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Posted 10 October 2011

This one is fairly hot off the press.

Yesterday I visited a man for a domination session, something I would never normally do on a Sunday. The man I saw, Laurence, had been masturbated by me at a function in London at the end of last year and again in June, this time in my car. On both occasions I had been wearing a leather skirt and it was fairly obvious to me that Laurence had submissive leanings, especially when I eased my leather masturbation gloves on to my arms during our second exchange. As I pleasured him I revealed that I like to whip men, and on hearing this he became enormously excited, lasting no more than a couple of minutes before he sprayed over my highly polished skirt.

I suggested to Laurence that he might want to visit me in London for a more elaborate session, and I gave him the web address of my diary in order to give him some insight into what I had to offer. As a result of reading this he became consumed by a fantasy he had concocted about me and he was determined to live his dreams for real.

Laurence's scenario drew inspiration from my 'Business Slut' post where I described how I used to visit my corporate client Philip in high-heeled boots and pose provocatively during our meetings. Philip had a boot fetish and ultimately I wanted my client to submit to my boots and allow me to dominate him, but as you know he turned down my advances and we parted company soon thereafter. Laurence was captivated by the thought of having a meeting with a dominant female corporate advisor, and when I revisited this theme in the 'Dream Consultant' post he could barely think of anything else, especially at home during the evenings.

I'm not going discuss the location of my staged business meeting with Laurence other than to say that it was important to him that this consultation should have an air of authenticity about it and should therefore take place in a real working office (which of course could be at some commercial premises or in a private home as was the case with Philip and my former client Robert). He had the ideal venue in mind, but it would have to take place on a Sunday. Additionally he wanted to video our meeting with his own cameras, with no prospect of me ever having access to the content.

As you can imagine I saw no reason whatsoever to accommodate these requests and I told Laurence that he could see me in London as other men do that's as far as I would go. However he obviously had anticipated this response from me and he countered it with an offer that left me somewhat dumbstruck as we talked on the phone. Only a couple of weeks ago I said that I had received some very tempting incentives from men who wanted to be dominated by me more regularly, all of which I had declined, but this one was in a league of its own. Certainly I didn't have to think long about it, and I agreed to all of Laurence's wishes.

My 'client' got the full works and I really mean the full works. Instead of the toys that you saw in Dream Consultant, my business case was packed with domination accessories my dildo briefs and cunnilingus briefs, a head harness, a stranded whip, a studded paddle, cock bondage devices, a vibrating anal dildo, a mouth dildo, a collar and chain, a belt with attached penetration chains, three gags, and various other bondage restraints. Furthermore, at Laurence's specific request, I had intercourse with my boyfriend on the Sunday morning and I arrived at the meeting with a rubber plug strapped into my pussy. Laurence wanted to experience what my husband experiences when I return home after seeing Matt during the week, and my boyfriend really got off on this thought as he fucked me yesterday morning. It was also a huge turn on for me when I dressed for my role in front of Matt as he lay in bed watching me, knowing that he could see my excitement growing.

Laurence wanted me in shoes rather than boots, which might have been a surprise a few years ago but I've come to appreciate that not every submissive guy has a thing for boots, and in this case Laurence's vision was of a mini-skirted, seamed-stockinged businesswoman who would initially pose seductively before him as I have so often done in the past, but who would gradually impose her will on her client, ultimately forcing him over his office desk and cruelly whipping him and then fucking him. As a result I sent Laurence a few pictures of possible outfits I could wear and he chose an all-black ensemble, with a zipped PVC miniskirt and semi-transparent latex top. It isn't an outfit that could seriously be worn to a business meeting and I don't think I could ever go out in this in public (famous last words!), but for this particular fantasy session I think it worked very well because Laurence could lick all over the rubber and rub his prick over it too.

This was comfortably the longest one-to-one business meeting I have ever attended and in retrospect I can see why a man with Laurence's resources would be prepared to be so generous to me in order to live his dream. Readers have kindly complimented me in the past on my writing skills, but I actually think I'm better at delivering lines than authoring them and here I was playing a part that didn't really require much in the way of pretence because as I have said before, I really am that woman. I told Laurence that from the moment I arrived in my car I would give no indication whatsoever that this wasn't a real situation and if he wanted to communicate something that was outside the fantasy during our meeting then he should do so by writing it down and passing it to me as part of our discussions. As a consequence my client now has some remarkable video footage that he will be able to view time and time again over the coming years. He had four cameras running and he will be able to edit the results to his heart's content, creating several different versions of the same scenes. He will be able to print pictures from still captures, enlarge them, mount them on his wall, kiss them, and ejaculate over them. And above all the sexy domina consultant will never age and she will forever discipline him with unrestrained passion, climaxing again and again as she whips and fucks her client or commands him to worship her with his mouth.

For my part I loved every moment of our exchange. Laurence is yet another man who had no previous experience of being genuinely dominated and it's enormously satisfying to physically punish and sodomise a virgin submissive. So many men think they have tasted the whip in bedroom games, and it's a severe shock to them when they are properly beaten by a skilled dominatrix shocking and thrilling, because when the ordeal is over and the pain subsides most men are left with powerful feelings of exhilaration and worshipful gratitude, and a Mistress who knows what she is doing will follow the flagellation with a period of intense oral homage (I have more to say on how Laurence serviced me with his mouth yesterday, but this will have to wait for another time).

It wasn't just the sex that I enjoyed though but the whole event, from dressing in front of Matt in my bedroom right through to when I drove home afterwards, leaving a thoroughly drained and satisfied client behind me. It was so special to relive the sort of moments I shared with Philip, and I even used an almost identical line in the warm-up part of our meeting:

"You're fascinated by my suspenders, aren't you, Laurence? My husband's got a thing about them, and he started encouraging me to wear them to work. Since then I've found that my clients are, er... how shall I put it?... stimulated by them. I'm sorry if I'm distracting you."

Then there was the later phone call to Martin as I stood in front of Laurence, holding his head with one hand as he licked my glossy PVC skirt:

"Oh, hi, I'm just calling to let you know that I'm going to be home much later than expected. The meeting with my client is going to take a LOT longer than I had anticipated, and there are a large number of issues I need to thrash out with him..."

I have spoken to Laurence today and he admitted that he woke up this morning with some feelings of guilt but he also revealed that he hadn't been able to resist scanning through the video files again and he had already ejaculated after viewing one particular scene. That's enough to tell me that any regrets he may have will soon subside. He said that the video quality and content had far exceeded his expectations, and this prompted me to suggest to him that he should consider keeping this as a unique exchange between us. I would be quite willing to dominate him again, I told him, but it might be a disappointment after experiencing this fantasy made real. I can always see him again and masturbate him as I have done before.

I also outlined what I wanted to write in this gallery post, and since it's very much lacking in specifics, Laurence raised no objections (and in fact I think it's a quite a turn-on for him). The picture below isn't perfect by any means, but I thought I'd show this rather than one I had captured at home. It was taken by Laurence with my own camera after our meeting was over, and as you can see my hair is heavily dishevelled, although other than that I don't think I look too bad considering the marathon session I had just conducted. The camera angle foreshortens my height somewhat and it's a pity that part of me isn't in the picture, but none of these drawbacks will lessen the significance of this photograph for me and I'm sure I'll be reviewing this image and the accompanying text in my offline diary many times over the coming years.

I just wish I had the damn video.

Maria the dominant business consultant

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