Stepford Slut - Part II

Posted 25 November 2014

As I drove up to where he was standing on the kerbside the following day, I inwardly smiled as I imagined how Tom would react if I told him what I had been up to since we had last spoken. Quite likely it would have seemed so far-fetched to him that he would have dismissed it all as pure fantasy, but then all I had to do was show him the contents of my handbag which was sitting on the back seat of the car. It wasn't as full as usual, but it was still well-stocked considering I had only been down there for a single day.

He put his case into the boot and climbed inside.

"Phew, right on time, thanks for that," he said cheerily.

"Did you have a good conference?" I asked as I waited for him to fasten his seatbelt.

"It was okay... pretty tedious most of the time as these things always are, but it's the only chance I'll get this year to speak to the big guns in the industry. How about you?"

"Yes, it went very well indeed. I managed to cram in an awful lot and I got everything I wanted."

As I moved into the traffic he bent forward in his seat and turned to look at me, then sat back again. He was laughing.

"What?" I asked as I spontaneously started laughing along with him without knowing why.

"You're just amazing," he gushed. "I know I shouldn't say this, but I've been hoping all day that you'd be wearing your leather skirt when you picked me up. I love the shirt and tie too..."

Strangely enough this opening dialogue didn't altogether surprise me. We had really hit it off the previous day and I'm sure Tom felt he'd got to know me well even though we'd only been in each other's company for a few hours. I didn't interpret his comment as coming on to me – he was simply getting his thoughts out in the open and he instinctively must have guessed that I would enjoy this sort of exchange. In any case, he had every right to feel he could be forward because that's exactly what I was being. I was wearing a style of outfit that had proven to be enormously successful for me ever since I had daringly gone out in it in 2011 (see 'The Dream Consultant'). At the time I imagined myself as a sexy business consultant but I came to realise that men interpreted it in different ways according to their tastes: business bimbo, hot secretary, fantasy schoolgirl... it seemed to press all the right buttons.

It was the perfect start to the journey, and unlike the previous day I wasn't going to hold back.

"I love wearing leather skirts," I said. "I've got a wardrobe full of them at home, many of them much shorter than this one."

"Wow," he laughed nervously. "Well, that one is the best I've ever seen by far. Maybe it's you who makes it look so good though."

Oh, this is awesome!

"So you've been thinking about it a lot have you?" I asked playfully.

"Oh God yes," he groaned. "After sitting here yesterday trying not to look at it... you must know the effect it has."

"Maybe," I teased.

"Yeah, right," he laughed.

He went quiet then and I rapidly tried to think of how I could keep this going. In the enthusiasm of the moment he may have been more forthright than he would have wished and there was a danger that he might now regret his unguarded directness.

As it turned out I needn't have worried. He was just gathering courage.

"Is that what you were wearing to your meetings today?" he asked, and his tone was notably less jocular.

"Oh no," I responded. "I took the Tube into town this morning and changed when I got back."

"Oh I see, right."

Another lengthy pause. I'm surprised I didn't hear the cogs whirring.

"Maria, can I ask you something personal for a moment? Please don't be offended, and I don't want this to come across the wrong way, but... well, are you dressed like this for my benefit or is it just something you would wear even if I weren't here?"

Bingo. And we haven't even reached the first set of traffic lights.

"Both," I answered.


"I wear outfits like this all the time and there doesn't have to be someone sitting next to me in the car. But I'm not going to deny that I consciously went out of my way to tease you."

"Well, I'm not in any way complaining," he said, suddenly more upbeat again. "It's made my trip to be honest. And the suspenders are the icing on the cake. Just unbelievable..."

"Suspenders?" I managed to say with a straight face.

He laughed out loud.

"Who on earth do you think you're trying to kid?"

"I suppose they might be poking through a little bit."

"A little bit!?"

"Do you want to feel them?" I asked calmly.

"Do I... er... what?... I'm not sure what you..."

"Do you want to feel my suspenders through the leather?"

"You mean now?"

"Yes, now. Don't be shy."

He went quiet again but I didn't turn to look at him. I kept my eyes on the road and the traffic around us, and after about ten seconds I saw his hand moving in my peripheral vision. As he made contact with the skirt he exhaled loudly, then he went "Oh, God" as he pressed his fingers against the clasp and rubber fastener of the left front suspender.

After a few pushes and prods like this he moved to the side suspender and began stroking his fingers up and down it.

"Wow... what a sight... just beautiful," he drooled as he pressed his fingers into my thigh either side of the strap to accentuate the profile and then used his other hand to squeeze the clasp.

Then he suddenly moved his hands away.

"I'm going to distract you," he said.

"Possibly," I conceded. "When we get out of London I'll stop somewhere so you can have a proper play with them and you can feel all over the skirt as well. Would you like that?"

"I... wow... yes... oh God, yes... yes, I would."


Silence from him again, and I sensed what was coming. I had to wait a while for it though.

"Can I ask whether Martin knows or even suspects what you're doing?" he asked cautiously.

And that was it - the opening. I had been counting on getting it within the first half hour of the journey, but to get it so soon was a huge bonus.

I took a deep breath as I mentally called up the script that I first used with Matt that magical night in 2005 when I tried to explain why I wanted to have sex with him rather than my husband. Over time it has lengthened considerably to reflect the events that followed, but the essence of why I wanted Tom's prick inside me rather than Martin's hadn't changed. However no presentation is ever identical – it's really a template rather than a fixed text and I adapt each new telling to my specific audience, omitting some parts and expanding on others based on the reactions and questions that I receive.

Okay, here we go. Nice and calm, don't rush it, and don't get carried away. Reel him in slowly.

"Do you know what cuckoldry is?" I began.

I took my time acquainting Tom with the reality of my marriage and my nature. He was listening intently, and from the periodic utterances of incredulity and increasing indications of excitement I knew he was captivated by my narrative, not appalled. I didn't hide the fact that I have now enjoyed a number of extramarital liaisons but I didn't reveal the full extent of my infidelity and I tried to give the impression that most of the relationships I was discussing were in the past. I didn't divulge many of my London activities or disclose that he wasn't the first of Martin's customers to run his fingers over my leather skirt as I was driving him in my car. Nevertheless he did learn that I have been simultaneously pleasured by more than one partner, and he was completely overwhelmed by this revelation. He also responded positively when I dropped hints that I like to not only humiliate my husband but dominate him too, and when I decided to elaborate on this he was almost beside himself when he later learned that I can experience sexual release when punishing my spouse.

At the end of it I had captured him totally, of that I was in no doubt.

"That's the most stunning thing I've ever heard in my life," he eventually said quietly. "Seriously... nothing compares... and it wasn't just what you said, but the way that you said it... the calm delivery. I can't imagine any other woman using words and describing events like you did and it actually making her seem even more desirable rather than cheapening her. It was simply incredible.

"You know, last night I couldn't stop thinking about you. It didn't help that I was on my own in a bloody hotel. So I went out to a nearby bar and had a couple of beers, but I still couldn't stop thinking of you. It was the same when I got back – I watched some TV, and every few minutes a picture of you in that leather skirt came into my head. I couldn't sleep, I kept tossing and turning, and I was... well, you know... but I couldn't stop. I liked it... I liked thinking of you... it's been a long time since I felt that switched on about something. I should have been tired this morning but I felt great. I felt great because I was going to be seeing you again, and all day I was looking forward to that. And I was praying - seriously, I was praying - that you'd have your leather skirt on again so I could look at it on the way back."

"I nearly wore thigh high leather boots instead," I said truthfully. "They come right up to here. It was a close call."

"Oh stop it," he laughed as he put his hands to his head. "I can't take any more."

"Were you just thinking of me, or were you thinking of doing things with me?" I asked.

"Oh, I was doing a lot with you, but it's not what you might think. It wasn't... you know... like hard porn. It was more... just being with you, seeing you smile, watching you sitting in a chair or walking in front of me... remembering how other men looked at you, especially those two by the main door when we walked out to your car yesterday... and touching you, kissing you, feeling you through your clothes... when you let me feel your suspenders, that was unreal... it was as though you knew exactly what I wanted."

I had taken an alternative route home along winding country roads which would take much longer and give more opportunities to stop along the way. We were now only six miles or so away from a lay-by I had used on more than one occasion in the past.

"We're going to stop soon," I said levelly, although inwardly I was enormously excited. "You're going to do all those things you were thinking about, okay? Take as long as you want, there's no rush whatsoever."

"Seriously?... Oh thank you, thank you... this is a dream," he gasped.

Ten minutes later I turned into the lay-by. It's on a main country road and the rest area is partially screened by trees. I've no idea what it's doing there because I've never known anyone to use it other than me.

As soon as I switched the engine off I unfastened my seatbelt and turned towards Tom, pulling his face to mine with both hands and giving him the most sensuous, passionate kiss that I've given any man, including my husband and boyfriend. He responded in kind. Wow, he's good, I thought. WOW!

His hands went straight to the skirt, and this time he rubbed all over the leather with abandon. You don't have to be either a fetishist or submissive to fall in love with my shiny skirts and underwear.

When our mouths parted I removed my red tie and threw it on to the back seat. His eyes widened as I started to unbutton my shirt and he got his first glimpse of my bra.

"Oh, bloody beautiful," he blurted. "I saw it was black through your shirt, but... is that leather too?"

"No, it's rubber," I told him. "Feel it... it's smoother than my skirt."

"Oh, fantastic... fantastic! You've got beautiful boobs as well. Just beautiful."

I reached over and started to massage his cock. There was no danger of him backing off now. Within a couple of minutes I had unzipped him and was wanking him steadily, and my excitement had increased even more. He wasn't in the league of my most well-endowed lovers but he was above average with a very satisfying girth and he was wonderfully hard. In one of my very first diary posts I said that I can't help associating handsome men with large pricks, and that still stands today. It wouldn't have totally ruined things, but I'd have been very disappointed if Tom had been on the small side.

He put his hands up my skirt and felt my garters, then he reached even higher and discovered that my suspender belt and panties were also leather.

"I never knew this stuff could be so sexy," he said. "It feels brilliant."

"It's a pity the centre console's in the way, isn't it? Otherwise you could rub your prick all over it couldn't you? Make it nice and sticky so that Martin would know what you'd been doing."

"Oh, this is unreal. I can't believe this is happening."

"Let me show you just how real it is," I said as I picked up my phone from the door pocket and started moving my fingers across the screen. After a few seconds I turned it towards Tom and pushed it in front of his face.

"There. That's the reality of my marriage."

"Oh wow," he said with a look of disbelief. "That's just... incredible. Even though you've disguised their faces I can tell neither of them is Martin."

"Nope. Martin was at work that day and I was a long way from home."

He couldn't stop shaking his head.

"What an amazing picture, not just for the content but simply because YOU were doing something like that. Please tell me it's not staged or anything..."

I had shown Tom the final picture from my 'Lunchtime Threesome' gallery post. It's one that I regularly show to men in London when I'm discussing my lifestyle. It's the perfect photo for this because it says everything about me without being overly explicit, and the guys in the scene can't be identified.

"If you're asking whether we were just posing for the shot, then no, we weren't," I said with as much sincerity as I could muster. "It's absolutely genuine. I'd been out for lunch with those two men and then we went to an apartment owned by one of them. I was there all afternoon and we videoed everything. That's a video capture you're looking at."

"Oh God, the thought of that... while he's at work."

"Here, let me show you another."

I pulled the phone away from him and scrolled along to another of my diary pictures, the final one from the 'London Whore' post where I'm on the back seat of a car looking into the camera. This is a photo that much to my surprise proved to be extraordinarily popular amongst a particular professional group in London when it circulated very rapidly just before Christmas in 2011, resulting in a large number of requests to my friend Gerald for an introduction (it was largely the response I received to the distribution of that image that prompted me to say in my 'Festive Season' post that there was little doubt in my mind that 2012 would be the busiest year of my life so far for my mouth, and even then I underestimated how much in demand I would be).

"There you go," I said. "This one was taken in London and once again Martin was at work that day. I entertained several men that afternoon."

"Oh Maria, that's just incredible. It's a good job I didn't see that yesterday. It would be even better though if your face was in focus."

"It means pictures of me like this can circulate without fully revealing my identity. After seeing them a lot of guys want to meet me and it leads to social invitations and introductions. I can send you a copy if you like, and the other one."

"Oh yes please, definitely. God, I just can't take all this in... I know you said you sent Martin photos, but this isn't what I had in mind."

"A lot of the photos I take are like that. They don't need to be explicit. I like Martin to see what I'm wearing – what other men get to play with but he doesn't. Here, take my phone and you can get a shot of me right now... just a sec, let me get the right pose without my face showing so you can have a copy. I'll just look forward as though I'm driving while I'm playing with you at the same time. Like this... okay?"

"Fantastic. Okay... ready..."

This isn't some posed shot especially for this diary post – it's the actual picture that Tom took that day. Note the centre crease just above the bottom of the skirt, a sure sign for Martin that Tom's hand had already been busy at work.
Maria in her car with Tom

Tom showed me the result.

"Perfect," I said. "Now cup my breast with your hand and take another one."

"Like this?"

"Yep... okay, now get one with your hand right up my skirt."

"Bloody hell, the way you think..."

I took the phone from him once he'd taken the shot.

"Let me find another one that shows you how I think then," I said, and I was now finding it very difficult to hide my excitement. I love showing off like this to a man, seeing his awestruck face as the pictures I reveal to him confirm that I haven't in any way embellished my story.

Seconds later I handed the phone back.

"Here you go. This one was taken a few years ago, and it's a typical style of image that I'll send to Martin."

The picture I showed Tom is one that has always worked well for me when I've got a captivated listener who now knows that I'm a cuckoldress but who may still be uncertain as to where he stands with me. There's an ever-present danger that a guy that I'm seducing will be overly intimidated by me, especially when I tell him that my husband isn't good enough and can't give me what I need. The video capture shows me as I'm about to suck an older man who is far from physically imposing and who isn't particularly well-endowed either, and this serves to counter any erroneous assumption that I'm highly selective about the sort of guy I'm prepared to accommodate. Furthermore I'm wearing an open-rear skirt which gives a strong subliminal hint that I'm into both spanking and anal penetration.

Maria taunts Martin as she services a friend

The image above considerably distorts my face and expression, but the version Tom saw was the unaltered original and he immediately understood its message, as do many of the men I show it to.

"Oh wow, that's fantastic," he drooled. "What a great picture. You're looking at Martin, right? You're mocking him?"

"Yes, well done, that's exactly it. In many of the pictures I take I'm looking into the camera, and Martin knows I'm speaking to him with my eyes and mouth... taunting him, belittling him."

I didn't mention that on many occasions the aim is to taunt my boyfriend Matt as well.

"Oh Maria, to have pictures like that sent to me... I'd love it - really, I would love it."

Tom's reaction wasn't so different from that of other men who had seen these images, but I was already sensing that in his case I was igniting some deeply suppressed desires.

"Let me show you another then," I said. "Hang on a moment... yeah, here we are... now, this is the sort of picture that I like to get when I'm having a brief exchange with a guy. It can be somewhere private, such as a bedroom at a party, or it can be somewhere more public, such as an underground car park. It might be a guy I've been seeing for some time, or it can be someone I've only just met."

Maria pleasures a friend

"Oh God," Tom moaned, "that's bloody awesome... and are those the boots you nearly wore today?"

"Not that particular pair, but they're pretty similar."

"I know you said you go out in boots that high... but seeing that... imagining you doing that with someone..."

"It really frustrates Martin when I go out in thigh boots because he knows that there's every possibility that I'll end up doing something like that. It can be completely impromptu too - I once wanked a bartender in the storeroom of a hotel bar after talking to him for little more than an hour, and I've also done the same to the owner of a boutique shoe shop in London, again in the stockroom. Both encounters lasted no more than ten minutes, both guys sprayed over my boots, and in the bartender's case I never saw him again. I've got photo evidence of the result though."

"God, you're just amazing!" Tom almost shouted. "Anyone else and I'm sure I'd be thinking 'what a slapper', but coming from you... thinking of YOU doing that... the way you talk, your lovely eyes and smile, your incredible sexiness... Jesus, I want what Martin's got... I want that..."

I've had some very turned on guys in my car before, but Tom was rapidly working his way to the top of the list. Of course this just fed my own prick-teasing excitement, and without any conscious thought I started speaking with the goading tone you've heard me use so effectively in the past.

"Are you sure you want that, my baby? Do you think you could really handle it, hmm? How would you feel if you got a picture like this next one then?"

This is obviously a mock-up montage, but the picture itself is one that has actually been sent to my husband. Years ago I hadn't anticipated the sending of images like this one via phone when I used to fantasise about leading a cuckolding lifestyle, and this is something that has added enormously to the thrill I get from indulging in extramarital sex.
Maria is serviced by a friend

"Oh yeah, I think I could handle that... I'd love to be sent a picture like that... and is he doing to you what I think he's doing?"

"Well, that's the beauty of pictures like this – you can never be quite sure exactly what's happening and it leaves a lot to the imagination. In fact at that moment the guy was working a heavily-lubed black rubber dildo in and out of my backside to make me ready for him."

"Oh God... really? You said earlier that you like being taken in that way, but actually seeing you like that..."

"I love it Tom... I just can't get enough of it. Even before I cuckolded Martin I used to fantasise that one of my business clients would force me over his office desk and fuck me in the arse, and I would regularly wear leather panties with a rear zip at my consultancy meetings with that thought in mind. As I said, Martin has never done that to me, and he knows he never will. That's why I like to send him pictures like this one. It's torture for him to see them, but at the same time it results in him wanking uncontrollably as he imagines what's being done to me. And once again, these encounters can be completely spontaneous - on several occasions I've been anally screwed by a guy I've only just met, and I've actually phoned Martin while the guy's doing me to tell him how much I'm enjoying it."

"That's fantastic, Maria... just fantastic... the thought of that..."

I softened my voice as I steadily masturbated my enthralled passenger and ran the fingers of my other hand through his hair, moving my mouth close to his ear.

"Have you ever done that to your wife, Tom?"

He swallowed hard. "No, I haven't."

"To any woman?"


"Well, maybe one day you'd like me to be like that just for you. I like to be warmed up with a dildo and then I like to be spanked or beaten with a leather belt before I take the cock in me... would you like to do that to me?"

"Oh yes... yes... oh, what sort of woman wants things like that?"

"A woman like me does, Tom. A slut wife wants things like that. And you'll be so turned on by the end of it that you won't be able to stop yourself from ramming your cock aggressively into me. Would you like to do that, baby? Ram-fuck my arse while I've got a ball-gag in my mouth? Make me squeal and scream as you bugger me to climax? And we could call Martin to let him hear how much you're exciting me, couldn't we? Of course it would be even better if Martin was actually there because I could order him to get on his knees and lick my arse to make me nice and wet for you..."

He almost lost it then.

"I just can't take this in!" he cried out. "You're just sensational! Totally unreal! Why am I hearing and seeing all this and thinking that I'd love it if I had a wife who acted like this? I ought to be repulsed, but it's the exact opposite. I'm sitting here wishing I was Martin and not me!"

"So many guys have said that to me, but you need to consider what it would be like to be on the receiving end. I doubt you'd enjoy being the humiliated husband."

"I don't know... if it means I get someone who looks, dresses and thinks like you then maybe it'd be worth it."

I was on a roll and there was no stopping me now. I had already revealed far more about myself than I normally would, but Tom was lapping it up and each new disclosure just seemed to make his prick feel even harder. Outwardly I was still playing it cool, but witnessing his delirium had left me soaking with passion.

"You want a wife who does things like that do you, my darling? One who goes out with her handbag packed for the day's activities... condoms, chains, nipple clamps, a cock ring, a vibrator, a dildo, a butt plug, a black latex cock sheath, lots of lube... oh and other useful accessories like this one... just a sec, let me find the shot, it was taken about fifteen minutes before that last one... yeah, accessories like this..."

Maria wears one of her fellatio gags

"Wow!!" he exclaimed. "God, what a picture... that's just unbelievably horny. And it's actually you and not Martin who buys these things to use? Because you like it?"

"Oh yeah, I'm always searching for kinky gear like that. I've got several fellatio gags, and all of them get regular use. That one is perfect for guys with an average-sized cock. I'd have a problem with yours though, Tom - I don't think it would fit through that opening when you're erect. Still, you could always insert it when you're not hard couldn't you, hmm? Would you like that, baby? Put your cock in there and then let me make you hard as I suck you? But then you wouldn't be able to get it out again would you, hmm? Your prick would be trapped in my mouth until you came... you'd have to fuck my throat before you could get it out again..."

"Oh yeah! Yeah! See what I mean... fantastic!... I want a wife who does that!"

"You want a wife who turns her mouth into a fuck-hole for other men, hmm? Is that what you want, sweetie?"

"Yeah! Yeah, I do!"

"I once took that gag to a New Year's Eve party and later in one of the bedrooms four guys took turns to fuck my mouth while I was wearing it. You want a wife who does that, do you Tom? A cock-sucking whore who comes home with her bra and panties soaked in other men's cum... you really want that, baby?"

"Oh yeah, I do, I do! ... I want that... I want that..."

"...with so much cum inside her that it's dripping from her panties on to her legs, leaving long white streaks down her black stockings? That's what Martin saw when I came home once. You want that do you, hmm?"

"Yeah... please, yeah..."

"...and I've also got a gag at home that has a stainless steel funnel attached. I like to wear that one when I've got more than one guy with me and Martin is present. He has to helplessly watch as the men all wank into the shiny collection cup and fill me up."

Tom flung his head back.

"Oh, yes, that's brilliant... you're amazing, just amazing. I'd love to see you doing that, and I'd love to see you banged by several men at once as well. I'd pay them to do it."

I started masturbating him more vigorously.

"Ooh, that thought really does it for you, doesn't it?" I goaded. "I don't normally reveal too much about those sorts of games, but I could tell it was a big turn on for you. One of my greatest fantasies is to be gang-banged by thirty or forty men in succession - are you sure you'd want to pay for that many, Tom?"

"Yeah, I would, definitely... it'd be the best money I've ever spent."

"Maybe you'd like to see a picture that shows how I'd like to be taken by all those guys, hmm? Let me find it... here we was taken with a rubbish camera in crappy lighting just a few months after I'd first cuckolded Martin, but it shows exactly what I'd like all the guys to do to me at my special gang-bang party."

Maria is aggressively fucked in bondage

[The video capture I showed Tom is taken from one of the sequences Matt and I filmed back in 2006 when my boyfriend stayed at my home for a week (see 'Lights... Camera... Action!'). It might have been a candidate for the set of special framed enlargements that I gave to Martin on our tenth wedding anniversary had it not been so similar to the much higher quality one I selected from the bondage scene we filmed on the first day in bright daylight. It's not a shot that I would normally show to a guy so early, but I carry this distorted image on my phone because it's the perfect advert for the fact that I like to be aggressively fucked while I'm in bondage, and a number of men have now screwed me in this manner, particularly outside in the garden at my home.

When I'm in a position like this my preference is to be taken anally with a vibrating stimulator strapped to my pussy, but as you know this is something that I have never allowed Matt to do to me. As a consequence, one of the scenes I was eager to shoot on the Sunday of the weekend in 2007 when I had two men at my home for the first time was a recreation of this one, even down to the outfit I wore. It was consciously designed to provoke my boyfriend (although I chickened out from showing it to him for quite some time) because he had not been prepared to have sex with me with Martin present and I wanted to show him what he was now missing. In the replicated scenario Alison's ex-boyfriend Chris is fucking my arse while my new lover Nick is force-feeding me his beautiful prick, and at the same time Martin is on the floor in front of me with his head bent right back as he eats my pussy (a similar submissive position to the one you saw in the 'Whip Sister' post), with the bonus that I was regularly able to view Martin's substandard little dick beneath me as Nick's superb eight-inch rod ravaged my mouth. It still hurts my boyfriend to see this scene because he knows that the orgasm I experienced when I was with my cuckold and two lovers was even more intense and lasted considerably longer than the one he had given me the year before.

My forty-man gang-bang fantasy is just that - a pure fantasy, and there isn't any prospect whatsoever of it ever becoming reality. However that doesn't stop me regularly dreaming about it, or attempting to depict such an event on video. A couple of years ago I managed to arrange for seven men to come to my home one weekend to fuck me like this in bondage, although sadly they weren't all present at the same time (quite frankly I don't think I could have handled that many in one session anyway because being in that position in a single-arm bondage glove with my arms pulled up so high becomes excruciatingly painful after a while). However in the edited video it really does look as though the guys are taking me one after the other, with the only problem being that there just aren't enough of them to realistically portray the relentless drilling that I've always dreamed of. In my fantasy Martin is made to lie on a raised bench with his head right between my legs so that he's forced to witness the big cocks pounding and stretching my prick-loving slut cunt, and he'll have either my funnel gag or some other special collection device strapped to his face to catch all of the cum as it drips out of me in long threads. Alison and I did subject my husband to this very humiliation, but sensationally depraved though it unquestionably looks on video, both of us felt let down by the relative paucity of full ejaculations. Still, I like to think that Martin's mother would be impressed if she saw it.]

"Incredible," he sighed. "Just incredible. And Martin can even receive a picture like that one while he's at work?"

"Yup," I confirmed, "although these days I don't send him nearly as many pictures as I used to. Instead I write up a diary virtually every day on my laptop and I insert the pictures and any video clips there. Most evenings Martin just sits at his computer and wanks himself stupid as he learns about my latest exploits and re-reads the old entries. Often he won't know beforehand who I might be seeing or what I'll be wearing, so unless I've called him during the day it's all a surprise for him when he gets home."

"Wow, that must be awesome for him! Even though I'd probably be extremely jealous, I think it'd be a fantastic turn-on for me. Just amazing... sitting at work thinking of you going out dressed like you are now... knowing that you could be with someone..."

If you can appreciate how thrilling it is for me to make these revelations to a spellbound listener then you'll understand why I still have such a strong desire in me to make new conquests despite having more male friends than I could possibly ever need. Tom didn't seem to be fazed by anything I was revealing, and indeed each new disclosure seemed to be driving his lust to ever greater heights. Normally I avoided showing such explicit imagery to a guy so soon, but I was so turned on by the reaction I was getting that I simply threw caution to the winds. And any notion that my extramarital liaisons were mainly in the past had already flown out of the window.

"Let me show you some very recent shots," I said, turning the screen away from him. "You think what I'm wearing now is hot, but how would you feel about going out with me in public if I were dressed like this?"

Maria wears a leather miniskirt and opera gloves while role playing

"Oh yeah... fucking hell, yeah!" he burst out. "I see what you mean about the short leather skirts... and as for the gloves...they're super-sexy. You're not telling me that you really went out of the house like that though?"

"I most certainly did," I said confidently. "The shoes were different, but I went out for a lunchtime drink in that gear to a bar in London just a month ago, and the guy who took me is in his late fifties. I first met him when his son tried to impress me by showing me his father's penthouse apartment overlooking the Thames. Well, daddy was rather taken with me that day, and when we were briefly alone I gave him my phone number. A couple of weeks later I was speaking to his son on the phone, and unbeknown to poor junior I had his father's prick inside me while I was talking."

"Ah yeah, that's just fantastic," he moaned as he put his head back and closed his eyes. "Bloody fantastic... and I'm just imagining what you looked like walking around dressed like that."

Tom looked ready to release at any moment and I eased off with my hand masturbation. I didn't want him to ejaculate until I had his prick in my mouth, but I certainly wasn't going to stop surprising him.

"Let me show you a couple of captures that were taken about fifteen minutes later, the first from a mounted video camera, and the second by the guy holding the camera himself."

I flicked my finger across the phone's screen.

Maria's companion modifies her leather miniskirt

Maria proudly shows the results of her handiwork

This time Tom was momentarily lost for words and he just stared at the screen. I didn't interrupt his focus and remained completely silent as I carried on gently massaging him. When he did eventually speak his voice was quite soft and it wasn't clear whether he was talking to me or just absently thinking out loud.

"So Martin gets home and there are pictures like this waiting for him..."

"Yes, and there'll usually be a written account of what I did," I reminded him. "I'm now very experienced at this and I know how to describe events in a highly stimulating way. I'll have to let you read a couple of my journal entries sometime... I think you'd find them exciting. Actually, I think you'd really enjoy the write-up I did for that particular day."

[The three pictures I showed Tom were captured during a session I had with a guy I first met at one of my hostess nights in London. He's a solicitor by profession, and a couple of times each year I act out the same fantasy with him which we now video, although the camera is always on me. After seeing me several times in my hot outfits at Gerald's, I had dinner with this man one evening and he revealed to me that he had always dreamed of having a sexy, well-spoken female client in his office who poses alluringly in front of him in her short skirt and stockings, and who eventually ends up both sucking and hand wanking him.

I was only too happy to bring his fantasy to life because this is just the sort of role play that I excel at, and although our first attempt wasn't that successful (mainly due to his inability to stay in character at all times, something that's very important to me in such sessions), things quickly improved and these days I like to think that we act things out highly convincingly, even though the scenario is completely over-the-top. We work around the same theme each time, although I'll always introduce something novel to excite my partner, and my outfit will be different too.

I play the wife of an extremely wealthy man who is considerably older than me and who I now intend to divorce. I'm seeking to establish whether a contract he signed years ago to help satisfy his hotwife fantasies has any legal standing. In it my husband agrees to pay me whenever I have sex with another guy, and in the past he has always complied fully with the terms. Naturally I'm questioned exhaustively by the solicitor on the various clauses in the document, particularly with regard to the bonus system that rewards me for performing particular sexual acts outside my marriage. There's also the question of how I will provide proof of my actions once I'm divorced, which results in me showing my legal adviser a number of video clips on my pad for his assessment.

As for the fees for the ninety-minute consultation and any subsequent legal advice on the matter... well, it would be silly not to get my rich husband to pick up the costs for that, wouldn't it?]

"Oh, I'd love to come home and have something like that to look at every night," Tom groaned. "I tell you, I'd give anything – absolutely anything – to have a wife like you."

"Well, you'd pay a very high price if you were married to someone like me," I warned. "For one thing that skirt might be waiting for you when you arrived home, in much the same state as you see it there. Martin has to clean and polish it, and if the mood takes me I might make him lick up the cum and swallow it."

"Oh God... you actually make him do that? Really?!"

"Oh yeah," I said casually as if it were nothing, even though witnessing Martin perform such a task still thrills me to this day. "Think you could deal with that, Tom?"

"No, I'm not sure I could," he admitted. "Mind you, it's an exciting thought - the thought of YOU making someone do that."

"And if he displeases me he gets punished, remember. Actually, while we're on the subject I've got a few video captures here that I brought especially for you to see."

I started scrolling the screen again.

"When I met you last year it was a complete coincidence. I was only going to be in the office reception briefly and it was just sheer luck that you came downstairs when I was there. I was very annoyed with Martin about that because he knew full well that I'd be interested in you. This is something I want you to understand Tom – my cuckold husband doesn't just have to put up with me seeing other men but he's expected to introduce them to me as well. In your case Martin neglected to do that, and for that I punished him. These pictures were taken on the Sunday after you visited and I wanted you to see Martin being made to pay for not telling me about you. Here, have a look."

Tom's eyes suddenly widened and the surprise was written all over his face.

"Oh, and I thought I'd seen everything. I mean, I've seen femdom stuff before but this is an actual woman who does it in everyday life, right? And you look absolutely awesome Maria... I love those boots of yours... and is that a latex dress you're wearing?"

"Yes, it's latex but it's actually a separate skirt, top and bra."

I scrolled so he could see some other captures from the same session.

"If Martin gets to see you like that then maybe it's worth the pain," he said without humour, his eyes riveted to the small display.

"Well, you might think so, but that riding crop is very fierce. It's my favourite whip and I didn't hold back that day. We're not talking about playacting here Tom, with strikes that are pulled at the last moment, which is what a submissive husband will normally get from his wife - and that's if she's actually prepared to go that far. You're looking at a REAL whipping, and it took about three weeks for the bruising to fully disappear. These captures were taken right at the beginning, so you'll just have to imagine what his backside looked like at the end."

Maria punishes Martin for displeasing her

"Unbelievable. And you say you get off on it? You can actually..."

"Oh God, yes. You can't see it in the pictures but I'm wearing dildo panties which have two internal vibrating rubber cocks, and it was only a matter of time before I came. The noise alone does it for me, but seeing the angry stripes as well... Even after I climaxed though I kept on whipping him, and eventually I came for a second time when I fucked him in the ass with a strapon cock."

"Jesus, Maria! I don't know why but that makes you seem incredibly desirable. It's a real turn-on to think that you do things like that and get a kick out of it."

"Don't worry, most men I know feel exactly the same."

"Have you ever whipped anyone other than Martin?"

"Oh yes, I've whipped and humiliated a number of men, and I've even punished more than one guy at the same time."

"Oh wow, you just keep coming up with these sensational disclosures, don't you? So, do you ever use those long whips... you know, like a bullwhip?"

"No, I don't - I don't trust myself with them. I do own a bullwhip and I've also got a snake whip which is absolutely beautiful... a real work of art... just looking at it gives me the shivers. I've used both of them at home before, but only because I wanted some video of me punishing a man outside in the daylight with whips like those. I couldn't use them on an everyday basis because I could severely injure a guy – I get so excited when I whip a man that I can occasionally lose control and with something like a riding crop that's not the end of the world, but with a bullwhip... In any case you need a fair amount of room to use one properly – for whipping that is. I've found a very good alternative use for the handle of my snake whip, which is why I sometimes take it to bed with me."

Tom was shaking his head with incredulity yet again.

"I'm sorry, I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record, but this is just unbelievable. No kidding, this is the most sensational day of my life ever. I can't think of anything that compares. You're stunning to look at and stunning to listen to... I'm just bowled over by you. If I wanted to create the perfect sex robot I'd base it on you."

I laughed at the thought of this.

"Hmm, maybe I should patent myself then. A Robo Slut... or maybe a Stepford Slut?"

That had us both laughing.

"Yeah, I like that," Tom said. "God, how much would I pay for one of those..."

"Well, you don't have to pay me anything, my baby, and after saying all those nice things about me I'm going to give you a special treat with my mouth in a moment, but first I'm going to call Martin to let him know that I'm going to be delayed, okay? Let me tell you what I'm going to say and what I'd like you to do..."

Five minutes later I tapped Martin's number and put the phone to my ear.

"Oh hi darling, are you free for a moment?... okay, good... look, I'm going to be back later than expected. I'm giving Tom some of my special customer care... yeah, that's right... I think you'll find he's very happy with how I've been handling him."


"Yes, if you could please... I should arrive there just after seven, so make sure everyone's gone."


"Right now? Well, at the moment I'm parked at my favourite spot near Sadlington and I'm standing by the open passenger door with my arms resting on the roof of the car. Tom has got his right hand up my skirt and he's just finished playing with my suspenders and he's now unzipping my panties, and his other hand is rubbing all over my leather skirt - he can't keep his hands off it baby, he loves it."


"Oh yeah, of course I have. I've shown him a number of pictures too, so don't worry, he knows you're a little-dicked loser who can't keep it up for long. Oh, and speaking of which, his prick's fantastic, baby... about Chris-size... the perfect cock for anal, right on the limit of what I'll take..."


"Yes, he is, and of course he's also taller than you and he's miles better looking than you, so you can just imagine what I'm thinking right now as I picture you in my head. You should... oh God, that's perfect Tom... yeah, just there... perfect... oh wow... yes... yes..."


"You know I will, so set the cameras up in the lounge. I told you I didn't think you'd paid enough for your negligence, and I'm even more certain of that now. Oh and by the way, you're going to have your work cut out restoring my panties - they're already very wet, so think what they'll be like after I've been sucking on that gorgeous dick for a few minutes."


"No, not yet, but I'm just about to do that now which is why I've got out of the car. Tom darling, just turn your body round...yes, that's it, leg out of the car... oh God, your prick looks FANTASTIC... yeah, hold it tightly like that at the base... oh wow, I've just got to give it a few kisses before I put the sheath on it... hmm... hmm... oh yeah... hmm... hmm... say hello to Martin, Tom..."

"Afternoon Martin. Your wife is just... sensational. Beyond words..."

"Anyway, time to go, baby. I won't be able to talk with this in my throat, so I'll tell you all about it later. Don't play with yourself too much."

Once I'd killed the call I gave Tom a long kiss.

"Thank you," I said afterwards, "you were brilliant. You've understood everything I've said."

"It was exciting. Very exciting."

"If you think that was exciting then imagine what it's like for Martin – and me – when I'm actually being fucked by someone when I'm talking to him on the phone."

I was prepared for an adverse reaction from Tom after I had sucked him to climax. There have been instances in the past where a guy has suddenly seen me in a different light once his passion has subsided, particularly if he knows that I've been with a large number of men. Furthermore married men can be especially susceptible to feelings of guilt and shame after release and it can take a while for this to surface. As we resumed the journey I tried to distract Tom with small talk but he was quite subdued and his responses suggested he wasn't really listening to me. I began to fear that he was experiencing regret, but within twenty minutes it became clear that contrition over his infidelity was the last thing on his mind.

"I still can't believe what you told me earlier," he said out of the blue. "I can't get it out of my mind."

"What, the whole thing or something in particular?"

"What you said about being with three men – in front of Martin. And then one of them beating him with a belt while you were being... while the other two enjoyed you at the same time. It's also what you then said... about your reaction to hearing the sound and later watching him being struck... what it did to you."

I wouldn't normally have recounted this episode to a man so early, but Tom had shown particular arousal when I first indicated that I had enjoyed group games, and this had led to a stream of questions from him.

"Do you think less of me now because of that?" I asked cautiously.

"Oh God no, I love the thought of it. Of YOU being like that. It's such a turn on. I'm getting hard again just thinking about it."

Wonderful! I thought. I could easily have shouted it out.

"Would you like me to tell you about some other things I've done like that?"

"Oh yes please... yes, I'd very much like that."

"Well, why don't you unzip yourself and put your coat over your lap while you listen to me talk? I like it when a man does that while I drive. I'll stop again in a while and take over from you."

The location of our second stop was even more secluded than the lay-by, and as soon as I'd turned the engine off I started to remove my white shirt.

"You look fantastic in that bra," Tom enthused as I pulled the garment from my shoulders. "You've turned me into a latex fan in less than an hour. I became a leather fan yesterday, by the way."

"That's good to hear, because I'm about to pleasure you with these," I responded as I reached behind me and picked up my business case from the back seat. When I opened it I took out the pair of black leather opera gloves that Tom had seen me wearing in the picture earlier and laid them on my lap.

"Before I put them on however I just want to make sure I'm being properly comforted," I said casually.

Tom looked confused as he watched me remove both my wedding and eternity rings from my finger, and his eyes suddenly widened in amazement as I pulled a six-inch black rubber dildo from the case and then reached into the door pocket beside me to retrieve the condom he had filled when he ejaculated inside my mouth. I had deliberately knotted this lightly and it only took seconds to untie it again.

"No... no... oh God, I don't believe this," he moaned. "If you're going to do what I think you're going to do..."

I had wanted to do this earlier, but I couldn't be sure how Tom would react after his ejaculation. By now though I had a much better idea of the sort of man I was dealing with.

I dropped the rings into the loaded sheath and worked them all the way down to the teat. Then I handed him my phone as I dangled the condom between my thumb and forefinger.

"Take a picture of it for me, will you?" I asked. "Make sure you get the rings."

Tom took a couple of shots and as soon as he was done I rolled up the condom and started coaxing it on to the dildo.

"This is a different world of sex," Tom groaned. "Everything else is going to seem mundane to me after this."

I made no comment, and once I had fully smoothed the sheath on to the cock I lifted myself out of my seat and reached underneath me to partially undo the rear zipper on my skirt so I could hitch it up higher.

"Okay, do you know how to set my phone to record video?" I asked him as I began to work the leather gloves on to my arms.

Tom nodded and his finger moved across the screen.

"Any chance I can have a copy of the result?" he asked tentatively.

"Sorry Tom, I'm afraid I don't let anyone have video of me, only pictures."

Tom videoed me for around three minutes as I first licked and sucked on the cum-soaked rings held inside the sheath before I slowly inserted the head of the phallus into my pussy and started working it in and out of me. For the third of those minutes I fucked myself vigorously with the dong, giving plenty of audible feedback too. Finally I pushed the cock fully inside me and zipped up my panties to hold it in place.

"Do you understand the symbolism behind what I've just done?" I asked my mesmerised companion.

"Yes I do," he said as he handed back the phone. "That's just fantastic Maria. I'm really getting this cuckoldry thing now – I can see the eroticism."

"Later I'm going to stop at a service station to fill up the car, and you're going to watch me walk into the shop when I pay, knowing that I've got this rubber cock inside me. Just think about that, Tom... knowing that the rings are inside me, soaked in your cum, and that I'm being pussy-wanked while I walk."

"Oh God, Maria, oh yes..."

I began stroking my gloved fingers across his face and I moved my head closer to his ear, lowering my voice as I shared yet more secrets with him.

"I went to a dinner party earlier this year with a dildo inside me just like this, and the sheath had been filled by the hostess's husband earlier that day. And when I visit my own or Martin's parents I'll sometimes have two rubber cocks inside me, with the condoms filled by different guys."

"Oh yeah, I love that... oh God... can you tell me some more of what you do like that, please? Seriously, I won't be offended and it just makes me wish more and more that I was married to someone like you."

"Alright, but as I'm telling you I want you to kiss and lick my gloves, okay? Just work your way slowly up each arm. Being masturbated by these gloves is a special privilege Tom, and any man who gets this treat from me has to pay homage to them first."

This shot was taken by Tom that day while I was actually driving. I'm massaging the rubber cock I have inside me, but the torment for Martin when he sees a picture like this isn't necessarily the physical act I'm indulging in – it's the fact that another man is with me when I'm wearing so much leather.
Maria pleasures herself while driving

This is the picture that prompted Tom's second ejaculation of the day when I was masturbating him with my leather opera gloves. After my visit to the car showrooms with Gerald in 2011 I started to carry a chain in my handbag which has several uses, one of which is to pull open my zipped panties to give a man better access to me, a kinky touch that really does it for guys. Tom went wild when I showed him the chain and explained its purpose, and he climaxed within seconds when he set eyes on the image above.
Maria's chained open panties

As I knew they would be, the gates were locked at Martin's office when we finally arrived back, and there were no lights on in the building. Once I had got us into the car park I drove up beside Tom's car and cut the engine, making it clear that I wasn't in any hurry to depart.

My passenger looked quite emotional.

"I can't believe what's happened today and I'm probably going to feel really bad about it tomorrow," he said passionately, "but I know I'll want to see you again. And I won't want to wait a year."

"I'd very much like to see you too Tom, but one thing I'd like to be clear about is that this is a casual thing for me, okay? I fancy you to bits, really I do, but please don't ever get the idea that this is anything more than just sex for me. If I ever begin to believe that you're thinking along more serious lines then I won't meet you, is that understood?"

"Yes, I understand. I simply want to be with you some more – it's magical just listening to you talk, never mind the rest."

"Thank you. Okay, well I'm going to tell you something now that I want you to think about, and I mean think about for several weeks. I want it to be clear in your mind what I'm suggesting before you make any decision.

"A few years ago I used to ferry some of Martin's customers to and from the airport when they were over here and I used to deliberately tease them by driving in the sort of outfit I was wearing yesterday. With a few of them – and I mean very few – things went further and I got a big kick from that because it was desperately humiliating for Martin to have to deal with a customer who had screwed his wife. Eventually though I got sick and tired of going to hotel rooms. I hate them with a passion and I won't go to them any more unless there's a very good reason.

"So I killed that game, and you're the first of Martin's customers that I've taken an interest in for a long time. However one of the original guys still sees me. He lives abroad, and when he makes his annual visit to see Martin he stays at our house - for two nights. On the second day that he's here he stays at home with me and we play games together while Martin's at work. All day... we play ALL DAY."

"Good grief," Tom let out. He had already muttered 'wow' more than once.

"Now, I'm not going to tell you the sorts of things we do together, but what I will say is that this guy gets to enjoy me in ways you wouldn't believe while I'm dressed up in outfits that you wouldn't believe. And I love it Tom, I absolutely love it, and I'm always hot for more. If there were more hours in the day then we'd fill them. We just don't stop. Given a choice, that's what I'd like to do with you, but the one condition I impose for this – and I'll almost guarantee that in the end you'll see it as a huge bonus – is that you have sex with me in front of Martin."

"Oh wow, Maria. Jesus."

"There's no halfway house on this. You won't have to jump in the deep end, but even on the first night Martin will be made to watch and masturbate while we kiss together and you fondle me. Later we'll make love in my bedroom while Martin is in his own bedroom across the hallway, and although it will be sensuous and romantic to start with, it won't be in the end. In my mind I like to imagine I've been Martin's wife for ten years and during all that time I've only experienced his miserable little prick; I've never known any better. Then you come along and give me what I really need – a good, hard fucking. You'll fuck me harder and for longer than you've ever fucked a woman before because I'll be loving it, and I'll be letting Martin know just how much I'm loving it."

"Oh God, the way you use words..."

"Well, that's why I want you to go away and think about it. You need to make a decision in the cold light of day when I'm not around to excite you."

"Yeah, I understand. My immediate reaction would be yes, yes, yes, but I think I might find it hard to... you know..."

"Well, if you decide you don't want to do that then I can just take you out for a ride like I did today."

"The trouble is you've put that thought in my mind. All day with you. And also I'd like to... erm... I'd like to...."

"You'd like to fuck me?"

"Yes, I would."

"And in particular you want to fuck my arse, don't you?"

"Absolutely... oh, just the thought of it..."

"Okay, and I want you to do that, but just think it through carefully. If you do decide to stay then for your first visit I can organise most of what we do – and I think you'd like the surprise and anticipation of that. You'll also get to view some of the special videos I've made, and believe me, they're well worth seeing. Then if you visit a second time you can call the shots. Just think for a moment what it's like for the guy who already stays – he has a full twelve months to think about what he wants to do with me. He browses the web every week looking for clothing he wants me to wear and equipment he wants us to use, and he searches for pictures and videos that excite him. He'll then pass on the links to me so that I'll know the sorts of things he wants and what I need to buy. If I don't like the idea of something I just say no, but that's very rare – he knows my boundaries, and they're extremely wide. You'll get to know them too."

"You're doing a great selling job," he laughed. "I think I'm hooked."

Neither of us said anything for a moment and the smile on his face gradually faded.

"I suppose I'd better go," he eventually sighed. "It's going to be very difficult when I get home... you know, after being with someone like you. Laura isn't like you at all."

"I know, but try not to show it and don't let yourself get down about it. Think of me as a special treat, one that only a few men get to enjoy."

"Okay, I'll try," he nodded, "but I can't begin to explain how envious I am of Martin. When I first met you I said he was lucky. Now I think he drew the one-in-a-billion lottery ticket."

"You've only seen one side of it," I cautioned. "It may seem idyllic, but it's not really possible for you to conceive what it's like for him. He never gets to do what you've just done - to touch me in that way - and it's very painful for him to know that other men are doing it. Yeah, he gets off on it, but when I leave the house dressed like this I can see the frustration and longing in his eyes."

"Well, at least it makes him want you desperately. I wish I could feel that about Laura."

We hadn't discussed Tom's marriage much, although this wasn't because he was reticent. From what I could gather the two of them outwardly had what most people would regard as a settled and happy relationship, but although there was no particular marital stress, they were steadily drifting apart. Tom had been consumed by his business interests for many years and had missed much of the everyday family life at home, leaving Laura to carve out a social life apart from her husband. As far as sex was concerned they would become intimate now and again, especially after a few drinks, but things tended to soon fizzle out and Tom admitted that he had become selfish, climaxing quickly and then rapidly losing interest, leaving his wife to bring herself to orgasm alone (if she even bothered). He got as much enjoyment from masturbating in the shower, he told me, and he rather suspected that his wife was happy that he did so. This is a story that I have heard so many times that I now tend to switch off when I'm listening to it, but nevertheless it's always welcome news. It means that I become the guy's wank doll and his wife is no longer in the frame.

"Do you want me to do you again before you leave?" I asked him casually.

"Would you? Oh yes... oh thank you."

I unzipped him and took out his prick.

Good boy! Nice and hard again. Oh please, please, please come and stay with me.

I got him to unbuckle his belt.

"Lift yourself up and pull your trousers down," I told him. "And your shorts too."

As he was doing this I rose off my own seat, reached underneath myself and fully unzipped my skirt this time. Moments later I was sitting there holding it in front of me.

"Beautiful," Tom enthused as he stared at me in my glossy underwear. "Absolutely beautiful."

"This is nothing," I bragged.

I pressed the shiny side of the skirt against his cock and balls and began massaging with both hands.

"Seeing as you like my leather skirt so much we may as well wank you with it, hmm? So, let me tell you what's going to happen later. When I get home I'm going to have a domination session with Martin which I'm going to video. After being with a really good-looking guy like you, seeing my husband again always makes me want to punish him, and I also blame him for it being nearly a decade after we got married before I first had another man's prick inside me - it should have been years sooner. So I'm going to spank Martin harshly, then I'm going to beat his backside with a paddle, and then I'm going to whip him."

"Oh wow," Tom groaned yet again.

"Now, you may have noticed that the dildo I have inside me has a hole in the base of it. That's so it can be attached to a strapon harness, and at eight-thirty tonight I'm going to be wearing that harness and I'm going to order Martin to kiss, lick and suck on my rubber cock while I tell him how much better you are than him. The sheath with the rings will still be on it, okay? The sheath that YOU filled today will be in my husband's mouth."

"Oh my God, your mind is INCREDIBLE!" he shouted.

"Well, at exactly eight-thirty I'm going to call you to let you hear me talking to Martin as I humiliate him in this way, so you might want to think about stopping around that time so you can fully concentrate on what you're listening to. It'll only be for about five minutes. I think you've got a pretty good idea of what else I'm going to be doing with my strapon, but I'm not going to let you hear that part, or the whipping either. That's something you're only going to witness if you come and stay with me one day, okay?"

"Okay, yeah, and thank you," he said breathlessly. "Don't stop what you're doing and talk to me for a little while longer, but now that you've told me that, don't make me come, Maria, please don't make me come. Let me wait until you call..."

A month later Tom phoned to let me know that he wanted to stay with me, and he was very disappointed when I said that he could visit the following summer, a wait of nearly eight months. He tried to persuade me to make it sooner but I was adamant.

"Keep looking at the pictures and imagine the things you might be doing with me when you're here," I tormented.

Now as I walked through the kitchen with the summer light fading outside, Tom's long wait was finally over and he was about to start releasing some of that pent up frustration.

I stepped out on to the patio and for the umpteenth time that night both men heard my heels clicking on the paving stones, although this time the shoes were red. Tom was just raising his whisky glass to his mouth when he saw me, and his arm suddenly froze.

"Bloody hell, Martin," he blurted.

Figure hugging though it may have been, the PVC skirt I had worn earlier couldn't compare with the tight red latex miniskirt I was now zipped into. Also I could feel the tautness of the suspender straps holding up my black stockings as they stretched to their limit when I made each long, sexy stride. I was still wearing the dildo harness, but I had briefly taken it off so I could put on a buckled black latex corset and a pair of open crotch latex panties. I had removed the white top, and the open cup bra I had worn earlier had been replaced by a full cup red leather one, with my breasts spilling over of the top of it due to its extremely tight fit. I was wearing a buckled collar too which had the word 'SLUT' written on it, and around my ankle was a silver chain with small charm letters dangling from it. Closer inspection would reveal that the letters spelled out the phrase 'FUCK ME'.

I was carrying a number of items too: my camera, a dog collar and chain, a penis gag, a studded leather paddle, and a pair of long black leather gloves. I dropped all of these on to the patio table when I reached it.

"What do you think?" I asked Tom with a smile.

He was shaking his head again.

"I really don't know what to say... just fantastic."

I walked behind Martin and started to massage his shoulders.

"This particular outfit brings back fond memories for Martin, isn't that right darling? Tell Tom why it's so special."

There was a pause as my husband took a sip of his whisky.

"Alison," he eventually said.

"Yes, Alison... but that's not much of an explanation is it?" I scolded affectionately. "Alison is my best friend, Tom, I've known her since my schooldays, and as time has gone on we've become very close, very close indeed. This is the outfit I wore when she came here one night and dressed up with me so we could play some games together for the first time. And when you came home later you had to kneel and lick her boots didn't you, baby?"


"And then she humiliated you didn't she? That was so unexpected, wasn't it?... I wish I'd thought of it. Are you going to tell Tom what she made you do?"

"I'd rather not."

"Well, I'll probably tell him later. I'm hoping you're going to meet her one day Tom. Do you think Tom would like Alison, darling?"

"Oh definitely."

"And do you think Alison would like Tom?"

"Yes, I do."

"I agree. Ali's tastes are very similar to mine aren't they? And since Tom is so good looking in my eyes I'm sure she'd feel the same. He'd turn her on just like he turns me on. What a shame you can't do that to either of us. Never mind though – when there are men like Tom around, Alison and I can get what we need, and we do need an awful lot don't we?"

Martin didn't respond to this and I bent over towards the table to pick up the penis gag.

"Okay, well I think I've had enough of you hogging the conversation all night and I want to have a little one-to-one chat with Tom, so I'm going to put this on you for a while. I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyway... that's it, open your mouth... that's right... there we go, let me just buckle it up. He really likes this Tom, but I've got to say that it's always slightly worried me having a husband who likes to suck on a rubber penis. That seems more than a little odd to me..."

I picked up the collar and chain and fastened it around Martin's neck.

"Can you just take a couple of pictures of me posing with my doggy Tom?" I asked as I picked up the camera and passed it to him. "I like to have reminders of special evenings like this."

There was a flash as Tom took a picture. Then he took another.

"Can I just get a couple of you on your own?" he asked. "Standing over there by the wall maybe?"

"Of course you can," I told him.


"Just turn to the left a little... yeah, that's it. Perfect."


"And turn all the way round, facing away from me... oh wow, yes that's it... unbelievable."


"And finally, let me get a close up of that chain around your ankle. Yeah, just stay like that. God, that's horny Maria."

"I'm planning on wearing it at a party in London in December and I'll be there without Martin. Think it'll get me noticed?"

"I think it might get you a lot more than just noticed."

Brilliant Tom, you're doing brilliantly. Why on earth did I doubt you? Talk about rising to the occasion...

I took the camera from him and put it back on the table close to Martin. When I returned I pushed Tom's knees to one side and sat down on his lap, draping my right arm around his neck and resting my left hand on his chest. I could instantly feel his hardness pressing against me and I knew I'd have to be careful not to rub myself against him too vigorously in case I inadvertently caused him to ejaculate. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

I bent my head down to his, looking at him so that he could see the desire in my eyes, and then slowly closed them as our lips brushed together. "I want you inside me," I said before our mouths met fully, and it wasn't long before I was exploring Tom's tongue with my own. What a great kisser, I thought. Just like in the car. Where did you learn to do that, baby... not with frumpy Laura surely? His left hand was around my waist and his right was already probing my clothing, feeling the smoothness of my leather bra and rubber skirt and using his fingers to map out what I had on underneath.

We must have kissed for two full minutes without a break, and what a sight that must have been for Martin. I simply can't convey in words what it does to my husband when he sees me giving myself like this to someone else. There is very little that can match the pure eroticism of a full mouth kiss between a man and a woman, particularly when both of them are lost in lust. And as I have tried to articulate so many times in the past, the thought of the simultaneous pain and excitement that that my spouse is experiencing as he watches me have tongue-sex with my lover makes me wet for cock.

I showed the left illustration in my 'Journey's End' post, and the right picture is another long-standing favourite of mine. Before I cuckolded Martin I used to frequently look at these images and I would pleasure myself as I dreamed of passionately kissing a physically attractive man in front of Martin. Nowadays I no longer I have to imagine it, and this is what I like my husband to witness virtually every day of his life, either in the flesh or via pictures in my journal.
Maria's favourite kissing pictures

It's not difficult to see the influence of the drawings above on the images in my offline diary. This one was taken in 2011, and at one of my London parties I'll spend much of the evening kissing and massaging guests like this. If you attended one then I might be doing this to you within half an hour of us being introduced, and later you might well be in a private room putting more than just your lips to my mouth.
Maria kisses a man as she massages him

Again, this is something you would openly see at one of my London soirιes. I'll walk around with a vaginal dildo inside me and when I sit on a man's lap I like him to gently massage the base of the rubber cock while he kisses me. As I continue to gain trust in London more and more pictures like this one are appearing in my journal.
Maria kisses a man while he fondles her

"You're amazing," he moaned when he came up for air.

He ran his fingers along the front strap of my harness, which was now protruding through the stretched rubber.

"What's all this then?" he asked.

"Just a bit of bondage," I told him. "I like to be tightly strapped up. You'll find that out tomorrow."

"The stuff you've got..." he groaned. "And you say you've got wardrobes full of it..."

"It'll take you several visits to see even half of it."

"I like this as well," he said as he ran his fingers along my collar. "You used that word a lot last year and in your emails. You like that don't you? The idea of being a slut?"

"I am a slut."

"It's usually associated with being cheap though. You're hardly like that are you?"

"I'm a slut wife Tom. Just because I'm intelligent, educated and speak well doesn't change that. I'm a cumslut, and I love being a cumslut."

"And yet for some reason you make that sound so incredibly sexy and not in any way off-putting. Why is it that the more I learn about what you get up to, the more certain I am that I want to have a wife like you?"

"I really don't know, but if it's any consolation most men who know me end up feeling exactly the same way."

We kissed again and Tom began to work on my breasts, cupping them in his hand and then squeezing them. After a while he pulled both bra straps off my shoulders so they were hanging loosely on my arms. Then he pulled the cups down and began to tease my nipples.

"I could see these through your top earlier," he said as he grasped one of the rings between his thumb and forefinger. "That was a fantastic turn on, not just because I'd never seen a woman's nipples as erect as that before but also because of what it says about someone who does that. I mean, you do that yourself, right? Martin doesn't have to ask?"

I reached down with my hand and pressed my palm against the rock hard bulge in his trousers, rubbing steadily back and forth as I gave my reply. This is a subject that I know really does it for guys, especially when they're married.

"Martin gets absolutely no say whatsoever in what I wear or what I do any more. I've told you what happened - years ago he would tell me what he wanted me to put on and I did it to please him. In the end though I began to realise that he hated having to ask, just HATED it. He wanted a wife who dressed up like that without any prompting; she did it for herself, not for her husband. So I tried to become that wife, and as it turned out I did genuinely fall in love with wearing stuff like this. In the end the motivation wasn't anything to do with making Martin happy though. No, it was the reaction I was getting from men that did it. I was making cocks hard; I knew that men who met me were later wanking themselves sore as they pictured me and imagined doing things to me. Putting on the clothing made me think of cock; it made me WANT cock. And I loved those thoughts, so I wore the gear more and more, even in bed."

"Oh wow," he moaned as he put his mouth to one of my teats and began to lick it.

I turned to look at Martin, giving him a disdainful stare.

"You made me want cock," I said to him. "You made me want it all the time, lots and lots of it. Not from you though - I don't want your crappy little thing any more. Are you happy now, hmm? Happy with what you've done?"

I didn't wait for any reaction and turned my attention back to my new lover.

"Let me take these rings off, baby," I soothed, "then you can suck them properly."

Tom had moved his right arm down to my legs, stroking them, rubbing them, all the time working his way higher before his hand went out of sight beneath my miniskirt. Martin had to sit there impotently as he witnessed his wife opening her legs wider in invitation as his customer began to play with her garter straps, a pleasure that numerous men were now enjoying with her but one her husband would likely never experience again himself. And a minute later he saw her eyes close and her head reflexively go backwards as her lover's fingers finally made contact with black leather strapping.

"Oh God!" I moaned. "Yes Tom... push... push!"

"Whoa, what have we got here then?" he asked.

"Work it out for yourself," I gasped breathlessly.

I felt him exploring the harness with his fingers. It didn't take long for the penny to drop.

"You've got to be kidding... YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! Oh, you naughty, naughty girl," he said as he shook his head in disbelief. "Just a bit of bondage, eh? You really are incredible aren't you?"

"I've been like this all evening," I boasted. "Even before you arrived."

"Oh God, really?"

"Yes, really. Now feel further underneath."

Ten seconds later he let out a loud expletive but before he had a chance to say anything else I passionately took his head in my hands to kiss him again.

"Pump them!" I cried before my tongue filled his mouth.

And pump them he did – beautifully - using his palm to push the pussy cock and curling his fingers to work the anal one as his arm began moving rapidly back and forth. I went wild with lust, literally squealing with delight as I kissed him deliriously and ground myself against his hard on.

After a minute of this I broke away from him and stood up, spinning around to my husband as I reached to unzip my skirt.

"Get it out and wank! NOW!!"

Within seconds I had slung the skirt on to the table and I turned back to Tom, pushing his legs together so I could mount the chair on my knees. I lifted myself up so that my breasts were right in front of his face and then I grabbed his head with both hands once more.

"Pump the cocks again," I cried desperately, "and suck my tits. Come on, eat them... make them sore."

Tom was now able to work the dildos with both hands, and as he began to hungrily feed on my breasts I felt the orgasm coming. I hadn't intended to climax so early, but I was overcome by the excitement of seeing Tom's reaction to the harness and the pleasure I was receiving from the double dildo fuck.

I only managed to last another two minutes before I came. It might have been longer were it not for the sight of Martin pathetically beating his little dick when I briefly turned my head round to look at him. What Tom thought of that I can't imagine but it certainly didn't affect his eagerness to please me and his prick was still superbly erect when I reached down to stroke it. After I finally collapsed into his arms with exhaustion I didn't hold back with my praise.

"Oh God, thank you, thank you, that was amazing... just brilliant... I can't tell you how much... aahh... aaaahh... yes, just move them gently like that Tom, that's perfect... oh, you'll soon have me wanting the same again... it doesn't take long..."

I kissed him and rhythmically squeezed his cock just below the head, giving him just enough massage to keep him on the edge.

"You were never able to get me turned on like that were you Martin?" I taunted, turning to look at him again. His arm had stopped moving but his hand was still beneath the table and I knew he was fondling himself.

My husband shook his head in agreement. It may or may not have been true, but it's so long ago I simply can't remember.

"Take some pictures of me," I ordered.

I turned back to Tom and bent forward to kiss him.

"Don't worry, I'm completely blocking you," I assured him.

I put my mouth to Tom's again and moments later there was bright flash. Then I turned and stared straight at the camera with a disdainful look on my face. In my mind it was my spouse I was looking at, not the lens.

"Okay," I said.


Next I told Tom to pull hard on the rear strap of my harness – flash! – then reach round and press his fingers firmly against the anal dildo – flash! – now cup my right breast as I turned sideways a little – flash! – and squeeze the nipple between his fingers – flash!

I got up off the chair and took the camera from my husband, handing it over to Tom.

"You take some," I said. "You haven't properly seen what Martin was looking at."

"Just incredible," Tom blurted out again as I walked a few feet away and posed for some rear shots of my leather harness and open rear latex panties. "That's the horniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Nothing can beat that."

"I'm going to beat it tomorrow," I said confidently, and I meant it.

As he sat there transfixed by the sight of me in cock bondage I felt a tremendous sense of victory. I had seen enough to know that Tom was going to be a real performer with the right coaxing, and it was exciting to imagine how he would respond to what I had lined up for the following day, particularly the video sequences I had selected for him to view. If I hadn't been so experienced at this game then things might not have gone so well, but I had learned so much from past mistakes. Despite the fact that he was openly playing with another man's wife right in front of him, Tom still had all his clothes on and it was me who had been on display, not him.

I went over to Martin and removed the gag from his mouth.

"I think that's almost enough for you tonight, don't you my baby?" I said lovingly as I kissed him on the head. "You've been a lucky boy to see so much, haven't you? I think it's time for you to go to bed now, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you."

"Are you going to thank Tom as well?"

"Yes... thank you Tom."

"Do you think Tom's the right sort of man for me?"

"Oh yes, definitely."

"Are you sure you're not just saying that because he's an important customer?"

"No, he can give you what you need."

"So you'd like him to fuck me, would you?"

"Yes... yes I would."

"Well, you need to ask him then, don't you?"

Sometimes it's right in front of the guy, other times it's over the phone, but I can honestly say that the thrill I get from hearing Martin say his next few words has never lessened. My only regret is that I didn't hear them on my wedding day.

"Tom... I'd be extremely grateful if you would fuck Maria for me."

"Okay, Martin," Tom said firmly as he picked up his whisky glass to empty it, "I will."

I kissed Martin on the head again and rubbed his shoulders.

"Do you want Tom to fuck me in my bedroom so you can hear how much I'm enjoying it?"


"It'll keep you awake... you know how I get carried away..."

"No, that's okay."

"Good," I said as I picked up one of my leather gloves from the table and started to put it on. "Now, Tom's already experienced the delights of these, but I don't think I told him my special name for them. I think you should let him know."

"They're your masturbation gloves."

"That's right. And how often do you have to clean them for me?"

"Pretty much whenever you've worn them."

"And why's that?"

"Because they keep getting soiled."

"Soiled with what?"

"With cum and pre-cum. Sometimes from you, but mainly from men you've been with."

"Yes, sometimes they're literally dripping with the stuff when I arrive home, aren't they?"

I started to work the second glove up my arm.

"Okay then, off you go. You've been a very good boy so I'm going to let you stay down for a bit longer. You can stand by the kitchen door and have a ten minute watch 'n wank, okay? Only ten minutes though... I'll tell you when your time's up."

"Thank you, Maria."

As my husband dutifully walked away I went back to Tom, bending down to whisper in his ear.

"You've been magnificent, baby, thank you so much. As a reward I'm going to suck you now, okay? From where Martin's standing he'll only be able to see my head working on you, so don't worry. He's going to be openly playing with his cock while he watches us, so just keep your eyes on me if that bothers you. You'll get used to it in time. I want you to think of how superior you are to him... how I view a man who humiliates himself like that and why I need someone like you instead, okay?"

"Okay," said Tom positively. His eyes were bright and he looked really pleased, but whether this was because he was revelling in the situation or just happy that this initial exchange had gone so well I couldn't really say. I suspect it was a mixture of both.

"If you feel yourself coming then push my head away," I said.

I dropped a chair cushion on to the slabs and knelt down on it, and after unfastening Tom's belt and unzipping him I began to make love to his cock with my mouth while working the shaft and his balls with my gloved hands.

He was beautifully hard, and the anticipation of having him inside me later was driving my lust once more. I kissed his prick, licked up and down it, and periodically took the head inside my mouth to suck and tongue it, all the while knowing that across the patio my cuckold was intently following every movement of my head.

After another couple of minutes I turned around and picked my half full wine glass off the table, tipping it slightly so I could try to get Tom's dick into it. He was so superbly erect that I couldn't manage it, but he knew what I was trying to do and without hesitation he got up from his chair, bent forward and rested his arms on the table so that his cock was pointing down. Fantastic! I thought as I held his shaft in my right hand and worked the wine glass with my left. I had to move slightly to one side when I did this and I knew Martin could probably see everything. Tom didn't seem to care.

I dipped his prick in the wine then licked it... dip and lick, dip and lick... now dip and suck, dip and suck... dip and lick... dip and suck...

There was less than a quarter of a glass left when I got up again and I downed it in one. "I wish you could have spunked into it," I said ruefully. "Maybe one day..."

I looked over at Martin again. He was still eagerly jerking off and surprisingly he hadn't lost his erection through overstimulation. Hmm, that's interesting, I thought. Maybe Tom will have to visit more often.

"Almost bedtime," I called across to him.

I turned back to Tom and lowered my voice. "Okay, before I send him to bed I want you to give me my first spanking. You're going to use the studded paddle on the table. Remember that the harness and the briefs will protect me quite a bit, so you may be surprised how hard I want you to hit. Just start off lightly though and I'll keep moaning 'oh yes' until it's severe enough. When I say 'fantastic' for the first time you'll know you've got it right, okay?"

"Okay," he nodded enthusiastically. "Wow..."

"After a while reach under me and wank the pussy dildo back and forth while you're hitting me, okay?... that will eventually make me come again. And every so often whack the anal dildo with the paddle as well. Smack it further into me..."

"Bloody hell, Maria, you're unreal."

"Just wait until tomorrow," I smiled.

I bent myself across the table with my legs spread apart, reaching forward with my arms.

"Oh God!" I heard Martin exclaim as Tom picked up the paddle and stood behind me, and I looked over to see my husband's arm moving furiously. I knew he wouldn't ejaculate though – he wanted to stay fully turned on for later.


The first one was predictably weak. "Oh yes, but much harder," I prompted.


Actually pretty good.

"Yes. Oh yes..."


"Oh yes..."


"OH YES! YES!!!"


"Fantastic, Tom, yes... please... more... beat me more. PLEASE!"

The noise was simply unbelievable. There's nothing that can really compare with open air late night spankings and whippings because the sound seems so amplified. I like to imagine it carrying all the way across to the village along with my cries of pleasure, and that makes the whole episode seem so much more erotic and risky.

Oh, you wait my baby, I remember thinking as my tormentor began working the big pussy cock in and out of me as he beat me, setting my engorged clit on fire again. Tomorrow I'll be bent over the table like this and you'll be fucking my ass while Martin watches...

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