Just Another Day - Part II

Posted 23 April 2008

Here I continue the timeline of a recent day of my life. If you missed the first part you might want to read Just Another Day - Part I before proceeding.

1.51pm I'm drying myself off after a very quick shower. The clothes and underwear I wore at lunchtime are strewn across the bed, and Martin will sort these out when he gets home. I'm terribly disappointed that Jeremy couldn't make it - on reflection this is a case where I wouldn't have told my husband that my friend had come round at the last moment, and Martin would have arrived home to find cum splashed all over the front of my black top. He would have been left wondering under what circumstances that had happened, and I would only have shown him the video later.

I've washed both the dildos I played with earlier, but Martin will properly deal with these as well.

While I'm still drying off I go to my dressing room to fetch some more underwear and accessories. I'd really like to get myself into some restrictive gear now - I very much enjoy lacing myself into a tight corset and then putting on bondage accessories with plenty of belts and chains. Unfortunately I haven't got enough time before Adam arrives, but I do at least select a front-zipped rubber waspie corset which has buckles on the front.

1.58pm I start dressing once again. I imagine most women would find it an absolute pain to keep changing from one set of clothes to another, but to me it's all part of the enjoyment of my day. This time around I'm going to wear zipped PVC panties with the latex corset and bra. Don't ask me why I mix and match fabrics like this, because I couldn't really give you an answer.

2.05pm I finally switch on the video camera to take some shots for this post. Because I'm pressed for time and need to get some video I've had to put my underwear and stockings on faster than I normally would. I don't like getting dressed quickly, but today I'm making an exception. I now start filming myself adjusting my suspenders and tying up the wraparound top I'll be wearing when Adam arrives.

Maria in rubber bra and corset

2.10pm I move the camera tripod around to several different positions and make some poses in my top and underwear. I'm wearing my 7-inch heeled sandals which inevitably makes it difficult to get all of me in camera shot, but that's only a minor consideration. Adam likes me to wear these when he comes round, even though I'll be several inches taller than him. It doesn't bother me in the least to be much taller than a man when I'm playing home games like this, but it's a different story when we're in public.

Maria in rubber bra and corset

Maria in rubber corset and PVC briefs

2.16pm I badly want the rubber dicks in me that I promised myself earlier, but I'm a little short of time. Normally I like to wear a dildo harness for at least an hour or so, working myself into a state by pressing my arse and pussy against tables and chairs and then finally giving myself an orgasm from the double dildo stimulation.

In the end desire overcomes reason, and I choose to put the harness on. I want to come again before Adam arrives, and I know I'll have a more powerful climax from wearing the harness than by just using a couple of vibrators. There's something incredibly horny about having dildos strapped into oneself and then just walking about the house in killer heels, or going out in public. There aren't many days when I don't do something like this for a while, especially when I'm just nipping down to the village to post a letter or buy something from the convenience store.

2.18pm I've fetched the harness from the other room, undone my top again, and I'm about to put it on. I've decided to video myself lubing and inserting the dildos, and the camera is running again.

Maria prepares her dildo harness

Maria prepares her dildo harness

Maria is double-cocked

2.29pm The harness is now fully buckled up, and Maria is double-cocked. The pricks are already doing their job, and I'm hugely turned on again now. Considerations about filming fly out the window, and all I can think about is my fantasies. I sit myself down on the edge of the dressing table and the feeling is just wonderful as the rear dildo is forced into me. I start pushing the vaginal dong back and forth with my fingers, and the already intense pleasure is doubled. I immediately have to back off though, because I'm in danger of making myself come too quickly.

I pick up the PVC microskirt from the bed and put it on. This is very typical of the sort of skirt I'll wear when I'm alone. It's a little too small for me (by choice) so that when it's done up my garter straps and the straps from the harness are bulging out in profile. I love to run my hands up and down the contours as I'm sitting in front of the computer or just generally walking around.

I do some poses for the camera, and record myself walking in and out of the room. You can't see it from the still shots, but I walk totally normally when I'm cocked like this (although when I'm in public I do think my walk is sexier). Even after all these years Martin is still unable to tell when I've got pricks strapped into me. I could walk by you in the street and you'd never know that I'm being arse and pussy wanked as I go about my business.

Maria in her black PVC miniskirt

2.33pm I'm halfway down the stairs and I swing my left leg over the rail and then mount it. Both dildos are forced into me, and again the feeling is incredible. I start to ride the rail, moving myself up and down on it. Oh, mercy, what a feeling. I promise myself that tomorrow I'm going to get my jumping saddle out and go for a dildo ride (would you like to see pictures of that?).

2.37pm I'm in the kitchen and I'm pressing my pussy against a corner of the table, rocking back and forth. This always reminds me of school. What, you thought you guys were the only ones who found ways to give yourself a thrill in the classroom? At my all-girls high school a couple of my classmates were totally unembarrassed about it, and they'd lift up their short green skirts and openly massage themselves against the corner of a school desk. We had a very ladylike name for the experience too. It's two words, and the second word is 'throb' (I'll let you guess the first).

2.40pm I go to the study. The computer's still on and I sit down in front of it. I start up Windows Explorer and navigate to the one of the pictures folders. The view is set to Filmstrip, and I click through the photos one by one. They're all of guys with huge pricks being sucked off. Which one, which one, I'm thinking as a I work my way slowly through the folder. They're all unbelievable, and I hate the women who are lucky enough to do shoots like that for a living. I suddenly stop, transfixed. Ah yes, that's the one - absolutely awesome.

It's a fake, like the ones I've told you about before, but do I care? A guy with a foot long dick is being sucked by a young girl, but there are two other girls playing with the huge shaft as well - one kissing it and the other licking. My hand goes straight to my pussy as I set eyes on that monster cock.

2.45pm I'm massaging the vaginal dildo as I simultaneously gyrate my backside on the chair, building up towards release. Fantasies are spinning in my head, and I'm not going to be able to last much longer. Oh yeah, here it comes...

Oh, I want that prick with me right now, the shaft sheathed in shiny black leather. I would spend the whole day - from dawn till dusk - kissing it, licking it, sucking it, masturbating it, and riding it. Imagine taking something like that in your pussy... even Matt would seem small after that... I'd become a slave to it... yes, Maria the cock-slave, chained by her neck for life to that rod... forced to eat it whenever her Master wants to cream... oh, yes, yes... yes... prick... I love big pricks... I love big pricks... I love big pri... oh God! aaaaahhhh!!!!!!

2.48pm I walk back into my bedroom. I'm a little breathless and ragged, but I've got plenty of time before Adam arrives. That's one rule that has always served me well - you don't arrive early at Maria's, even if it means waiting a few minutes in the lane. I remove the PVC skirt and unbuckle the dildo harness. I make a token effort at washing the plugs, but that's a slave's task, and Martin can deal with it.

2.51pm I put on my zipped leather skirt, the one you've seen many times before. This is Adam's favourite, no doubt because I was wearing it when I first met him. After dinner at a restaurant we kissed and fondled each other in the darkness of the car park, and I remember how excited and eager he was to finally grope Maria in the way that she likes. A guy on a first date with me is completely forewarned about the games I enjoy, and if I've indicated that I like him then he'll know that I'll want him to put his hand up my skirt and have a good feel before we part company. If he gets this far with me then the only thing that will stop the relationship going any further is if his cock isn't hard enough or doesn't measure up. I can afford to be extremely choosy nowadays, and my standards are very high.

When I first cuckolded Martin I was prepared to take on almost any man as a lover providing that he had a prick larger than my husband's. Now however cock size is a far more important consideration, and my lovers need to be above average in this department. This isn't only for the obvious reason - it's also because my submissives must understand that they are inferior to the alpha males who have sex with me. A slave of mine (and that includes Martin) is regularly punished for being inadequate and not being able to satisfy his Mistress. This would all fall apart if he saw her copulating with a man with a penis no larger than his own.

2.53pm I put on a studded leather choker and some black leather opera gloves. The latter don't really add to the outfit, but I'll be masturbating Adam a great deal and I like to do this while I'm wearing my leather gloves, especially when it will be on camera. I love to see pictures of gloved hands wrapped around a prick, yet another legacy of those Bill Ward drawings.

2.56pm A quick check in the mirror and put on some more lipstick. That's it, I'm done, and I head off downstairs with the camera and tripod.

Maria puts on her leather opera gloves

Maria in leather skirt and opera gloves

2.58pm The camera's in the main lounge, and I'm waiting in the hallway. I love this bit, and even though I only orgasmed a few minutes ago I'm more than ready for another climax. Adam won't be late; if someone's going to be delayed by even five minutes they're expected to call me. Everyone knows that Maria is a stickler for punctuality.

Adam isn't a regular visitor to my home. I see him most weeks, but our encounters usually happen in public. Once a month or so I have him round so that we can do things that can't easily be done elsewhere (for example, I like him to tie me up and spank me). He's in his early forties, and holds a senior position in a professional firm. He's also married, although he has come close to separation twice due to affairs with female staff at work. His big kick is rubbing it in to other men that I have sex with him. I suppose in many ways it's a sort of power trip, but I have no problem with that.

We play virtually the same role-play game whenever we meet, and I never tire of it. It's actually a scenario that Matt and I invented a long time ago, and I'm extremely grateful to my boyfriend that he doesn't object to me following the same routine with another man.

It basically goes like this: Adam will arrive at a pub, bar or hotel alone in his car, some place which we know is frequented daily by businessmen (non-private golf clubs are also a good choice). It's best if the place has a fairly large car park, and it's important that this car park is visible from the lounge bar or eating area. If possible he'll park somewhere prominently, but not too close to the building. He'll then go inside and sit himself down in the vicinity of other patrons.

I arrive ten minutes or so later, also parking prominently, but away from Adam's car. I nearly always wear a leather skirt, quite often the one I'm wearing right now or the very short double-zipped one you saw in the Whip Sister post. I've only been seeing Adam since just before Christmas, and so far I've always been able to wear stockings and suspenders too. I'll either wear a plain blouse beneath a short jacket, or a dark high-necked sweater without a coat, and it goes without saying that I will have killer stilettos on. It's highly likely that even before I walk into the place I will be noticed, and Adam gets off on hearing the inevitable comments.

I walk inside and sit down with Adam. No kiss, no handshake, and only a few words exchanged.

"Hi Maria. Just a tonic water?"

"Yes, please."

As Adam gets my drink from the bar I start searching through the small case I'm carrying. When he comes back the conversation starts, and we don't talk quietly. Many of the men around us are all ears to this. Why? Because they're all studying me, and in particular that black leather skirt with protruding suspender clasps.

"What you got?" Adam begins.

"Alan Jenkins called about the Wilson contract. He's almost finished the due diligence and he reckons you should be able to sign in about a fortnight, maybe even earlier if you want."


"Erm, Terry would like you to call him this afternoon to discuss the new software install. I don't think it's anything serious, but he just wants some guidance on something... oh, and can you call Mike Davis at Timsons? He told me it's personal, not business."

"Yeah, okay. Is that it?"

"Only that your wife called me about your anniversary dinner. I think she just wanted some reassurance that I was fully on top of it. I put her mind to rest I hope."

"Yeah, she's been flapping about that quite a lot recently. Thanks for dealing with it. Oh, by the way, have you got the snagging list for the Westlake development with you?"

"It's in my car. Do you want me to get it?"

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind."

I pop out for a moment to fetch what he wants. All the guys in the place get to see me from behind now. Seamed black fishnet stockings, tight leather skirt with zips, and incredible heels. Bloody hell, you lucky, lucky sod. What I'd give to have an assistant like her. She could be a model. Great face, great body, sexy dresser and classy too. That outfit is just fantastic...

I return two minutes later. I can see all the faces at the windows looking my way. Back inside I sit down again with Adam and we chat idly away for about half an hour or so. No longer than that, because there's a danger that anyone who's been watching us will leave before we do.

What we do once we get outside together depends on luck. Fifty percent of the time circumstances will work against us - for some reason the view to both our cars is now blocked or someone's now working in the yard for example. If that happens, then in open view of the onlookers inside the building Adam and I will hold each other and kiss for several seconds (Adam usually can't resist giving my rear a feel either). Then we part company and apparently go our separate ways. In fact we meet up again somewhere secluded within ten minutes or so, and I'll get into Adam's car and attend to him with my mouth while he goads me with stories of what all the men must have been thinking.

However, if we're lucky then anyone watching our cameo from within the building gets ten minutes they're likely to remember for quite some time.

Oh, just look at her, she's one of the sexiest bits of stuff I've ever seen in the flesh. I can't take my eyes off that bloody leather skirt. I'm not sure I could stand having a PA like that though - I wouldn't be able to concentrate on work, and I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my hands off her. Also, I don't... whoa, hang on there buddy, I see you can't keep your hands off her either! The cheeky sod, he's holding her round the waist now... hah, I don't believe it, he's just given her arse a rub! The randy bugger, didn't I hear her saying something about his wife and an anniversary? Mind you she didn't even flinch, just acted like nothing happened.

Hmm... what're they doing now? She's not getting into his car is she? Surely not... bloody hell, she is! Damn, there's a car slightly blocking my view, and I can't quite make out... am I dreaming or is she kissing him now? I feel like moving so I can see better, but that would be too obvious. What did one of the guys at the next table just say? 'Snogging'... yeah, I'm right, she's giving him a tongue job... shit, you lucky fucker! You're quite a good-looking guy, but surely you're not good enough for her are you? How much do you have to pay her to get extras like that?

Now what's she doing?... I can't even see her now... she's not... has she? The guys on the nearby table have just gone manic - big grins on their faces and saying stuff like 'unbelievable'. I can't believe it either. She's gone down on him! What a dirty git, getting his PA to give him a blowjob in a public car park! It's in the corner away from everywhere, but surely he must know we can see what's going on? Does he get off on it?

I swear I saw her head bobbing up and down for a moment then... oh, this is just incredible. Duncan will never believe this when I get back to the office. Yeah, the office, where I'm stuck with frumpy Amanda for the rest of the day. How do some guys do it, eh? Some guys have all the friggin' luck.

How long has she been at it now? Three minutes? Four? I hope he's paying her overtime. I wonder if he's... hold on, her head's back up again. Yep, definitely visible again. Now what're they doing... can't quite see... oh, she's getting out of the car. Oh man, her skirt's ridden right up and now she's pulling it down with her hand and... holy shit! She's dabbing her mouth with a paper tissue! She swallowed his load! The horny bitch actually swallowed his load!!!!

I told you some time ago that Matt and I had started playing these contrived role-playing games in public, and they are fabulously exciting to act out. As well as Adam and Matt, I now also do them with two other men who often accompany me together, and these threesome scenarios are even more thrilling because of the shock factor for onlookers. You'll be hearing about these in due course.

Although it's an act of sorts, don't ever forget how close to the truth it all is. Adam really is married, and although I'm not his PA, I am nevertheless his sexy leather-skirted bit of stuff on the side who sucks his cock in a public car park. Yes, I really do suck him to ejaculation, and I swallow all of his cum, save for the small amount that 'accidentally' leaks out of my mouth and dribbles down my chin. He loves the fact that all those guys watching on with utter incredulity wish they could trade places with him and have Maria's glossy lips clamped on their shaft while her tongue licks away at the swollen head.

You lucky, lucky sod.

3.02pm I hear Adam's car coming up the driveway, and I open the front door just as he's drawing up to the house. I walk outside to greet him.

"Hello, squirt," I tease as he gets out of the car. I'm standing roughly three inches taller than him.

"Yeah, well it's got its advantages," he quips back as he walks up to me, bends his head and plants a kiss on my left breast.

I grab his head with both hands and lift it up to mine and then give him a full open-mouthed kiss which must last all of thirty seconds. I always love this bit as he runs his hands over my shiny leather skirt. "I'm desperate for your cock," I say once our lips finally part.

3.05pm I lead Adam into the main lounge. He doesn't pass any comment about the video camera sitting there on its tripod, aimed directly at the sofa. I turn the camera on and a few seconds later we're sitting down together, kissing and fondling each other once more.

3.15pm Adam has been doing most of the work for the past ten minutes with his hand up my skirt, giving me the sort of groping you know I enjoy. He doesn't take his clothes off, and he will remain clothed for most of the duration of his visit. I like to imagine that all this is taking place at his office during business hours, and I'm his cock-sucking slut PA. I've no doubt that this desire of mine to enact such office fantasies stems from all those years I spent sitting opposite my clients with kinky underwear on, dreaming of being used as little more than a sex toy for their pleasure.

3.18pm I'm trying to resist taking out Adam's prick for as long as possible. He's got a magnificent cock, and he knows it. It hasn't got the girth of Matt's but the length isn't much different, and that makes him a very special man indeed. He's rock hard now, and I'm stretching the trouser material around the shaft. What a beautiful sight, and my pussy is tingling with lust, even though I know I can't have him inside me. Adam hasn't yet earned penetration rights to me, and although I'm often tempted, I will never allow my rules on this to be broken.

"Have you thought any more about doing a special video with me?" I ask him as I'm reminded of one of the options he's got of improving his status.

"Not really," he answers.

"You'd really enjoy it," I coax.

"Maybe, but I'm still uncertain. It's not really my scene, and to be honest I think I'd be too nervous to... you know, to give you my best."

"No one's bothered about anyone else," I say reassuringly. "All the focus is on me."

"I don't know..."

He's obviously getting uncomfortable. I don't want him to lose that fabulous hard-on.

"Okay," I say, "forget it for now... oh wow, how big are you today? It's unreal..."

The truth is that Adam is quite content with things as they stand at the moment, and it's possible that he may never go further with me than he does now. I'm sure he'd love to fuck me, but equally he probably can't imagine my pussy being any more pleasurable than my mouth. I give absolutely everything when I throat and suck him because I'm so infatuated with his prick and I get so turned on when we're playing in public. If he doesn't want more then that's fine with me, although I'll be bitterly disappointed if he doesn't fuck my mouth with Martin present in due course.

I'm struggling to get more lovers to participate in my special video sessions. Only three do at the moment, and they were all friends before they met me. I could do with at least a couple more. I'm not sure I'm ever going to go into much detail about what happens, but all you really need to know is that apart from the obvious multiple penetrations, Maria's husband is made to watch his wife acting out variations on the recurrent fantasy she described in the Lights, Camera, Action - Part II post in which a plastic funnel is put to an unusual use. A martini glass has recently featured as well.

As my friend Alison is always reminding me, it takes a certain sort of man to want to participate in these highly planned video shoots - a man who gets a strong sexual kick from humiliating Martin in person (Matt, for example, would never do it). The three men who have sex with me while Martin looks on clearly enjoy rubbing into my husband how inadequate he is and what a complete whore his wife is. I imagine you think I should experience some guilt when I witness my spouse being demeaned in such a way, but the truth is that I love it, and I view these videos far more than any others in my collection.

3.24pm Adam has pulled open my top and is now sucking my breasts. I've unzipped him and I'm stroking that lovely cock while he has a good feed. He's very skilled - flicking his tongue rapidly across the nipple. It's a gorgeous feeling.

3.26pm He's picked up my black dildo, the one I've had for years, and he's pushed his hand up my skirt, rubbing the head against my wet pussy. I used to think this phallus was large, but now I view it as very ordinary, a warm-up toy. All the same, the feeling of it sliding into my vagina is wonderful. I find myself hoping that he's going to push it so hard up me that the rubber studs on the base will rub against my clit. That alone will make me come.

3.29pm I just can't hold it. The dual stimulus of the dildo in my pussy and Adam's mouth sucking my nipples is irresistible, and I orgasm. "Keep pumping," I groan, "keep it going for me." Adam does what he's told and my climax just doesn't want to end.

3.34pm I take over holding the dildo, and keep thrusting it in and out. The intensity of the orgasm has lessened, but I can't really say it's ended. I can keep the feeling going as long as the dildo is massaging me.

"Fuck my throat," I tell Adam, and I want it so badly there's almost desperation in my voice. Adam stands up and then pushes his cock into my mouth, taking a very aggressive position that leaves me pinned on my back on the sofa, with my head supported by one of the side cushions. He knows what I want it to look like when Martin sees it on the video - his wife in a very submissive position being force fed prick.

3.36pm I'm giving full throat. I can't take all of it - it's just too long for me - but I give it a damn good shot. Adam grabs me roughly by the hair, and he knows what to say. You'll find that most of my lovers talk to me in a very similar fashion, because this is the sort of 'dirty talk' that I get off on.

"Come on you useless bitch, get the rest in. You told me earlier you wanted every inch... well you can fucking well have every inch. Come on, take all of it, or I'm going to spank your arse so hard..."

We hold this position for quite a time. The dildo is still giving me waves of pleasure and I'm in no hurry for Adam to withdraw. I can't see it, but he turns his head so he's looking right into the camera. Again, he knows what to say.

"What a complete slut your wife is, Martin. Look at her. Even when you just about choke her with cock she's still fucking her cunt with a dildo. You want to watch me spank her? Hmm? You want to see your whore wife come again as I beat her arse? Or do you want me to use my belt on her?"

3.43pm Adam withdraws and gets me to stand up. Then he sits down in the middle of the sofa.

"Come on, across my knee," he orders. "Oh, and get that bloody dick out of you. You can suck all your cum off it while I teach you a lesson."

I do as I'm told, and a few seconds later my punishment starts.


"Next time..."


"...make sure you get all of it..."


"...inside your greedy gob..."


"...you fucking slut."


"Are you a slut, Maria?"


"Yes, I'm a slut."

"That's right. Come on, clean up that rubber prick. Get it all in..."




3.46pm Adam makes me move so he can get up, then I get on all fours on the sofa.

"That's better," he says. "Are you watching Martin? This is what a slut wife gets if she doesn't take all my cock."




"Come on, I didn't tell you to stop eating that prick did I? Get it in your mouth!"




3.49pm We're both sitting on the sofa again. I take off my gloves and untie my top so that Adam can have a proper feel of my breasts. As he's fondling away again I pick up my riding crop and start waving it around.

"I'm going to get my revenge on you with this some day," I warn.

He thinks I'm joking.

3.52pm I remove my skirt, and with Adam lying on his back on the sofa I get on top of him and we start kissing. He then sucks my breasts again and gives my pussy another good fingering. The shots at the bottom of the page in the Living Fantasy post were captured at this time.

3.55pm I sit up, move back a little, then bend over and take him into my mouth once more. This time I don't attempt to throat him, but instead suck gently with my tongue working on the head. This is his reward for all the pleasure he's given me, and it lasts quite some time. He just lies back and relaxes as I give him a long, sensuous, mouth wank. I know how much he loves this, and it's not just the feeling - it's that power trip again, knowing that he's got someone with my desirability as a slave to his cock.

4.05pm I get up and go to the camera, repositioning it so that it's facing the centre of the sofa. Adam knows what to do, and he finally removes his clothes. He then stands up, holding his erect cock out in front of him. I zoom in, then out again, adjust the pitch of the camera upwards, then zoom in once more. I return to the sofa and sit down on the edge.

With the camera capturing everything at close range I begin to masturbate him as I first kiss his prick, then lick it, then suck it. This time my technique is different, and my lips are pushed well forward with my tongue stimulating the sensitive spot on the underside, just behind the head. I rock my head gently back and forth, gradually increasing the pressure with my tongue. Three minutes later Adam goes "Yes! Yes!" and at that point I pull my mouth back and open it wide, masturbating aggressively with one hand.

The tip of his prick is right at the entrance of my gaping mouth as he ejaculates, and the camera perfectly picks up the semen pumping into it. I deliberately close my mouth briefly to make sure at least a couple of ropes splash over my face. It looks magical as the sperm trickles down my chin and starts dripping on to my leg.

"Does that taste good?" he asks.

"Beautiful," I manage to say as he fully empties his balls.

I lick and suck him clean. "Oh, thank you, thank you," I say with passion, and I really mean it. "To be fed by a prick like yours after years of having only Martin's... I'm so incredibly lucky."

Maria has some afternoon fun

4.11pm I ask Adam if he'll shoot one quick cameo with me upstairs before he leaves, something extra to taunt Martin with. Love to, he says.

4.16pm I've positioned the camera so that it's pointing at my bed. I'm strapping on my vibrating clit stimulator while Adam waits with another of my leather harnesses which will hold the stimulator even tighter against my pussy. Once I'm buckled into this I get on to the bed on all fours and my lover padlocks my ankles to a metal leg spreader.

He starts the clit stim buzzing and my body instantly shivers as the pleasure courses through me. Oh jeeze, who needs cocks? Adam pushes his hand back and forth against my pussy, increasing the stimulation.

"How's that feel?" he asks.

"Unbelievable," I moan.

He keeps this going for a few minutes, letting my excitement build.

"Yeah... now," I eventually say.

Adam picks up a wide leather belt, doubling it over on itself with the buckle in his hands. He stands to one side behind me and doesn't hold back as he gives me a terrific whack on my rear which sounds unreal on playback. My whole body visibly flinches in reflex.

"Like that do you?" he taunts. "Well, let's give you a couple more."

He strikes again and I groan audibly as the two blows land.

"Yeah, you love it, don't you? But I know what you really want, Maria, because I know what a dirty whore you are."

You see him move around to a different position, where he's just to the side of me and facing towards my feet. Then his arm rises into the air and he suddenly whips it back down again, landing the flat side of the belt squarely between my legs, right on my pussy.


Another loud groan from me, and the passion is unmistakable.


He looks into the camera again, just as he did downstairs.

"You've got a very special wife, Martin. What sort of woman gets off on having her cunt smacked with a belt, eh?"


You may remember that I got Matt to discipline my pussy once as a torment for Martin. There's no question in my mind that for a husband to see his wife's vagina being punished by another man is one of the most humiliating and demeaning things that he can ever experience, a shame that he has to live with forever. However (and I do feel more than a few pangs of guilt as I write this) I have to admit that I now get off on this sort of thing for its own sake. I can't really describe why, but the combination of discipline and stimulation on my pussy gives me a climax of such extreme intensity that I find myself coming back again and again for more. There's no real pain as such because I'm protected by both my briefs and the leather strap of the harness. It's more the thought of how debased it is for a woman to want this to be done to her, more evidence of my extreme depravity.

It only takes Adam seven more whacks to make me come.

4.32pm Adam has left, and I'm sitting on the side of the bed for a minute, feeling more than a little drained. I'm trying to count how many climaxes I've now had, but such an exercise is not particularly meaningful because I can't really say when one orgasm ends and the next one begins.

There are now five rubber cocks awaiting Martin's attention when he gets home.

4.34pm Come on, Maria, get yourself together. David will be here soon, and you can't allow him to see his Mistress with anything other than her usual goddess aura.

Ah yes... David. I try to mentally prepare myself, comparing his prick in my mind with Adam's far superior one. A wimpy, small-dicked, grovelling failure of a man - the sort that needs to be punished for being so utterly useless. Yes, that's better, I'm beginning to warm up again as I think of spanking his miserable ass until he's on the verge of tears.

4.37pm I could do with another quick shower, but there's no time. Fortunately it doesn't take me long to change. I take the rubber bra off, to be replaced by another with an open cup style. Over this I wear a plain black short-sleeved sweater. I can see my nipples protruding, even though I haven't got the nipple rings on any more. Maria is turned on again already.

The waspie corset stays on, but I exchange the PVC panties for a pair of zipped rubber ones. For now the clit stim stays in place, adding to my renewed excitement. I then put on a short black rubber skating skirt, followed by a frilly, layered net underskirt that I pull on so it's beneath the skirt. This creates a sort of tutu effect that you might think is odd to use for a domination session, but it actually works very well when combined with the long PVC gloves I'm putting on, and the studded choker.

I change back to my court shoes, pick up my long training crop, and that's it, Mistress Maria is ready to continue her slave's education.

4.46pm I'm taking video shots of myself in various poses in the bedroom, but I'll get David to take some more interesting angles when he arrives. I'm thinking of him again as I do this, how deserving he is of humiliation and pain. A man like that who's prepared to grovel on his knees and lick a woman's leather boots should be given no respect, I tell myself. Punish him, Maria, do it in your usual controlled and aloof way, but punish him nevertheless.

4.59pm I'm in the hallway and David's car is coming up the drive. Perfect timing as usual, but I expect nothing less from a slave. He doesn't get the leeway my lovers do when they come to see me, and if he's so much as a couple of minutes late he will be made to regret it.

David has only been visiting me since January, and he's still at the relatively early stages of training. Including Martin I only have four slaves, and although I'd like at least twice this number, the sort of submissive men that I'm looking for are very hard to acquire. Sure, there are probably tens of thousands of individuals who would give almost anything for the chance to be dominated by me, but my selection criteria quickly reduces the number in the pool. For a start, in contrast to my lovers, it's essential that a slave of mine has a sub-average cock. Many of my domination techniques are centred upon drubbing into a submissive that he is an unworthy, lesser man. He needs to understand that a small prick is an affront to me, and as a consequence he must be constantly punished for such a deficiency. In addition I prefer professional men who have always harboured domination fantasies, but it's vital that they have very little first hand experience of actually being dominated.

I don't want to follow some former wife or girlfriend who has already moulded a submissive in her own way, and I don't want men who have visited pro dommes for much the same reason. I want a blank canvas to paint my own style of domination upon, and I want all the punishments and humiliations I give to a slave to be novel to him. The excitement for me comes from gradually breaking in that slave, training him from scratch to serve his Mistress and do her bidding. David had played some bedroom games before he started coming to me, but I don't believe that these can be regarded as even mild BDSM. His wife just dressed up for him and raised her voice while he knelt before her and licked her pussy.

David isn't ready for domination sessions with other slaves yet, but once he is (probably by the end of this year) then I'm looking forward to making some very special videos. You may have thought I was fantasising when I said that Alison and I intended to heel-fuck four men at the same time one day, but I pretty much guarantee that a year from now we'll have that scenario captured on film.

My real dream though is to shoot video of me being attended to by four slaves simultaneously. This is easy enough in itself, but what I really want is for me to be wearing some special underwear. I'd like some latex panties like the cunnilingus ones I described in the Puss In Boots entry, except I want two attached zipped hoods, one front and one rear. I also want a rubber bra with a hood attached to each breast. Goodness only knows where I'm going to get these garments from, and it will probably mean somehow making them ourselves, but the thought of four men collectively licking and sucking me in bondage like that while Alison whips them is a constant torment when I'm lying in my bed at night. A couple of years ago I'd have regarded such acts as mere fantasy, but so far almost everything I've put my mind to has come to pass in due course, and therefore I don't see why this dream should never be realised. I'll do it one day, I'm fairly sure of it.

Incidentally, you may regard my use of the word 'slave' as going somewhat over the top. However, that's exactly what these men are to me. As far as I'm concerned I own them, and they exist to provide me with pleasure, amusement and service. They are required to instantly obey me, and I care not one jot if they dislike some of the things I make them do. Martin gets far more latitude than the other three, but even he is required to become a grovelling supplicant when the mood takes me. Although I don't really like the idea of having them tattooed to mark my ownership, I do fantasise about having them branded.

The temptation on this day with David was to do much more than I normally would during the hour or so that he would be with me, simply because of the diary post. You have to appreciate that these visits are part of an ongoing education for him, and I don't normally combine techniques in a single training session. I stick to one main area of focus, and I tend to remain with that over several visits until I'm satisfied that he has learned what is required of him. I always then finish the session with some physical punishment as this fulfils both his own needs and my own. In the end I decided to keep to the normal routine - it would be too unsettling for him if I suddenly played things differently.

Another problem I faced with this visit was deciding whether to show video captures from it, even heavily distorted ones. I've only recently started to film my sessions with David, and you have to consider that for a submissive man this is a very large step to take. The things that he and my other slaves can be seen doing on video are shockingly degrading for them, and if such footage ever made its way into the public domain then it's hard to imagine the embarrassment they would face. I therefore feel a strong duty to protect these men from such ridicule, and for that reason you will be seeing very little from my domination sessions (and I can assure you that what you do see will be manipulated in such a way as to make it impossible to identify any individual). The important thing is to try to give you a glimpse - just a flavour - of what someone like David experiences. The rest will have to come from your imagination I'm afraid.

5.00pm I walk outside as I did for Adam. David gets out of his car and his face looks rapturous as he sets eyes on me again. He's totally besotted with me, I know that, but for now at least I'm confident that his worship of me is not in any way damaging. It's transformed his life over the past few months, and he's happier than he's been for years, both at work and socially. See what an hour a week with Maria can do for you?

I give him a cheeky smile and bend my training crop as I hold it at both ends in front of me. He will be struck many times with this today, but only as part of corrective guidance and not with anything like proper force. In fact he has yet to face his first proper whipping. Even after three months I'm still mainly spanking him, although I used a studded paddle on him a couple of weeks ago. There's no set timetable on something like this - it comes down to a judgement call on what you think the individual can take. Peter, another of my slaves whom I initially met in March last year, was being properly thrashed with a stranded whip only ten weeks after he first knelt before me and licked my boots.

I'm not afraid to get straight to the point with David - who needs to mince words with a lowly slave?

"Hello there," I say. "I hope someone's ready and eager for some serious pussy licking today."

"Yes, Mistress," he replies enthusiastically, "very much so. I've been looking forward to it all week."

He walks to me and I offer my gloved hand which he takes and kisses lovingly. Then without instruction from me he drops to his knees and starts to kiss my thighs. I look disdainfully down at him as he works his way up to my suspender clips and kisses each of them in turn. Once he's paid homage to the front clasps I turn around and he kisses the rear ones. Then I bend over slightly and he licks the rear of my panties.

"Underneath," I order him after twenty or so seconds, and I spread my legs wider. I'm not looking at him, but I know he'll be bending his head backwards now as he tries to mouth my pussy from behind. He just gently licks though - he knows not to apply too much pressure with his tongue at such an early stage.

"Get your prick out and play with it," I command, and I immediately hear him unzip himself. He'll only lightly fondle his cock, that's all - I said 'play with', not 'wank' or 'masturbate'. I know he'll be fully erect, even without the hand stimulation. One thing David can be relied upon is to keep hard until I finally grant him release. It's actually a bit of a problem if a submissive stays as erect as this because I can't scold and punish him for going flaccid. However, it has its compensations as I can put his cock into bondage in highly usual ways, safe in the knowledge that the straps and metal rings won't become loose due to waning girth or length.

5.04pm "Okay, get up," I tell him, as I turn back round to face him. Once he's standing I order him to pull the front of his underpants down with his thumb and pull his balls out over the top of them so they're actually exposed with his cock. As he does so I take the thin black dog lead I've tied loosely round my waist and I pass the hand loop over his prick and then I pull his balls through the loop as well. I pass the rest of the lead underneath him, collecting it with my other hand, and I pull really tightly. I mean really tightly. His foreskin gets pulled back from his prick head and his dick suddenly looks half as big again as it's forced into a rigid strapped up state.

Clipped on to the end of the lead is a round silver ring with a small chain attached. I remove this and then I pass the lead all the way around his waist, finally clipping it on to itself at the rear. Simple and very effective cock bondage, although it's only going to be temporary.

I place the silver ring on the end of his cock and then start working the head through the narrow opening with my fingers. This takes some time, but once I've done it the ring is perfectly placed just behind the head of his prick, and there's no way it's coming off again until he loses his erection. Then I pull his cock completely upright and attach the short chain on the ring to the dog lead that's around his waist.

I stand back to admire my handiwork. It's a bizarre and comical sight. He's still in his business suit and looks quite normal except his cock and balls are outside his trousers, not inside them, and his prick is pointing straight up in the air. He looks highly embarrassed now, which of course is the whole idea. Even though we're screened it's still highly unnerving for a man to have his prick so openly exposed like this in broad daylight.

"Walk down the driveway until I tell you to stop," I tell him. "Oh, and keep your hands by your sides."

He doesn't even hesitate. He learned several weeks ago that there simply isn't any point. You don't debate things with Mistress, you don't question or protest, you simply do it. Unless you're prepared for her to stop seeing you, you're going to do it in the end anyway, so what's the use in upsetting her and suffering retribution?

I can feel myself getting wet as I experience this humiliation, and I'm really looking forward now to being given a good tonguing in a few minutes. I watch with a smile of satisfaction as his steps become more and more tentative as he approaches the bend in the driveway. Once he gets there he can be seen from the road...

"Don't you dare stop, David," I warn.

He's actually past the bend, totally exposed to anyone going by. He'd hear a car coming, but you never know... someone out for a walk? A cyclist?

I give it around five seconds, that's all, but it must have seemed like forever to him.

"Okay, come on back," I call out, and you've never seen anyone turn as quickly before. His face is crimson, but here's the thing... he's still fully erect. Telling, huh?

"I don't know what you were so worried about," I mock as he walks back up to me, "I don't think anyone would be able to see a teeny little dick like yours from that distance."

I give his prick a flick with my crop, catching it just below the head, and he reflexively flinches. Yeah, you just wait. In a few months time I'll be punishing that cock of yours with a leather belt as I tell you how it disgusts me to see such a miserable specimen of manhood so soon after being mouth-fucked by a real man's eight-inch one.

I unfasten the dog lead and now attach the end clip to the chain on the cock ring.

"Come on," I announce as I turn and lead him towards the front door by his prick, "I want you to take some video of me, and then it's time to get that tongue of yours working."

Maria poses with her training whip

Maria checks her stockings and suspenders

5.12pm We're in the spare room, and David is filming me after taking some shots in my bedroom. I sit on the end of the bed and pose for him.

"Do you like what you're looking at, David?" I ask.

"Oh yes, Mistress. You look absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you," I smile. "Do you ever find yourself wishing that you were the sort of man that I like to have sex with - well endowed, tall, good-looking?"

"Yes, I do. Constantly."

"Yes, I'd bet you'd like that. I mean, you're submissive by nature, but you'd still like to have your prick inside me and give me a good fucking like my boyfriends do, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Well, don't ever get too downhearted about it. If you're a very good boy and train well then you're going to watch men screw me in due course, and if you're very lucky like Peter then I might use your cock as a masturbation toy to warm me up for my big dildos. You'll be tied up and immobile, but you still get to have your prick inside me as I ride it."

"That would be... I don't know what to say... a dream..."

"Yes, well, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. You're going to need to work very hard to get that privilege, but hopefully it will be an incentive for you."

"I'll say it is. Thank you, Mistress, I really will work very hard."

"Good. I think you can start right now then..."

"Do you like what you're looking at, David?"
Maria poses before her training session begins

5.16pm I'm sitting on the bed with my back to wall. I've unzipped my panties and removed the clit stimulator, and David is giving me a long, slow licking. He's been undergoing pussy training for several weeks, and his progress has been steady but quite slow. I've not been impatient about it because... well, it's not exactly an ordeal having a man lick your vagina for half an hour or so without a break is it?

He's getting reasonably proficient at it now, but technique is only part of the story. Stamina is another vital ingredient and this will only come with time and practice.

5.20pm I'm leaning back with my eyes closed. This is really enjoyable, better than last week. He's putting a lot of effort into it, and he's not flagging as much as usual. What's he been practising on? The mind boggles.

"That's a good boy, that's excellent. Don't forget what I said. Every few minutes I want you to try to actually suck my clit into your mouth, and then I want you to flick it lightly with your tongue, okay? Just for thirty seconds or so. Try it now..."


"Okay, that's pretty good. But suck harder, don't be afraid to really suck it into your mouth..."


"Oh yes, you've got it! Good boy! Good boy! Yes, that's lovely, now flick your tongue faster... Yes, wonderful. Remember how that feels..."

5.25pm I pick up the phone and call Martin.

"You've got some more competition," I announce when he answers. "David is getting very good at licking pussy, and today he's going to make me come, aren't you my baby? You might be relegated to just licking my arse soon, Martin."

That's it. He doesn't even get to say a word. Of course, what I told him is complete tripe. I can't imagine anyone being able to ever do what my husband does with his mouth. The true test is always Alison, who doesn't climax nearly as easily as I do. I very much doubt that David could get her to orgasm in less than fifteen minutes (if at all) but Martin can make her come in about three minutes flat. Mind you, she has a bit of a thing for my husband, something which I'll be discussing at greater length another time.

5.29pm I get David to change position, and he starts avidly licking away again. I make another call, this time to my mother.

"Hi Mummy, it's me. I'm just ringing to see how you're feeling. Is your back any better?"

We chat for a few minutes, and I get the usual kick from wondering what she would think if she knew what I'm doing right now. It's not nearly as big a turn on though as when I'm talking to her with my headset on while I'm on all fours being sodomized by a guy.

5.38pm Another position change, and after a minute or so I decide to make sure that David doesn't get too overconfident about his progress. Anyway, I just love the sound of that training crop striking a bare bottom...


"Faster, David. Come on, you can do better than that."


"No, faster doesn't mean you stop getting your tongue in as far, does it?"


"That's better, that's much better. Good."

5.40pm Those two whacks with the crop have left me hotter than ever, and I need to come. I get my slave to lie on his back and then I straddle him. I lower my body so my pussy is comfortably nuzzled on his face and then I order him to give me a hard licking. No gentle massage any more, but a good tongue fucking. When I'm aroused like this I become very aggressive, and I find it almost impossible to stop myself using the whip at least once.

"Come on, you bastard, get that tongue working! Harder! Harder! God, David, you're fucking pathetic. I SAID HARDER!!!"


"Ah, yes! At last, yes, yes, yes... come on, keep it going... yes, come on... that's it, that's it... yes, just a few more... a few more... come on..."

I sit down momentarily right on to his face and start gyrating so my clit is getting plenty of friction. He must be finding hard to breathe but it's only for a few seconds...

"Oh yes! Fantastic! You've got me! You've got me, David! Yes, here it comes... here it comes... you've got me... you've got me... ah... ah... yes... yes... OH YES!!!!!!"



5.44pm David's face is a picture of delight as I praise him for his efforts.

"What a good boy! Didn't you do well? That's was really excellent. You gave your Mistress a proper climax today didn't you? Look at me, I'm still shaking."

I take his head in my hands and kiss his forehead softly.

"I'm so pleased, my baby. You've been practising hard for me haven't you? I think next week we'll be able to put a head harness on you and you can have your face strapped to my pussy. You'll find that much harder, but I think you're ready, don't you?"

"Yes, Mistress," he beams.

My look of satisfaction suddenly fades.

"Now, I know you've done very well - very well indeed - but I'm afraid I'm still going to have to punish you now. Do you know why?"

"Because my prick is small."

"Yes, that's right, your prick is small, and men with small pricks have to be regularly beaten, don't they? Do you deserve to be beaten, David?"

"Yes, Mistress, I do."

5.47pm David is on all fours on the bed and I've started to spank him. I think about going to get a proper leather spanker from my dressing room, but I can't be fussed. I'll give him plenty of spanks today instead, more than he usually gets.

5.49pm It's been two minutes and I'm still spanking away. I've probably hit him about twenty times and my hand is hurting, although that's not any deterrent.

"Do you know who I bumped into on Monday when I was out, David?"


"Susan. She was in a café and I sat down with her and had a little chat."


"It was very interesting. Her story about what happened between you two didn't in any way tally with yours."


"She said that you fell out with each other when she started having men round the house to fuck her because your prick couldn't satisfy her."


"Is that true?"

"No, Mistress."


"Well, it sounds far more believable than what you told me. I mean, you've got a little dick, and I if I'd been Susan I'd have wanted a bigger cock than yours."


"She told me all the positions she liked with her lovers... bent over the kitchen table being fucked from behind... on her back on the dining table... tied up on the bed..."


"She told me a little secret as well... I was really shocked. Do you want to know what it is?"

"Yes, Mistress."


"She told me that she doesn't think Emma is your child. How about that, hmm? I mean, she might be, but your wife was seeing six other men at the time and they all pumped a lot more cum into her pussy than you did."


"Admit you're a failure, David."

"I'm a failure."


"A small-pricked failure."

"I'm a small-pricked failure, Mistress."

"That's right, which is why you deserve this..."


Maria trains her slave

5.56pm David is holding the video camera and he's filming me as I'm lying on the bed pleasuring myself with a dildo and a vibrator. My panties are around my ankles and my legs are spread wide apart.

I expect many dominas wouldn't allow a slave to see them in this state, but I enjoy having a submissive in attendance as I masturbate. Sometimes the slave will push the dildo in and out of me, or suck my breasts, but today I want David to film me and when I'm ready he knows I'm going to order him to ejaculate over my black sweater. He's currently fondling himself in preparation for that moment, although not so vigorously that he causes the camera to shake too much.

6.02pm I'm in no rush, a long slow build up this time. I'm not aware of the camera, just lying back with my eyes closed, lost in my fantasies.

I tell David to pick up the phone and I give him Matt's mobile number to dial. He hands the phone to me.

"Hi," Matt says when he answers, "I'm a little pressed at the moment. Can I call you back?"

"Only if it's not okay for me to see you briefly tonight at eight o'clock, otherwise I'll be round. I'm just getting myself ready for you... can you hear?"

I momentarily move the phone down to my pussy where the vibrator is buzzing.

"Got that?" I ask.

"Yeah," he confirms. "I'll see you later."

6.06pm Not long now...

"Put the camera back on the tripod," I tell David.

When he's set things up I order him to masturbate. "Come on then, let's see if you can least spray some cum out of that miserable cock."


"Harder! Wank harder!"


He starts grunting and he leans over me, propping himself up with one hand on the wall. His cock is aimed directly at my breasts, and he suddenly ejaculates, the white cum splashing on to the black jumper. The sight of this is enough to initiate my own orgasm, and I thrust the dildo deep into me while pressing the tip of the throbbing vibrator hard against my clit.

"Do some over the skirt," I gasp, and he immediately moves lower, getting several splashes on the shiny black rubber before he's emptied himself.

"Fantastic," I moan. "Oh yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhhh..."

Once again I think I'm unusual in allowing a slave to ejaculate over me, an act which is normally considered demeaning to a woman. However, my kink for having my clothing soiled with semen far outweighs any such niceties. In any case, in three or four months time David will be licking his own cum off that skirt, and I think he's probably already guessed that.

6.16pm David is dressed again and we're downstairs in the hallway. He kneels and kisses my pussy, and then thanks me for training him - a weekly parting ritual. I consider setting him a task for the coming week, but nothing comes immediately to mind. The small assignments I set for my slaves are tremendously varied, and I like to make them up on the spot if I can. "Write me a story entitled 'Maria's school for leather prostitutes' "; "Take my panties with you and wank into them every night"; "Find me a picture on the Web of a huge prick"; "Buy me something slutty to wear".

It's been little more than an hour for David, that's all, but this is just training. When he's ready he will be participating in three-hour video sessions that will test him to the limits, but at the same time these will be the highlights of his life, unforgettable moments with his domina that sate his sexual desires in ways that he could never have imagined.

6.19pm I'm in my bedroom and I'm just about to get undressed to have a relaxing soak in the bath when I suddenly remember that I wanted to get a few shots of me sitting in a low sofa in the clothes I was wearing at lunchtime. Damn it, I think, but it's only going to take a few minutes. I take the skirt and jumper off and quickly put on the top and skirt I wore earlier. Two minutes later I'm downstairs in the second lounge posing in front of the camera.

6.28pm I 'm running a bath and I get out of the clothes I'm wearing. All the gear I've had on today is strewn over my bed and the bedroom floor, and there are now eight sex toys in need of my husband's attention.

I slide into the hot bath and just lie there with my eyes closed. It feels wonderful, and I could so easily fall asleep.

6.43pm I hear a noise, and I'm disoriented for a moment. Oops, I did fall asleep. Martin's home, and I can hear him coming up the stairs. Usually he arrives around five-thirty, but he always stays at the office longer on Wednesdays because of my session with David. A few more months and that won't be necessary.

He pops his head round the door. "Hi there," he says, "everything okay?"

"Yeah, fine," I tell him. "Give me a kiss."

He comes over to the side of the bath, bends down and we have a long, open-mouthed kiss. Despite all the things I say, my relationship with Martin is still a very loving one. He understands me and I understand him, and ninety percent of the time we just talk in a relaxed, normal way, although the subject matter is often anything but normal, and the things I make him do and wear are highly unusual too. He doesn't question my actions unless he's trying to give advice, and when I'm dominating him he has to conform to the slave stereotype, but at other times he's just my husband - a man that I love, my best friend, and someone whose company I very much enjoy.

"Had a good day?" he asks when our lips part.

"Yes, very good. It was a bit of a pain doing the extra video, but it was exciting as well. I'm looking forward to showing you what I did with Adam, but I want to edit it first. And David was amazing... what an improvement."

"Does that stuff in your bedroom...?"

"Yes, all the dildos need sorting, and the vibrator and clit stim as well. The black jumper will need washing because David came over it, and the rubber skating skirt's got cum on it too."

"Okay, I'll check everything anyway."

"I'm seeing Matt at eight, and then I thought we could stop at The Plough on the way back and have something to eat... is that okay?"

"Yeah, sure. I'd better get started on the cleaning up then."

We eat out a lot more in the evenings now I've stopped working. After being in the house for so much of the day I like to get amongst people for a while. While I do put on my usual exotic underwear for such outings, these aren't prick-teasing excursions and my outerwear is usually sexy but not overly provocative. It's just a way to relax with Martin over a couple of glasses of wine and some dinner.

7.30pm Martin has been busy tidying up my bedroom. He's very practised at this and he works quickly. The toys are all properly cleaned, my rubber and leather are cleaned and polished, the grey skirt has been pressed and put away, and he's even hand-washed my black jumper and nylons. If you ever get the chance to have a butler, then go for it - life becomes a breeze.

I've been in the study transferring video to my laptop. I won't get it all done before we go out and I'll finish the rest when we get back. Some of it looks like it should be okay for my post. I watch the final bit of video I shot with Adam several times. It looks awesome, and tomorrow morning I think I'll be watching it again with my thirteen-inch dildo as company.

7.45pm We're on our way to Matt's. I'm in the back of the car as I always am when Martin is taking me somewhere where I'll be having sex with another man (I sometimes wonder what some of the residents in the village must think as they see us driving by). As I'm sitting there I start thinking about what I'm going to write in my diary post at this point (which is kind of weird in a time-loop sort of way if you think about it). I had a bit of an unsettled patch with Matt mid way through last year, something that was entirely my own fault. A number of very exciting things happened to me all of a sudden, and I got carried away and neglected my boyfriend for a while. It was only when Matt did the obvious thing and started treating me in the same way that I realised how inattentive I had been and how much I needed him. This was an additional consideration for finishing work - it enabled me to restore my relationship with Matt to its former state.

I know how incredibly lucky I am to have someone like Matt. I'll never be able to say he approves of my lifestyle, but at the same time he doesn't particularly disapprove of it either. He completely understands the sort of person I am, and he knows that without the fantasy sex I simply wouldn't be the same individual. I have a need within me to play the domina and slut wife, and I'll never be able to subjugate that .You either accept that with me, or there's no basis for a relationship. Matt accepts it, almost certainly because he knows that I don't see any of the other men I mess around with in the same light as I see him. With the others it's just sex, and I know how they view me, just as they know how I view them. To them I'm just a bit of kinky hot skirt to fuck and play around with, and that's just how I want to be regarded.

With Matt it's different, and when we're together there's an intimacy that goes beyond just the sex. It's a deep bond, as true a love for each other as the love Martin and I share. For this reason, I actually think of Matt as my husband, and I'm pretty sure he thinks of me as his wife (I know Martin will fully understand what I mean by this). I'm living a sort of dual life where I'm married to two men at the same time.

One interesting aspect that has developed over time with Matt is that he now shares very similar characteristics to my husband in the way that he likes to display me to other men. He gets off on taking me somewhere where I'm dressed as little more than an out-and-out hooker, and then he often leaves me alone so that he can enjoy watching other men eyeing me up and even approaching me. It hasn't happended yet, but I think it's quite possible that at some point these outings will lead to something more than just straight prick-teasing, and if I join Matt later one evening after disappearing for a while and show him the filled condom I'm carrying in my bag, I'm bound to wonder what exactly the difference is between my boyfriend and my husband. Why do I have this effect on men?

The situation between the three of us as it now stands is probably the ideal, and I don't see it changing much in the future. Matt has always enjoyed the cuckolding aspect of our relationship, but he's not the sort of man who enjoys rubbing Martin's nose in his inadequacy as some of my other lovers do. I tried for some time to persuade Matt to have sex with me with Martin present in the bedroom, but he always resisted and I now accept that this is neither necessary nor desirable. Martin does watch us having sex, but we deliver the cuckolding experience to my spouse in a less overt way, and this has proved more exciting than my original intentions. Tonight will be a case in point.

8.03pm Martin turns into Matt's driveway and after he has let me out he swings the car around and then switches the engine off. He will sit there without complaint until I return.

Matt opens the door and we kiss and cuddle on the porch, something Martin must have witnessed a hundred times or more now. There's the inevitable lift of my skirt, the roving hands on my backside, the playful tugging of my garter straps - it's all been done time and time again, but that won't prevent my husband reaching for his crotch so he can massage his cock as he watches.

8.07pm We're inside and I'm on my knees with Matt's fantastic prick in my mouth. I thought Adam's was terrific this afternoon, but this one... even so, fabulous as it is I do now very much want to meet a man with a larger one - maybe not in girth, but certainly in length. The thought that went through my head when I started sucking my black dildo this morning wasn't an idle one.

Some evenings I'll drive myself over here and stay all night. Matt and I will have sex several times, but we'll also just crash out and watch a movie, or enjoy a meal which we'll cook together. I have a more normal life here than anywhere else, even my own home. Tonight though this is just about sex - I've come to be fucked by my lover, and not just for the sheer pleasure of it, but also so I can sit with my husband at dinner with another man's wet cum in my panties.

8.14pm I've just taken my skirt and blouse off to avoid them getting too creased, and now I'm standing there in my underwear, telling Matt about the day's events as he plays with my breasts and presses his fingers into my pussy. Oh, what a surprise - Matt's just told me I've been a very bad girl and I'll have to be spanked.

He turns out all but one of the lights, a small table lamp by the doorway, and the room becomes an atmospheric mixture of contrasting light and shadow. He then leads me over to the writing desk against the wall by the front window, and tells me to bend over it. As I'm getting into position he pulls open the curtains, and Martin is now able to witness much of what takes place.

This exhibitionism is not only for my husband's benefit but also for my own too. I like to fantasise when I'm doing this with Matt - maybe a neighbour is watching, or perhaps a private detective is taking photographs of us. Tonight though the man sitting in the car outside is a suspicious husband, a man who has followed his wife without her knowledge to a private home across the town. He always suspected she was having an affair, and now he can see it with his own eyes.

He can see her standing there half naked in clothing he's never seen before. Where did she get that underwear? He's searched through all her drawers over and over again, and never found such garments. The light is bouncing off the material and it's shiny - PVC perhaps, or... goodness, could it be rubber? His wife is wearing rubber???? And she's wearing stockings and suspenders, something he's always wanted her to do, but she always laughs and says she doesn't like the discomfort.

It looks like there's someone just to the rear of her, but he can't quite see properly with the poor light... it must be a man though, surely. In silhouette the figure looks strong and tall. Yes, it must be a man.

He suddenly sees the shadows change just behind her - movement - and her body is momentarily knocked forward as if she's been pushed from behind. Then it happens again. Is that a hand he's seeing moving through the air? Is she... is she being... beaten? He winds the car window down and listens. Yes, he can hear it now. He can hear the smacks. Someone is beating her bottom. His wife is being spanked! But... but wait... her head is thrust back now and he can just make out her face. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open. It's unmistakable, and it shocks him to the core. There's lust on her face... his wife is enjoying this abuse!

He's never seen her like that. Her body looks incredible in profile. Her arms are forward, her head is back, and her spine is beautifully curved, with her bottom sticking out invitingly for her tormentor. Why has she never looked like this for him? What has this man got that makes her want to wear such clothes and do such things?

The shadows change again. He can see the man better now, he's standing right behind her. What's he doing? It looks like he's fiddling with something on her hip. Then the man's hands move away and he's holding what looks like some fabric... wait! It's her panties! She must have been wearing tie-side panties, because they're clearly gone now and her bottom is bare.

Now what's hap... she's moving her legs and her body is getting lower. Is she opening her legs wider? Yes, that's what she's doing. And the man... he's... oh my God, he can't believe it. No, it can't be can it? No... he's dreaming. Of course he's dreaming. He knows she couldn't want anything like that. She's always said she wouldn't want a man like that... no real feeling, and it would hurt. He remembers her favourite saying when she's telling him how well he's performed, despite being smaller than average: 'It's the motion in the ocean that counts, darling'. She's always telling him how good he is, and she would never lie - in any case he'd be able to tell instantly.

The man is pressed right up against her now, holding her hips as he rocks his body back and forth. There's no question what her lover is doing now... his wife, his beautiful wife, is allowing this violation! Her head is back again, and she's clearly loving the experience. A thought enters the voyeur's head as he watches transfixed from his car... has his wife allowed the man to penetrate her... her... no he mustn't dwell on that, that would destroy him if it were so.

The man's thrusts have become more vigorous. He's reached forward and his hands have pulled down her bra cups and he's feeling her breasts. The torment for the watching husband is almost unbearable, and tears begin to run down his cheeks.

He can hear her cries now, cries of passion and desire that will haunt her spouse forever. The man in the room is striking his wife again, smacking her hard on her bottom as he pumps aggressively into her. Then his upper body suddenly arches backwards as he thrusts his hips forward with all his power, holding the position. The husband closes his eyes and puts his hands over his ears as he tries to expunge the sounds of his wife's screams of climax and the thought of that man's seed ejaculating into his beloved.

It's over, and as the man withdraws the observer in the car sees his wife immediately tie up her panties again. Her lover must have been wearing a condom, the husband assures himself, otherwise her underwear would become soiled as the man's sperm... no, no, he must shut out such thoughts. His wife would surely never return home in such a state... if she did she would be laughing at him. It would show that she not only enjoyed her tryst but wanted to revel in her spouse's unknowing humiliation. His wife would never do that to him - she has more respect for him than that.

She's turned now, and she's holding her lover, kissing him. The pain of seeing such a thing... his wife passionately kissing another man after being taken in such a way. It's this moment above all that breaks the onlooker. It's the knife through the heart.

8.32pm We turn out of Matt's driveway. It's a little late to eat, but the restaurant pub we're going to serves food until 10pm and we'll be there in less than ten minutes. We're normally a little earlier when Martin isn't home so late. He must be starving.

On the way we don't discuss what happened at Matt's. I know that my husband will have been masturbating in the car as he watched the goings on inside, and I've no objection if he ejaculated - in fact now I have other submissives I allow Martin to play with himself and climax pretty much whenever he feels like it unless I have put him into chastity for a period.

9.00pm We're relaxing in the pub, chatting about politics, finance and generally nondescript subjects - the everyday conversation of a normal married couple. We don't discuss sex or what I did during the day. Nevertheless I'm being constantly reminded of the wonderful fucking I have just been given - I can feel the wetness between my legs from my cum-sodden panties. I strongly suspect the lining of my skirt will be stained where the semen has leaked through the thin material.

10.05pm We arrive home, and I immediately go back to the study to finish transferring the video. While the scenes are being captured to disk I check my email and then start to do some writing for my diary.

Martin spends fifteen minutes or so preparing some things for tomorrow for me, and then he sits down and watches the news on TV for a while, something he does most weekdays.

10.45pm Martin pops his head through the door. "Goodnight," he says.

"Yeah, goodnight," I reply absently. Then I suddenly realise he's going to bed. "Oh, actually I'll be up in a minute to see you."

10.55pm Martin is in his bed reading. These days I go to bed much later than he does, usually around 1am. It's a big plus not having to get up so early any more, and I can't imagine myself easily going back to a workday routine.

"Put your book down, sweetie", I tell him. I imagine he knows what's coming.

I remove my skirt and climb on to the bed, straddling him. He immediately moves himself further down the bed so I can grab his head with my hands. I then pull his face up to my pussy.

"Suck it all out, baby, there's a good boy. Eat it all up."

I say this lovingly, no raising of my voice or harshness of tone. Martin does as he is ordered and begins to mouth my panties, licking at them first and then sucking at them. I stroke his hair and keep giving him encouragement.

"Good boy, that's right. Doesn't that taste good, hmm? Mummy's special treat - lovely, sticky cum for her little boy."

I untie both sides of the panties and then pull them off. I fold them in half, then in half again, and while I hold Martin's jaw with my left hand I push them into his mouth with my right.

"Come on, lots of saliva," I say, "give them a good wash... that's right, now suck it all out. There, that's lovely, isn't it? What a lucky boy."

11.05pm I give Martin a kiss on the mouth and another on the forehead and then I leave the room to return to my writing and video editing. I'm just about to go down the stairs when it suddenly occurs to me that I'll probably be unable to resist looking at the short bedroom scene I filmed with Adam once more before I retire.

Of course, I'm not going to climax again today, or even play with myself. I think I've had enough for one day, wouldn't you agree? Still, maybe I should take a dildo downstairs with me, just so I don't feel lonely. Naturally, I won't use it. I wouldn't dream of it...

You trust me don't you?

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Maria is a naughty girl

Maria is a naughty girl

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