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Posted 07 October 2011

A couple of weeks ago I had the following request in an email from a reader:

Could you show a picture of your 13 inch dildo in your gallery? You have mentioned this many times in your diary but I don't think you have shown a picture of it.

I was a little surprised by this because I was fairly certain that I had shown my favourite dildo somewhere in the diary, but after scrolling through all of my pictures I realised that the guy who wrote to me is absolutely right I have never posted a picture of it. This beautiful rubber cock is one of the loves of my life, and since the day I bought it in 2006 it has always been in bed with me when I'm sleeping at home.

It has also been inside me more times than all the men I have been with added together, and I always know exactly where it is in the house because it's usually the first thing I turn to when I'm having a stimulating phone conversation. If you ever do happen to call me and I ask you to hold on for a moment while I get something from another room, listen very carefully when I return. In the background you may well hear the sound of the zippers of my skirt and panties being undone, and my breathing will likely become more laboured as I submit to the sort of pleasure that only a heavily girthed cock can provide.

After receiving that message I made a note to show this dildo in the gallery sometime, but only a few days later I encountered the following paragraph in an email from another reader:

I can't stop looking at the last picture you show in the London Whore post where you're in the car. I imagine my wife going out dressed like that and the thought of receiving such a photo while I'm at work is mind-blowing. I know it would tear me up inside but I would get an instant erection like Martin does and I would be hard for the rest of the day. Is there any chance you could give me some insight into the "afternoon games" you played with Gerald and his friends so I can imagine how I would feel if Lucy was doing the same while I'm at work?

I didn't do anything particularly dramatic that day in London that you haven't heard about already. I had lunch at the home of one of Gerald's friends, but as I was due to go out with a gentleman friend for dinner later, all I had to eat was a light salad. In any case, the real purpose of my visit was to allow Gerald's three friends to play with me in the exploitative way that I have spoken of before, and during such a session Gerald will call my husband and give him a vivid description of what is being done to me (in such situations Gerald likes to watch proceedings rather than participate).

In the picture below I've put on the same outfit that you see in the London Whore post (although the stockings are different) and I'm holding my special thirteen-inch dildo to my mouth. This is almost exactly how I looked in London as I sat against the dining table and sucked a rubber cock in front of my four older companions, although the dildo I played with that day is slightly smaller than the one you see here. Once I had mouthed the prick for a while and licked up and down the shaft to make it nice and wet for me, I put it up my skirt and started to pleasure myself with it. It wasn't long before Gerald's three friends joined in the fun and they took turns to service me with the rubber dong as I kissed them and encouraged them to fondle and grope me. I've spoken many times before of how exciting I find this sort of molestation, and as far as I'm concerned having six hands roaming all over me and tugging at my underwear is no less stimulating than full penetrative sex.

The ultimate lover. This gorgeous black rubber prick shares my bed every night when I'm at home, and I like to have it within easy reach in the house at all times. Does it make you feel a little inferior? It certainly ought to.
Maria mouths her thirteen-inch dildo

The dildo was then temporarily put to one side and I stood up so that my abusers could play with me in a way that I particularly enjoy when I'm with three guys. A man stood either side of me, with one pleasuring my pussy with his cupped hand and the other thrusting his middle finger as far into my backside as he could get it. Both men simultaneously rubbed themselves against my thighs while I switched my attentions between them, French kissing one as the other kissed my neck. This left the third man free to play with my breasts, and at my urging he sucked them hard, first through the material of my top so that it became soaked in saliva, and later with my top undone.

After some ten minutes of this I had been brought to the edge of climax, and at this point the dildo was reinserted into me and a smaller one was eased into my rear. The vibrators in the dongs were then turned on, and the men started to pump them in and out of me quite forcefully. Meanwhile the guy who had been playing with my breasts now attached punishment clamps to my nipples, something that I know particularly antagonises my husband.

While this was going on the hands were still roving all over me and I was being mouthed and kissed by all three men as I massaged them through their trousers, and in such a scenario I get what I call 'pleasure overload'. It's as though my nervous system is on the verge of being overwhelmed by all the sensory inputs, and it's just stunning to experience. I have a multiple orgasm that leaves me feeling as though I will pass out if I allow myself to totally succumb to the ecstasy that is coursing through my body, and on the edge of my consciousness I can hear Gerald calmly talking to my husband over the phone, painting a graphic picture of the depraved scene in a way that only he can.

This is what Gerald's friends watched me do that day in London before they took over from me. This dildo is smaller than my favourite in both length and girth, but it's more convenient to carry around.

The abuse didn't end with my climax. I was forced over the table with the buzzing dildos still being pumped in and out of me, and after a ball gag had been buckled to my mouth I was then spanked by all three men. I would also have been paddled had I not been going out later, but this relatively light punishment alone was enough to give me a second release in due course, with Gerald calling Martin again as the spanking reached a crescendo, this time holding the phone close to my mouth so that my husband could hear my gagged cries of delight when I came.

This was another session where nobody got naked, and the men didn't even expose themselves until I fellated them privately one by one in an upstairs bedroom afterwards. Nevertheless, just consider how enjoyable an exchange like this is compared to vanilla sex. I get to be pleasured by three men while another watches on; my husband is remorselessly taunted as I am being played with; and I get to suck three pricks afterwards, walking away with a trio of filled condoms to add to the others that I will empty out of my handbag into my husband's lap when I get home from London.

I will later religiously write up an account of my activities in my offline diary while the events are still fresh in my mind, and I will also add a few choice pictures if any have been taken. You have to consider that more than one entry like this can appear in my private journal in a single day, and it's therefore little surprise that my husband spends a good portion of his free time sitting in front of the computer at home, masturbating incessantly as he reads of my exploits. It's become so natural to see him doing this that I won't usually pay much attention to it any more, and nor will he stop doing it in my presence. I'll walk into the study in a short skirt and knee-length boots to find him busily jerking off, and I'll put my hands on his shoulders and kiss him on the head, perhaps making some comment about what he's viewing:

"Wow, I remember that one. I really was a greedy girl that day wasn't I? Anyway baby, I'm driving over to see Matt and I'll probably be back quite late so you needn't stay up. I'm not going punish you before I go either, but I want you to come to the door and lick my boots, and then I want you standing there wanking as you watch me walk to my car and drive away. You think about him taking me out somewhere while I'm dressed like this and imagine all the men getting hard as they eye me up... and then you think about me sucking his big cock in the car afterwards."

Martin doesn't always get off so easily, and quite often it's that sensational black dildo of mine that feeds him the warm cum from my pussy when I return home. I've never seen another artificial prick that looks so desirable and that is so perfectly proportioned for an insatiable slut wife who has an obsession with big cocks. I regularly hold it against both Martin's and my submissives' pricks, reminding them once again of the huge gulf between what they have got and what a woman like me wants. I've even mocked my extremely well-endowed boyfriend in the past for not being able to give me what my superb black lover can.

Well, it's midday now and discussing this topic as I'm sitting here in my red leather bra and miniskirt is making me very excited indeed. I've got two hours to kill until my slave James arrives for his weekly session, so what shall I do now? Go for a double-cocked drive in my car with the thrill of exhibiting myself as I refuel it at a busy service station? Or shall I go into the main lounge and watch one of my special videos as my black stallion gives me eight of his thirteen inches?

You know what, I think I'll just have to do both.

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