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Posted 18 October 2011

Last week in London I wore thigh boots for the first time this autumn. I have been looking forward all summer to going out in my high boots again and normally by now I would already have had at least one excursion in them, but the weather has been surprisingly warm in the UK over the past few weeks and this has curtailed my ambitions. I have been out in over-the-knee boots closer to home a few times recently, but I've mainly been driving in my car and my public displays have been quite short. In London however I wore them to lunch at a busy restaurant, and they were on full display as I walked along the street outside in a short coat and also for about half an hour in the restaurant's bar when my two companions and I sat down for a drink before our meal. In the dining area itself they were mostly hidden out of view beneath the table, but naturally I made sure that my fellow patrons got a good eyeful of my leather-encased legs at some point during our visit.

I discussed fashion trends for thigh boots in the 'London Whore' post and I said that after a couple of seasons as the must-have footwear item I had already resigned myself to them becoming yesterday's news, but this season there are still a large number of styles on sale. I don't think there is quite the same nod towards BDSM in the designs this year, but nevertheless I think it's significant that we have now reached three seasons with such boots in the mainstream.

As I have said before, the great thing about this development for me is that it has legitimised my wearing of such footwear. Closer to home I can freely wear over-the-knee styles, even in normal social situations, and in London I can go much further, publicly flaunting myself in full front-laced fetish thigh boots. It was these particular boots I wore last week, and I felt completely at ease in them. I also paired them with leather opera gloves which I didn't remove until we sat down at the dining table, and once again my demeanour didn't in any way suggest that this was anything out of the ordinary.

That at least is how I believe I looked to the outside world. Inwardly I was loving it as always, because boots like these are complete man-traps. Furthermore my black suspender straps were highly visible through my lace dress, and if you stood close enough to me you could make out that I was wearing latex underwear. Consequently I got the whole gamut of responses as usual the dropped jaws, the longing stares, the dancing eyes and the lecherous leers from the men; and the theatrical frowns of disapproval and scowls of contempt from the women but as long as I am the centre of male attention and I'm confident that I'm making cocks stiffen then I'll actually feed on the abuse from the sisterhood.

I was with two men that day, which is actually a slight disadvantage compared to dining with just a single guy. No matter how provocatively I'm dressed, I don't think onlookers realistically draw the conclusion that the woman they're studying is going to be fucked later by both of her companions. That notion will of course jump into the minds of some, but it will likely be quickly dismissed as idle fantasy. After all, it doesn't ever happen in real life does it? Therefore alternative questions will start to be asked: What's the actual relationship between these three? Are they work colleagues? Is she being interviewed? Is she attached to one of the men? As a result I doubt that we generate that deep sense of envy amongst male observers, the frustration of knowing that the guy who is with the hottie is likely to have those boots wrapped around his back at some point as he pumps his hot cum into her excited pussy. In a nightclub or even a bar you can have some fun with this by giving both your companions full-tongue kisses in front of everyone, but that's a complete no-no in an up-market restaurant. Then again, it's not that big a deal. I know what's coming later and that's more than enough to keep me stimulated throughout the meal.

This is the outfit I wore for lunch in London and it was a delight to openly display my thigh boots in public again. Men are utterly captivated by them, especially when they're worn by someone like me who has spent hours learning how to walk and pose in them for maximum effect.
Maria dressed for a London outing

This is an instance where the teaming of lace with leather can soften the look. Others may disagree, but I don't look at this picture and automatically think 'Dominatrix' despite the boots. And how about 'Hooker'? Hmm, not really.
Maria dressed for a London outing

The above two pictures appear in my offline diary entry for that day and there are two additional video captures in the section that documents the afternoon session I had with my two companions. Considering what we got up to, these latter two shots are remarkably tame, but the primary purpose of the photos I include in my daily journal isn't to simply show me having sex with other men, it's to convey the intimacy of my exchanges and the level of my sexual arousal. In the fourth picture of the 'Publish And Be Damned' post I showed a photo that had been taken when I was kissing a man I had only just met, and I said that my husband and my boyfriend found such pictures far harder to deal with than more explicit content. What I like to demonstrate to Martin (and Matt) is that I don't just have sex with other guys but I genuinely give myself to them. There is real passion in my kisses, and my response to my suitors' attentions is clearly not feigned in any way.

It's this sort of imagery that truly hurts a cuckold husband when he sees it, particularly when he knows that he cannot stir such intense lust in his wife. The knowledge that other men can turn her on in ways that he cannot is bitingly painful for him, just as it is compellingly erotic. It doesn't matter if the shot is of her taking a prick in her arse, cum squirting into her mouth, a paddle striking her backside or a simple kiss... it's the expression on her face that carries the power. It's these moments I'm always trying to capture in my private journal, both for Martin's stimulation and my own, and enlarged versions of the very best of them are mounted on my husband's bedroom wall so he can never escape them (not that he really wants to).

I'm only showing one of the two captures from last week in this post and I'm sure you'll understand why it's necessary for me to alter it considerably for public display, but hopefully if you're a married man who adores his wife and yet dreams of being cuckolded then you'll be able to appreciate how Martin feels when he reads my daily journal and encounters images such as this one. The scene below also gives you a taste of the sort of activity that takes place in the back of Martin's car when he drives me home after a night out with my friends, and it's a similar story back at the house before we go upstairs for more intense games (although I don't enjoy as many multiple partner sessions as I used to at home because I try to keep my weekends free for Matt). I will make Martin strip naked and I usually lock him into a chastity device which has a chain attached. He will then kneel and lick my boots as I am being attended to by my lovers, and I will pay him very little attention other than to tug on the chain now and again or I'll periodically strike his buttocks with a training whip that I keep to hand. At some point he will be required to eat my pussy, and if the mood takes me I will demand anal homage too, with me kneeling on the sofa facing away from him so that my lovers can suck my breasts as my servile spouse buries his tongue in my rear and prepares it for cock.

Maria entertains her London friends

Unless Alison is there to punish Martin while I am having sex, I tend to not have him in the bedroom watching these days, and so I will whip him in the hallway in front of my guests and then we will go upstairs without him (although I sometimes chain him to his bed). That's not the end of the evening for him though he still has the humiliation games to endure later as he is fed the ejaculations, and I'm always very inventive with these.

If the above all sounds a bit glib, let me assure you that I don't take for granted how sensational these acts are and I know I'm extremely fortunate to have found a small group of men who are able and willing to assist me in acting out my domination and cuckolding fantasies. Repetition hasn't lessened the excitement for me, and there is always some new ingredient that I can add to the mix to make every session unique. My one regret is that thus far my husband hasn't seen me take on more than three men simultaneously.

With Martin's fiftieth birthday on the horizon, that's something I definitely need to work on.

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