moved to one side and I walked past him towards his office. I was so much more aware of all my clothing this time, particularly the shoes. The sound of my heels clicking on the polished wooden floor sounded deafening, but such a thing had never registered before. I walked as sexily as I could without overplaying it. I wasn't nervous or in any way hesitant. As far as I was concerned the hard part was over - getting into his front door. I was certain that as soon as he set eyes upon my outfit again he would be captured just as he had been before.

I went into his office and started unpacking my case as usual. "Coffee?" he asked.

"Just a glass of water, please," I said.

He was about to turn, but stopped. "Wow," he said, "you really do look amazing."

A 'wow' from Robert at a business meeting is the equivalent of most of us leaping around the room in crazed delirium. Then again, this wasn't a business meeting.

I just smiled. "Thanks," I said, and I carried on unpacking.

When he returned and had given me my drink he immediately sat down behind his desk. He didn't loiter by the window as he had before, where he could get a full view of me. I was a little surprised because from where he was sitting he couldn't see my shoes. On the other hand there was no doubting his eventual intentions - sitting on the desk very prominently was a silver digital camera. It was one of the first things I'd noticed when I walked into the room.

He suddenly became the highly professional Robert I was used to.

"I'll just skim over what this deal might entail, and what input I might need from you," he said.

"Sure," I said, and I armed myself with a legal pad and pen.

'Skim' was a very apt word, and his outline took no more than ten minutes to deliver. Even he looked embarrassed at the brevity and shallowness of it. I didn't blink though and played the whole thing quite seriously.

"Well, that's it really," he said. "I don't know whether you can foresee any difficulties from that small sketch."

"I don't think there's really enough for me to give an opinion," I said truthfully, "but I think it was important that you gave me the heads up, so thanks for that."

There was a pause then as he obviously searched for something else to say on the matter. This was exactly the uncomfortable standoff that I wanted to avoid, but I'd made that easy to rectify.

"How many pictures can your camera take?" I asked.

He looked startled for a moment, but then he relaxed.

"Depends on the resolution," he said. "Unlimited really, since I can just download them to my computer and start over again."

"Do you want to take some shots of me then?"

"Are you okay with that?"

"Well, it was my suggestion," I smiled. "I like having pictures taken of me, and I like the thought of you looking at them. I take it I can trust you to keep them totally private."

"Yes, of course," he promised. Pity, I thought. Even now I still like the idea of him showing them around, especially to his wife. I'm going to get in big trouble one day.

"Don't leave them on your computer," I warned, "especially if it's connected to the Internet. Keep them on a memory stick."

"Hmm, good idea," he said.

I put what I was holding to one side, then got up and pushed my chair back. When I sat down again I made a pose.

"Okay," I smiled, "fire away."

He picked up the camera, fiddled with it for a moment, then took a shot. And another.

I stood up and came round the desk to where he was sitting. "Can I see?" I asked.

He showed me the preview of the two pictures.

"That should be okay, shouldn't it?" I said. "I'll move the chair back slightly. Just try and make sure you get all of me in the picture."

I was slightly behind him, and as I said this I lightly rested my hand on his shoulder. It was a conscious move on my part, very important. Contact.

I returned to the chair and sat down again.

"Right, I'll just keep making some poses and you snap away," I said. "Try and give me some feedback if you can - what looks good, what you like, and so on. It'll really help."

"Alright," he said.

After doing several poses with my legs to one side I crossed them, allowing the skirt to ride up my legs. "Okay?" I asked. He wasn't saying much, despite my request for his opinion.

"Great," he said. "The shoes look terrific."

After a few more shots I interrupted him.

"Actually Robert, I've brought a stage prop with me. It's in my case. Can I get it out?"

"Be my guest," he said.

I went to my case and pulled out a black vibrating dildo. I showed it to him. "If you think it's too much..."

He took a deep breath. "No, go ahead."

I sat back and started posing with the dildo, first holding it front of me, then rubbing my gloves up and down it. I then pulled my skirt up a little, showing more of my legs.

"Very nice," he said.

A little more leg...

"Yes, nice."

And more... stocking tops partly visible now.

"You've got great legs, Maria."

Yet more... The stockings are fully visible, with garter straps in view.

"Beautiful," Robert said, and he took a another deep breath. "Can you just lift your right leg a bit, so there's no angle at the ankle? Yes, like that. That's it, there. Perfect."

He went quiet then as he just continued to take shots. I eventually raised the dildo to my mouth and kissed it.

"Is this what you want, Robert?" I asked him as I moved the black phallus to my lips again.

"I think you know what I want," he answered steadily.

I looked briefly into the camera then. "And this is what I want," I said, and I turned sideways, opened my mouth wide and slowly slid the dildo into it. "Hmm," I moaned as I started sucking.

He kept clicking away, and after a minute or so I pulled up my skirt and lowered the dildo, pushing it up between my legs towards my pussy.

"Fantastic," he said. I can imagine he wanted to stand up from his chair, but he daren't because by now he had a hard-on.

"Can you see my leather underwear?" I asked.

"Yes," he confirmed. "Very sexy. Very, very sexy."

In these pictures and the ones below (which I took especially for this post), I've tried to reproduce the poses I made for Robert that day. His pictures were better because of the panelled office setting and the way the light fell on me, but this should give you an idea of what he was seeing as he snapped away.
Maria poses for Robert

Maria poses for Robert

Maria poses for Robert

Maria poses for Robert

I got up out of the chair and walked round to his side of the table once more. He recoiled a little - I'd invaded his space while he was erect, and he was embarrassed. Ideally I would have liked to have made this next moment last much longer; to let the anticipation in both of us build. If Robert had been conventionally courting me I would have played things completely differently, but I had the problem that our liaison was essentially an illicit one and at any moment he could bail out as the risk of what he was doing hit him.

"Can I just see those last couple of shots?" I asked, and I leaned over his shoulder as I had done before. As he brought up the previews I simply reached down with my right hand and began to massage his prick through his trousers, but I made no reference to what I was doing.

"Hmm, your camera seems to take much better shots than mine," I said. "Was it expensive?"

"Not particularly," he said, more levelly than I would have expected. "I don't think it's anything special."

"Is it okay if I sit on the desk here and let you take some close-ups?"

"Yeah, sure, go ahead."

I got on to the desk, facing him now, and crossed my legs, pulling my skirt right up. "Take some shots of my suspenders," I said, "then we'll do the shoes. In a bit I'll take my skirt and top off and you can get some shots of my leather and rubber underwear."

After he'd taken a dozen or so more snaps I interrupted him. "Can you just tighten my front suspenders for me, Robert? It's not easy to do it myself with the gloves on."

"Oh, right," he said, and he got up to do as I'd requested. He was probably still a little self-conscious about his erection, but the fact that I had stroked him had removed a great deal of the embarrassment.

As he was pulling one of my garter straps, I reached down and played with him once more, grabbing his balls at first, then holding his shaft quite tightly through the trousers and rubbing it up and down slowly. A few moments later I put my other hand around the back of his neck, pulled his face towards me, and kissed him.

It was a long, sexy kiss - exploratory at first, but eventually our tongues were busy playing with each other. At one point Robert pushed his tongue deep into my mouth and I sucked on it just as if it were a hard cock. During this exchange I was still massaging him and he was stroking my inner thigh with one hand, and his other had moved to my left breast.

"I've been wanting to do that for a couple of years," I said when our lips parted. "Now I'm wishing I hadn't waited."

"You looked fabulous sitting on that chair," he said. "Those stockings and shoes..."

I lowered my voice then, as if I didn't want us to be overheard.

"Robert, I've always had a fantasy about you. Often when I'm in bed I get really... excited... thinking about it. I'm in your office and you're interviewing me to be your personal assistant. You always like to test girls for a job like this by touching them up - you get them to sit on your knee, and you give them a thorough feel. All the best looking girls are desperate for the job, and they all wear sexy underwear for you to play with. Can I be one of those girls, Robert? Can I sit on your knee while you grope me?"

He swallowed very hard. "You're really quite something, aren't you?" he said.

He returned to his chair and he reached to hold me as I sat down on his knee. I put my right hand behind his head and my left was positioned so that I could either stroke his hair and cheek as I kissed him, or reach down to his crotch and fondle him. I pulled at my skirt to make sure it was no longer riding up.

"Really slowly," I said, still speaking quietly. "Take your time. All the girls know how good you are with your hands. That's why they apply."

To my delight, Robert did precisely as I asked and he was more sensuous with his hands than I had ever expected. Over the next fifteen minutes he gave me the sort of groping that I hope numerous men are going to give me over the next decade, even if things progress no further. He caressed my thighs and rubbed my breasts, he pulled and played with my suspenders, he lifted up my black jumper and 'discovered' my laced leather garter belt. He pressed, pushed, squeezed, stroked, prodded, and fingered. It was all the more exciting that at first he didn't pull up the skirt and I could see the outline of his roving hand through the grey material as it mapped out every part of me. I gasped breathlessly as his hand finally reached my panties and his fingers slid across the shiny black leather. "Fantastic," he said.

After feeling my damp crotch for a while, his fingers began to push inside me. I was kissing him passionately now, beginning to lose control as I surrendered to my fantasy of a chauvinistic, exploitive businessman taking advantage of a young woman desperate to please.

"Try to push the leather inside me," I urged as I came up for air. "The leather and the lace - I want it right up me."

He pushed harder, stretching the leather to its limit as his fingers tried to bore a hole in my pussy. After that he must have pinched the crotch of the panties into a thin strip and pulled them sharply upwards, because I felt the briefs cut between my cunt lips, leaving those lips exposed for his fingers to tease and stroke. It nearly drove me wild.

Even then the excitement continued to build as he finally pulled the panties to one side and inserted one, then two, and finally - at my urging - three fingers into my vagina.

"Pump them like a cock," I gasped. "Fuck me with your fingers. Please, fuck me... oh yes, thank you, thank you..."

I'd decided before I even arrived that day that I wouldn't climax during this game, not this first time. I was worried that he might not appreciate that I could quite easily come three or four times in the space of an hour. I didn't want him to think that my passion had gone and that anything else I did after that was for his benefit alone, not our mutual one. Robert's dexterity was competent, not masterful, but you have to understand that I was living another of my dreams. I was in a married businessman's office being groped, and my husband was many miles away, tormented by images of this happening to me. It was just as I had fantasised - a lecherous, randy boss had his hand up my skirt and was having a good feel. It was too much, and against my will I succumbed to the moment:

"You're going to make me come," I moaned. "I've just got to come. I'll come again for you today, Robert. I promise I'll come again."

And then I just let myself go and yielded to his finger fuck. I don't know what he thought when I started bouncing up and down and my voice reached a crescendo. "Oh yes! Yes! Here it comes! You've got me! You've got me! YES! YES! YES! Aaaahhhhhhhh!!!"

"Oh thank, thank you," I gasped as echoes of the climax rang through my body. I gave him a long kiss to show my appreciation. I was more than happy for him to believe that it was his skill that had caused me to lose control.

"Do I get the job?" I panted as I stroked his erection.

"I don't know," he replied, "I haven't interviewed the other girls yet," and we both laughed.

"Thanks," I said again, "that was really special."

I got up then, walked to the other side of the table, and began to take my skirt and top off. Robert watched transfixed, rubbing himself as he enjoyed my slow strip.

"Fabulous," he said as I stood in front of him in my underwear.

"Do you like the leather, or would you prefer something more silky and feminine?"

"No, that looks terrific," he said. "It actually looks quite feminine anyway, but also really... well, powerfully sexy."

"The lace edging on the leather helps," I said. "It's a nice balance."

I pulled my chair into the centre of the room, and pulled another so it was facing it. "Come here," I said.

He looked a little uncomfortable walking to me with his erect cock straining in his trousers but he relaxed again when I began to massage it as I kissed him. "Take your shirt and tie off," I whispered in his ear.

He did as he was told and I began to slowly move my gloved hands over his chest and shoulders. "You've got a lovely body," I complimented.

"...for a man of my age," he countered.

"You're about the same age as Martin, but your body looks years younger," I insisted, and I started kissing his neck before slowly working my way down his chest. Gradually I bent my knees and by the time I reached his toned abdomen I was licking as well as kissing. My hands were still busy too, the smooth leather of the gloves gliding sensuously over his muscles. Eventually I moved them to his crotch and while one hand reached under and pushed upwards into his balls, the other gripped his shaft and began to lightly masturbate him.

I got down on to my haunches then and I kissed his prick through the trouser material. It was clear that he just had an average cock and was never going to challenge Matt in the size league, but there's nothing like a little encouragement is there?

"God, are you always this big and hard, Robert?"

"I think you might have something to do with it," he groaned.

"Hmm," I moaned as I pressed my mouth to the shaft again. "Your wife's a very lucky woman. I wish Martin..."

I didn't finish the sentence as I kissed again.

"I think I'm going to have to get it out and put it in my mouth in a minute," I teased. "First I want you to sit down though."

I got him to sit in one of the chairs and I sat down in the one opposite. He then watched me as I ran my gloves over my breasts.

"I've had my fantasy, Robert, so what's yours I wonder?" I asked rhetorically and with that I lifted my right leg up and pressed the sole of my shoe hard against his prick. "Hmm?" I continued, and I started to move my foot up and down. "I wonder what it is that you'd like me to do to you?"

"Oh God," he moaned, and his hands reached for my ankle.

"Ah-ah!" I stopped him. "No touching! You don't touch my shoes without permission."

I pressed my heel into his balls which provoked another groan of pleasure from him.

As I slowly masturbated him with my foot, I lifted my other leg up and placed the sole on his belly. "You've been thinking a lot about these shoes, haven't you, Robert? Is this what you imagined them doing?"

"Not this," he gasped. "This is... ohhh."

I pushed the metal tip of the heel into his skin. "Oh, fantastic," he groaned.

I began working my way upwards, placing the sole in a new position and spiking him with my heel. Small red marks now plotted my progress up his torso. In case you think what I was doing was easy, let me assure you that this sort of control with one's legs and feet takes a lot of practice, especially if it's to be maintained for a long period. Without training, the thigh muscles tire easily and then precise control is lost. Also the temptation grows to support the leg with one's hands, and this ruins the sensuality of the experience. While I was doing this to Robert my hands were free, and he had the additional stimulation of seeing me stroking my crotch and breasts. I have spent hour upon hour training my legs like this, although I can't really claim it's an effort - lying on my back masturbating myself while I have 'foot sex' with a realistic rubber cock that is suckered to my bedroom door is something that I've enjoyed doing for years.

My foot reached his face and I ran the edge of the sole down his cheek. He closed his eyes and moaned again, savouring the moment, the closeness of his mouth to the object of his dreams. I knew it was only a matter of time now until he kissed the shoe, but I didn't force the issue - I didn't allow the sole or heel to come too close to his mouth. It had to be Robert who made the gesture, and so I just kept moving my foot close to his head, periodically making contact. I was waving temptation in front of him.

It was the ankle strap he finally gave in to. I had just placed the edge of the shoe against his right ear and my ankle was touching his cheek. He suddenly turned his head and pressed his mouth to the leather strap. I rewarded him with more pressure from my right foot on his cock.

"Good boy," I soothed. "There's a good boy."

He started kissing different parts of the strap and then he put out his tongue and licked one of the silver metal studs.

"Excellent," I praised.

I'd got the submission I wanted and I now moved the sole of the shoe so that it was directly in front of his mouth.

"Kiss it," I said.

He didn't hesitate, and this time he was rewarded with several successive spikes from my heel into his balls.

"...and now lick it," I said.

Again, complete compliance, and his eyes were closed as he did it, which told me a great deal.

I let him clean the sole with his tongue for a few moments. My thigh was beginning to feel the strain now, and I needed to rest it for a few seconds. I moved my foot away from his face and placed it on his shoulder, and in replacement I shifted my right foot from his cock up to his mouth.

"Get your prick out," I said. There was hint of command in my voice now, but it was subtle.

He unfastened his belt and unzipped himself. Then he pulled his erect dick from his briefs.

"Oh yes," I said, "even better than I was expecting," and in an apparently involuntary response I began to massage myself more vigorously.

I'm not sure whether he could even see this, because the heel of my shoe was now directly in front of his mouth, poised there oh-so-temptingly for him. But again, it had to be Robert's move.

I didn't allow my feelings of sublime triumph to show when Robert closed his eyes again, took the heel into his mouth, and simultaneously began to masturbate.

"That's good, have a good suck."

For another ten minutes or so I let him pay homage to both shoes, and I didn't object when he held my ankle each time he wanted to direct a heel into his mouth.

"Don't come, Robert," I said quietly as he continued wanking himself.

He also began kissing the tops of my feet and sucking my toes. At this point with Martin I would normally require him to slowly work his way along my legs to my suspenders, by which time my legs would be over his shoulders and my heels would be pressing into his back. Then I'd finally get him to kneel before me with his head buried in my crotch. But I'd already had my little bit of fun, and in any case I prefer to be wearing spurs on such occasions. Robert wasn't yet ready for that, so instead I pulled my legs down and sat upright, then leaned forward and began to work on his prick with my gloves.

"Oh yes," he groaned as I took the lower part of his shaft in my left hand and held it tightly and then placed my other hand above his cock head, making a sort of cage with my fingers which I then lowered on to it. I began to squeeze my fingers back and forth, pressing just below the head of his prick, but soon I was fully masturbating him in this fashion.

"Gorgeous," I said, "what an absolutely gorgeous cock."

And with that I bent forward and kissed the head. Then another kiss. Then another, but this time my lips were slightly apart and my tongue was protruding. On each subsequent kiss I opened my mouth more, until his head was actually entering it.

I began to soak his cock in my saliva, first just the head, but later the shaft too as I ran my tongue along the whole length of it. Finally I took it fully into my warm mouth and he groaned again, placing his hands on my head and pulling me towards him. Though I sucked him for several minutes, it was never a pleasuring that was going to provoke climax. I deliberately didn't turn my mouth into a wet pussy for him.

At this point I helped him to remove the rest of his clothes. As he stood naked before me I got to my knees and took him into my mouth once more, rubbing my hands down his legs. A few moments later I got what Matt had said I wanted - two gloved hands on his shaft and the head in my mouth.

These two pictures and the two below were taken on the Wednesday morning when Martin was abroad, the day that I went to see Robert. Here you can see the leather suspender belt, lace-edged leather panties, and latex bra I wore on both that occasion, and for my subsequent visit for sex. I wasn't wearing the collar and chain when I was with Robert, but he received an almost identical accommodation to the one I'm giving Matt on the right.
Maria in her rubber and leather underwear

The sun was streaming through the window that morning, which has caused some overexposure on these captures. The underwear you're looking at here pretty well sums me up. I like the feel of leather and rubber, but it doesn't have to be harsh, bizarre or poorly styled.
Maria in her rubber and leather underwear

When I got up again I pushed both chairs to one side. I think it took Robert by surprise when I picked up the black dildo, pulled my panties down to my knees, and got down on to the floor in front of him, lying on my back with my legs raised.

"Come forward a bit," I said. "You're going to have to squat a little as well. If I were you I'd hold on to the table to steady yourself."

I think he twigged then what I was asking him to do and he moved into the position I wanted, with his rock hard prick placed between my waiting feet.

"You're not to touch your prick," I said, quite firmly now. "Not for a single instance."

"Okay," he agreed. His face looked incredibly intense. The anticipation had brought his excitement to fever pitch.

I slowly closed the shoes on to his cock, touching the inner part of the soles and my feet to the shaft. Let me warn you now that this sort of masturbation is extremely hard to perform well and you will need to spend a long time with a willing partner if you ever want to gain the sort of proficiency that I used on Robert that day. I suggest you start with some platform shoes which will give more contact with the penis. Then you have to judge how much pressure to apply so that you can give maximum stimulation, and you must be careful not to pull the foreskin back too far in your enthusiasm. Even if you get all of these things right and can keep your legs from shaking with muscle tension, bear in mind that the reason this technique works on someone like Robert is because of his sexual fetish. Just the merest touch of those shoes on his prick sent him into paroxysms of delight.

"Oh God, I don't believe it. I never imagined... aaahh, oh yes, oh yes!"

I began to move my legs back and forth and as I did so I slid the dildo into my soaking pussy.

"I'm going to come with this rubber cock," I said, "and you're going to come with my shoes. Try and hold it for as long as you can, but when you do ejaculate, don't back off, okay? I want you to spray it over me. You're going to soak me in your cum, Robert. Drown me in sperm."

"Oh yes! YES!" he almost shouted. "How did you... oh, I don't believe it!"

I turned the vibrator on and began to pump the dildo in and out of me as I simultaneously worked my legs. It's actually very hard to lose yourself to the stimulation in a situation like this because shoe-wanking the cock takes such extreme concentration, but I knew that Robert would get off on me rodding myself with the latex toy. It would make his climax all the more powerful.

Twice he looked as if he was going to give into the impulsive desire to touch the shoes, but he managed to move his hands back in time.

"Oh Maria, this is just beyond belief. I don't know what to... Oh God, I'm going to come. Can I come now?"

"Of course you can, baby. Soak my leather and stockings. Give me all of your cream."

About twenty seconds later he went "Yes! Yes!" and then my cum shower began as he released his load. The initial ejaculation landed mainly on my stomach, the next on my suspender belt, and then a succession of lesser ropes splashed on to my stockings and the panties balancing on my knees. I was half hoping that a substantial spurt would land on the dildo when it was on its outward journey, only to be rammed inside me a second later.

I don't think I'm deluding myself when I say that Robert in that moment likely experienced one of the most intense orgasms he had ever enjoyed. When I describe his expression as being one of utter ecstasy I'm not playing footloose with words. You have to appreciate that for a shoe fetishist this is as close to Nirvana as he is ever likely to get.

A short while later I was able to drop my legs to the floor, and at last I was free to let the dildo buzz-fuck me without inhibition. I don't know what Robert, with his own passion abating, got from watching me writhe on the floor, but I expect he now has vivid memories of me lying there pumping the rubber dick back and forth as I climaxed, screaming: "Yes, Robert, fuck me, fuck me with your beautiful cock!". If it hadn't been for the fact that he'd just come, I'd have asked him to take pictures of me in that state.

He helped pull me to my feet when I was ready, and we had a long, close kiss.

"Thank you," he said, still quite emotional. "Unexpected... I think that's a good word."

"No, thank you," I replied. "It was your beautiful hard cock that made me want to do that. It was unexpected for me too."

"I'll get you a cloth," he said.

"No, Robert, please," I said, perhaps a little too urgently. "I'd like... I'd like to stay like this. I want your cum to be on me when I drive home."

He gave me an incredulous look then, and I suspect it wasn't so much to do with my bizarre intention as with the fact that he couldn't believe his luck in finding such a depraved slut to play with.

We both put our clothes back on and I sat back down in the chair. I didn't want to leave just yet - I needed to be sure that he wasn't going to be suddenly saddled with doubts or guilt about what he had just done, and I also wanted to get him hard again (if I could) before I departed.

"Could I have another glass of water please?" I asked.

"Sure," he said. He seemed relaxed about everything so far.

When he returned I told him to sit down on the chair near me.

"Last time I was here I said I wished all my meetings were like that one. Well, I've just changed my mind; I wish they were all like this one."

"Me too," he smiled. "So, er... how many other, er... you know..."

"There've been a few times when I've given a man - hmm, how shall I put it? - a helping hand," I lied, "but nothing like this. I wasn't kidding when I said I'd always fancied you, you know. Today was very special."

I could almost see him preening his feathers.

"Do you want me to visit again like this?" I asked, and I put a hand on his knee as I did so, rubbing it absently.

He swallowed. "Yes, I do," he confirmed. "Definitely."

"How about I come again to see you in, say, eight weeks' time... does that sound okay?" and I moved my hand up his thigh, massaging.

"Eight weeks? That long? Can't we..."

"Look, Robert," I interrupted, "if we're sensible we can make this last a long time. If I come here again dressed like this I want to stay longer, and there are things that I want you to do to me that I think you'll really enjoy - unusual things. I don't want a quick fling with you. If I just see you every couple of months or so, then it's safer for both of us."

I'm sure my appeal to logic made sense to him, but he still didn't look happy.

"Alright, but I'll find it difficult," he said.

I started to massage his crotch now and I was pleased to find he was already becoming aroused again.

"Are you on your own here much?" I asked him.

"Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday most weeks. Not quite as much in the summer."

"When you're here on your own I want you to jerk off while looking at those pictures of me," I said without emotion. "Next time I visit I'll let you take some much more exciting shots, but those should keep you going for now. Will you do that for me?"

"Okay. Yes, okay, I will."

"Do you masturbate much?"

He didn't seem too taken aback by my directness.

"Now and then. I don't go mad."

"Well, I want you to do it regularly for me," I said. "I need to know that you're thinking of me - that you want me."

I unzipped him again and pulled out his prick. It wasn't fully erect, but it was well on the way.

"Look, I've got to go, and if my eyes linger on this for much longer then I'll never get out of the door."

"Stay then," he urged.

"No, honestly, I've really got to go. I'd better say goodbye,"

I bent over and licked the end of his prick.

"Hmm, I think I can taste some of your cum there," I drooled. "Next time I'll be tasting a lot more I hope."

I got up and started to pack my things.

"Come on, you can't leave me like this," Robert protested.

"I told you, I've got to go."

I turned to leave and suddenly stopped. "Oh, one more thing," I said.

I put my bag down again, lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties. Robert looked at me wide-eyed as I stepped out of them, even more so when I picked them up and held them in front of his face.

"Smell the leather," I demanded. "Smell me."

He didn't disappoint, and a moment later I had put them around his prick and was massaging him. I then bent over so that my face was quite close to his.

"When you jerk off looking at my pictures, I want you to hold these around your cock. Personally, I'd prefer it if you actually wore them when you're alone here thinking about me, but that's entirely up to you. But when you ejaculate, Robert, I want you to ejaculate into the panties.

"In six weeks' time, if you want me here again dressed as I am now, then you'll send these panties to my home address. And let me be quite clear with you - absolutely clear. If these panties aren't utterly ruined, if they're not completely caked in dried semen, then I won't be coming here, because I'll know that you don't want me enough. Have you got that? Does that make sense?"

And with that I took his hand and made him hold the briefs to his cock. He was fully hard again.

"You're not real are you?" he said as I picked up my case once more and turned to leave. "You can't be real. Who are you? WHAT are you?"

I bent down and gave him one last kiss.

"I thought you knew, my baby," I said softly. "I'm the Shoe Queen."

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