Maria's Gallery - Afternoon Relaxation

Posted 14 August 2011

Maria is dildoed by Gerald

Much like the first gallery picture I showed, this is another common style of image that features in my offline diary. This particular shot was taken mid-afternoon in London when I had returned to Gerald's house after a lunch date with a new gentleman friend. This was the first time I had been out in public with this man (let's call him Max), and it was very much the sort of 'trophy doll' excursion that I described in the 'London Whore' post. Max is some twenty years my senior and he's yet another guy that I met via a connection with Gerald. He's quite a bit shorter than me too, but he wasn't in the least embarrassed by either the age or height mismatch when we were out together and for much of the time he had a look on his face that made it clear to everyone that he was the cat who had got the cream.

As I said in the previous gallery post, it's not unusual for Gerald to join my companion in playing with me for a while when I arrive back at his home, and it's actually Gerald who is using the dildo on me in this shot (and don't worry, I've had a word with him about the shabby state of his trousers). Max took this picture as Gerald demonstrated how I like to have a lubed vibrating rubber cock used on my rear prior to having intercourse, and after five minutes or so Max took over from my friend, easing the dildo in and out of me as he reached underneath with his other hand and massaged my wet pussy. At this point Gerald phoned my husband and explained what was being done to me, after which he put the phone down on one side and started to spank me quite aggressively. Martin sat in his office at work listening as I was pleasure-punished to climax, with Gerald making me say out loud what I wanted Max to do to me when we went upstairs afterwards for a private session.

I absolutely love being treated like this, but I know that many of my readers still find it hard to understand how a woman who regards herself as dominant would wish to subject herself to such maltreatment. Unfortunately I can't offer much more by way of explanation than I have already articulated in my diary posts. It very much revolves around my husband and boyfriend knowing that men are doing this to me, and imagining in my own mind how this is tormenting them. Gerald is well aware of the psychology involved, which is why he regularly calls Martin and gets him to listen to what is happening.

I hope my submissive followers will at least appreciate that these games that I play aren't borne out of any great masochistic desire (I most definitely don't regard myself as a true masochist). Instead they are symbolic acts of exploitation performed on a slut wife who gets off on humiliating her cuckold husband and antagonising her primary lover, with the accompanying transient pain being extremely pleasurable when she is in the throes of lust.

Would you like to listen over the phone to your wife being abused like this by other men (and loving every moment of it)?

It still amazes me how many husbands would answer "oh, yes please" to that question.

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