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Posted 24 August 2011

Maria has a home session with her friend Andy

These are some captures from a session I had with my friend Andy earlier this year when he took some video of me for the 'London Whore' post, but acquiring this sort of imagery is no longer a priority for me and I often won't bother setting up a camera if I'm just having a one-on-one session with a man at home. I recorded many such scenes between 2007 and 2009 (I showed a similar one in the 'Just Another Day' post) but over time my interest in accumulating shots of me having vanilla sex began to wane and my focus became more centred on the exploitation style pictures that I showed in the first two gallery posts.

[Incidentally, if you look at my left arm in the main and bottom right pictures you'll get an idea of just how selfish and demanding I am with my lovers. I'm not allowing Andy full penetration but instead I'm using his cock head as a masturbation toy, rubbing it against my clit as he moves back and forth. He gets his reward in the end, but only after I've been pleasured in a number of different ways.]

Andy has a highly irregular work schedule which means that he is often free to visit me on weekdays and even join me in London when necessary, and as a consequence we have developed an increasingly close relationship, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend Matt. Matt knows that there is no danger of me falling in love with Andy and in that sense his position isn't in any way threatened, but he doesn't like the fact that I now spend so much time with Andy and that the sex I enjoy with him is so varied and exciting.

As far as I'm concerned Matt can have no real complaint about this state of affairs. He knows full well that it's very important to me that Martin is regularly humiliated in front of another man, and yet I have now curtailed some of my former weekend activities so that I can spend more time with my boyfriend. Matt now usually shares my bed on Saturday nights, but Martin only hears us making love and we have never permitted him to be physically present. I long ago accepted that Matt wasn't prepared to go any further than this and in many respects there's a lot to be said for keeping a husband in the dark and tormenting him with a mental vision of what exactly is being done to his wife. At the same time however I also need the other extreme, and Andy fulfils a role that Matt could never provide, not only through his interaction with Martin but with my three slaves as well.

Martin will therefore arrive home from work on occasion to find me bent over the kitchen table with a buzzing stimulator strapped to my pussy and Andy's superb cock pumping in and out of my arse, and I can assure you I'm not joking when I tell you that I will hold a level conversation with my husband as my lover fucks my rear and spanks my buttocks. How was your day darling? Did you pick up my jacket from the dry cleaners? Oh and by the way, your mother rang half an hour ago she wants you to give her a call. I think you should phone her now while I'm being screwed. I will then usually order Martin to unzip himself and start wanking in front of us, and to this day my husband's face still turns crimson as he suffers the indignity of masturbating in front of another man while his wife laughs at him and taunts him for his lack of manhood. But the humiliation doesn't end there as I approach climax I will get Martin to rest his prick on the table close to my face and Andy will then smack my spouse's cock with his belt not overly aggressively, but enough to make Martin wince through the combination of shame and discomfort. It's sensational to enjoy sex like this to make a husband degrade himself in such a way in front of his wife and to have another man squirt hot cum into her backside as she climaxes at the sight and sound of the cock-spanking. I'll even strap my soaking wet clit stimulator to Martin's mouth afterwards and make him suck on it in that state until Andy has left.

It's no less exciting when I deliver the humiliation in other ways when Martin opens the front door for example to find me kneeling in front of Andy in the hallway, eagerly sucking his prick as he pulls on the clamps attached to my nipples. I don't stop sucking, but I always turn my eyes towards my husband and fix him with a contemptuous gaze. After a while I'll briefly interrupt the fellatio to order Martin to start jerking off in front of us as usual, and then I'll coax Andy to climax, taking his prick out of my mouth at the last moment and directing his ejaculation over my rubber bra and leather miniskirt. Then it's my husband's turn to kneel and he will be made to lick up Andy's mess as my lover once again removes his belt in order to deliver the punishment that I delight in seeing and hearing. Believe me, you don't know what proper humiliation is until you've had your wife hold your head in her hands and pull your face to her spunk-soaked leather as she urges her lover to roughly pull down your trousers and underpants and unforgivingly stripe your backside.

There are so many different ways to play these games, and what I think bothers Matt at times is that deep down he believes that the orgasms I enjoy with him beautiful as they are cannot realistically compete with those that I experience when I'm dominating Martin or my other slaves with someone like Andy by my side. Matt knows that this is no reflection on him as a lover and he is well aware that I hold him above any man in that regard, but equally he knows that I am driven by a powerful need to physically punish and sexually humiliate men and that's where I will always get my most intense releases.

Fortunately there's a perfect safety valve that prevents Matt's growing jealousy from creating any sort of rift between us. I can sense when the frustration is building in him and I will deliberately provoke him, just as I am now with this gallery post. At some point I will always tip him over the edge and that's when he gets his catharsis. Matt will tie me up, unmercifully spank me, whip my cunt, and then give me an unforgettable punishment fuck.

I must be due one of those again soon baby, don't you think? Or aren't you man enough to do that to me any more?

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