Maria's Gallery - Heel Power

Posted 25 September 2011

In my previous gallery post I described how I will use my suspender straps to send an open message to men that I'm hot for cock, and from experience I've found that guys are particularly drawn to such a look if they realise that the woman is married. When I gave up my job and started going out during the day on prick-teasing excursions, I would quite often take my wedding and engagement rings off because I thought being outwardly available would increase the chances of me being approached and chatted up, something I always used to enjoy even though at that time I had no intention of taking things any further. However these days I always keep the rings on because I've come to understand how exciting it is for a guy to make a play for a wife who has obviously gone out in public with the intention of attracting other men. I'm not really sure why this is so - maybe there's a competitive aspect at play or perhaps guys like the idea that I'm not getting enough at home and the frustration has prompted me to slut myself up and go looking for prick – but I don't dwell too much on the psychology of it all; I just love the attention and the flirtatious foreplay.

The other core weapon in my prick-teasing arsenal is of course high heels. Couple those suspender straps and seamed black nylons with a pair of five-inch stilettos and there's very little danger of going unnoticed. However, as with the wearing of stockings and garters, in my case I wear high heeled shoes and boots not only to attract men but for personal sexual gratification too. I'm not afraid to say that I have a fetish of sorts for sexy footwear, and my reaction to the sight of a pair of shoes with skyscraper heels is often the same: I want to be fucked by them.

My experimentation with shoe sex began many years ago when I was alone in the house on Saturdays. Martin had badgered me into wearing very high heels for him and I was regularly practising walking in them, fiercely determined to develop a very sexy but natural movement. After some initial reluctance to accommodate my husband's wishes, I was becoming increasingly attracted to wearing spike heels because I was sensing their sexual power, both when I wore them in the bedroom and out of doors. For some time that's as far as it went – wearing my special shoes and boots made me feel highly desirable and I loved how they made my legs seem so incredibly long and shapely.

The big change came when I started browsing through Martin's collection of Bill Ward drawings (I know I'm continually mentioning these, buy they really have been an enormous influence on me; I often wonder how different things would be had I never set eyes upon them). A number of these cartoons showed women deliberately abusing men with their high heels, and there was also one picture that depicted a girl in the throes of orgasm as she fucked herself with the heel of a knee-length boot. Bear in mind that at this time I was still fairly young and somewhat naive, and these pictures were quite shocking to me; shocking and yet undeniably compelling.

There are so many elements in these pictures that have shaped my dreams: the cruel slut punishing an older man in a public place; the corseted, opera-gloved socialite goddess dominating her grovelling slave; the stockinged secretary wielding her whip in the office. The beauty of my current lifestyle is that I now live these fantasies every day.
Heel domination as seen through the drawings of Bill Ward

Initially I tried to fight my reaction to these drawings because the fact that they aroused me so much left me feeling extremely guilty. Nevertheless I would have 'just one more look' at weekends, and it wasn't long before I was conjuring up some highly exotic fantasies in which I both punished men with my heels and also pleasured myself with them. Almost inevitably I started to turn some of these dreams into reality - I began to spike Martin with my boots when we were playing domination games (although I was far from being brutal) and on Saturdays I would enjoy at least one climax in which I was brought to release by an item of footwear.

Any guilt I experienced while pleasuring myself with high heels was eventually cast to one side, and my shoes and boots became more than mere inanimate objects to me when I was playing alone. I would talk to them as I kissed them and ran my tongue across the leather, and putting the words down on paper doesn't do any justice to the eroticism I felt as I made love to them. Oh baby, you're gorgeous... oh you turn me on so much... I want you, I really want you... I want you inside me... do you want that, hmm? Do you want to fuck me, baby? Do you want to make me come?

In the summer I would go outside into the garden and lie on a sun lounger with a penis gag in my mouth, and I would then close my eyes, open my legs, and gently slide the back of a heel across my pussy or I would actually insert the toe into my vagina if I was using a court shoe or boot. I would then massage myself like this for twenty minutes or so as I acted out fantasies in my mind before eventually bringing myself to climax with a more vigorous action.

One frustration I had was that I couldn't properly fuck myself with the heel because it was too delicate an exercise, and certainly not something to be done when in a state of high passion. I solved this by using some small latex sheaths that had come with a vibrator I had bought, sliding them on to the heel. Unfortunately they would easily slide off again, but making some holes in the sheaths and attaching silver chains enabled me to tightly fasten them to the shoe/boot, and I could then screw myself with abandon. It wasn't quite the same as being fucked by the heel alone, but it looked striking on video because I would go wild as I rammed the cock heel in and out of me. As with my dildo play, I even experimented with harnessing the shoe to me so that my hands were free to do other things, and bizarre as it may seem, I would actually walk around the house and garden in this state.

It was some time before I revealed to Martin that I was playing these games, but naturally he was very enthusiastic at the prospect when he found out – his wife was once again turning to other means of stimulation in order to make up for a husband who could not satisfy her. However I tended to restrict this form of sex to solo play and despite Martin's protests I wouldn't allow him to watch video of me masturbating with my heels. This was something I was able to use against him when I finally cuckolded him - when he went abroad and I spent a week with Matt making videos, we shot a number of scenes in which I was pleasured with shoes and boots, and in some of these scenarios I am helplessly bondaged while my boyfriend violates me with the footwear. There's one particular moment which was very painful for Martin to watch: Matt had just fucked me with his sensational cock and it beggars belief how much of the toe of one of my leather knee boots he's able to insert into my soaking, stretched pussy afterwards, and you subsequently see me eagerly licking my own juices off it.

This is something that I learned very early on in the cuckolding game – one of the best ways to torment the husband is to allow other men to perform acts with the wife that she refuses to sanction from her spouse. It's a very cruel psychological slap in the face; she's clearly telling her husband that he does not excite her enough to be granted such a privilege, but other men make her want these things, and indeed she often begs for them.

My own love of footwear enabled me to fully understand Martin's fetish and to appreciate the raw sexual attraction of high heels to men. At weekends I would practise masturbating a cock with my shoes, suckering a dildo to a door and then lying on my back with my legs in the air in order to gain both the required endurance and control to properly pleasure a man in this way. At first it seems impossible to do this for more than thirty seconds or so, but it's mainly a matter of building strength and stamina, and it's a skill that I am so thankful that I persisted in acquiring. It's a huge turn on for a guy to be wanked in this way, and he's able to spray his cum all over you when he finally ejaculates. It's even more sensational for a shoe or boot lover, and my former business client Robert still talks of his first experience of this as being one of the highlights of his life (see 'The Shoe Queen').

I had a similar unforgettable moment back in 2006 when my friend Alison came to my home and we had sex together for the very first time. Alison was well aware of my passion for high heels and the games I would play with them, and it was this insight that prompted her to take control of me from the outset and demand that I bring myself to climax using the toe of the thigh boot she was wearing. That exchange was pure heaven for me and I will never be able to thank my friend enough for giving me the opportunity to regularly enjoy a form of sex that I could never share with a man. I was at last able to worship my boots and shoes and be fucked by them while they were being actively worn by someone else, and it's a dream-like experience for me. Alison and I have videoed numerous scenes where we are having heel sex, and when she visits me one of the first things we normally do when we have both dressed up is to lie on the lounge rug and sensuously lick and kiss each other's heels. We'll do this for some time without exchanging a single word, and then we'll slowly work our way up each other's legs, licking the boots, kissing the stockings, and mouthing the garter straps. Altogether it will be fifteen minutes at least before we begin soaking each other's panties with our saliva and the pussy eating starts in earnest.

Alison and I share roughly the same shoe size and initially my friend would wear my fetish heels when she visited me (she has since acquired her own collection of sexy footwear). I'll never forget the day in the early stage of our relationship when I arrived home to find her waiting for me dressed in a leather miniskirt and white see-through blouse, but it was what she had on her feet that I was immediately drawn to. She had put on my seven-inch metal-heeled sandals and she was standing there with one foot raised on a chair with my black riding crop in her hand. We looked at each other and she smiled as she saw my eyes flickering down to the objects of my desire.

"I'm going to fuck you all night with these," she said.

There was plenty of dramatic licence in that statement, but it certainly seemed like all night. I've mentioned these shoes before in the diary but I've never shown them. They're similar to the seven-inch sandals you've seen before, but they have more of a bondage look and I have always loved playing with them when I am alone on Saturdays because the heels have no sharp edges. Solo shoe sex is one thing, but to have these killer spikes on the feet of my lovely, bewitching friend was something else, and I completely lost it. That evening I enjoyed the most intense session of heel sex I have ever indulged in, and the following day my clitoris was sore from the constant rubbing against the metal heels. Alison is just phenomenal in such situations – so patient and so giving – and periodically we summoned Martin in to watch and to hold the video camera close to me. I've got a picture of my clit trapped between both heel tips and another with both heels well inside my pussy.

That night was also the first time that Ali penetrated me anally with heels. I have several captures in my offline diary where I'm lying on my back with my legs pulled up and my friend has a heel inserted into my rear as she simultaneously pumps the sole of the shoe back and forth against my clit stimulator or the vibrating dildo in my pussy. I think Alison learned a lot that night and she now does something similar with Martin, pressing the sole against my husband's balls as he is made to masturbate while watching videos of me having sex with other men.

A truly magical moment for me in 2007 when I arrived home to find Alison waiting for me in my steel-heeled shoes. Ten minutes after this shot was taken that gorgeous metal heel was giving me vaginal pleasure at a level that my husband's prick had never come close to. What chance have little cocks got against shoes like these?
Maria worships a steel heel

I will also occasionally penetrate a man with my heels, using the above-mentioned shoes or the seven-inch heeled boots you first got a glimpse of in the 'Complete Seductress' post. I showed them again in the first picture of the 'Publish And Be Damned' entry, and I have had a number of men write to me saying that those boots are the sexiest they have seen me wear. Certainly I'm extremely fond of them and you may recall that when I first purchased them I visited Robert at short notice and he ass-fucked me as I lay on his desk with my legs in the air. As he buggered me he licked the boots and sucked the metal heels, and it was an absolutely stunning experience for me. I had only recently lost my anal virginity and this particular session opened my eyes to what I had been missing and the awesome sex I could enjoy with my business clients.

It never worked out as I wanted at work but I got some recompense when I started prostituting myself to Martin's own customers, and in 'Feedback & Requests 2' I said that I liked to be anally fucked like this while talking to my husband on the phone. It was these steel-heeled boots I would usually wear for such sessions, but the only problem was that I couldn't wear them in public because the heels were too high. Consequently I now own a similar pair with five-inch heels and these are absolute man-magnets when I go out in them. I don't think they quite have the power of my thigh boots, but certainly they have that essential 'fuck-me' quality and the metal heels send a very strong message to men with submissive desires.

The advantage of wearing boots with such a style is that they leave little doubt that the wearer is consciously out to attract men. Below is another shot of me in my seven-inch heeled boots (which I hope my readers TimS and CuckBoySam will particularly appreciate) and this particular pose where I have pulled up my skirt in order to check the state of my suspender strap is one that I'm not afraid to use in public. I will either tighten the strap or refasten it, and I'm totally unembarrassed in doing so. I never look around to see if I'm being observed, and I think it's this crucial lack of apparent desire for attention that guys find so alluring. What would your reaction be to this sight? An attractive woman in seamed fishnet stockings and shiny patent leather front-laced knee boots with rapier steel heels has just hitched up her short skirt and exposed her black garter straps. And the older guy she arrived with is across the other side of the room at the moment talking to someone else, and in any case you've been told that he's just a friend. Would you have the courage to talk to her? And what would your opening line be?

Maria poses in her 7-inch heeled knee boots

Fucking a man with steel heels is fine because the heels can be easily cleaned, but I'm very reluctant to penetrate a guy with my normal heels because I don't like to soil my precious footwear. Consequently I prefer to ream a guy's backside with a dildo that I will slide on to the heel and attach to my ankle with chains in the same manner that I have always done for my solo sessions at home. You first got an idea of just how enjoyable I find this in the 'Business Slut' post:

Boot sex and shoe sex share so many techniques in common, especially as regards the worship of the heel. I get just as much pleasure watching Martin suck the heels of my stiletto shoes as I do from seeing him feeding on my boot heels. The same goes for heel-fucking. I've got a dozen or so vibrator sheaths and small dildos that have been adapted to slide tightly on to my heels, most of them having clip-rings for chains that connect to ankle straps that I wear (did you ever wonder what I meant when I made that comment about the chains attached to my ankle straps in the "Do You Want To See My Diary" post?). It really is a wonderful, sublimely empowering feeling to have a man prostrate himself before you with his head on the floor and his arse in the air, stifled groans coming from his gagged mouth as you whip his back and fuck his rear with a cock heel.

Visually I don't think this method of sodomising a man is as erotic as a straight heel fuck, but it does mean that I can get much deeper penetration and be far more aggressive with the reaming. I can use this domination technique to either reward a man who has pleased me or to severely punish him if he has transgressed in some way, and I'll often abuse a slave in such a manner as a precursor to giving him a more forceful fucking with my dildo briefs or a strapon cock.

Having said all of the above, it's hardly surprising that there is such a strong association between the heel and the penis, but I think many women misunderstand a submissive husband's desire to suck his wife's heels and be penetrated by them, just as they misinterpret a man's longing to be taken by his spouse with a strapon cock or to be made to suck it. Although it's understandable that such desires may raise doubts about a man's sexuality, in my experience (and this comes from both personal relationships and correspondence through my diary) the vast majority of men who hold these fantasies are completely heterosexual, and it's the sexual humiliation that appeals to them rather than the actual acts. And in the case of the cuckold husband it's the thought of a dominant and unfaithful wife receiving sexual pleasure as she cruelly strips her inadequate spouse of the last vestiges of his masculinity:

Oh yes, oh yes, that's it, baby... that's it... make it nice and wet for me... come on, suck harder, that's it... no, you can take more than that, come on... yes, that's better, good boy!... that's excellent, excellent... now arch your head back a little... that's right... and now let the head slide into your throat like I've taught you with the dildos... just keep calm, don’t panic... yes, that's it, that's it... oh you've got it, oh my God, you've got it... oh YES!! YES!! Oh baby, that's incredible... just hold it like that while I take some pictures... oh fabulous... look how big you're making it for me!... it's no good, I've got to have it up me... I've just got to have it... but don't worry darling, you can suck it again afterwards when we feed you the cum from my pussy with it, I promise... I promise you can have it in your mouth again...

Alison and I are acutely aware of this psychology and we know that heel and strapon fucking are all very much intertwined with these forced bi fantasies. We constantly play such humiliation games these days, but it's absolutely vital that the sub knows that we are getting off on what we are doing and seeing. Consequently we never make men do things that don't turn us on, and the true reward for a slave is seeing the delight and lust in his Mistress's eyes as he performs yet another demeaning act at her command, or hearing her moans of pleasure as the two buzzing dildos inside her bring her to orgasm as she anally abuses him. It's for this reason that I am in such high demand in London these days as a domina, and men have offered me some very tempting incentives to encourage me into letting them jump the queue and see me more regularly. Thus far I have always declined and instead from next year I intend to spend three days in London rather than two, with much of the extra time devoted to domination sessions.

Maria heel-fucks her slave

I can't imagine anyone being more attuned to the power and appeal (both conscious and subliminal) of high heels than I am, at least from a male perspective. As far as women are concerned I'm much less certain where the attractions lie because I've always regarded myself as somewhat of an oddity – a woman who was exposed to a great deal of male femdom fantasy at a sexually impressionable age and who subsequently developed a fetish for footwear normally confined to the opposite sex. Nowadays though I find myself wondering whether I'm such a rarity after all, especially when I monitor the developing trend in high-fashion footwear styles. I have an image in my mind of a frustrated investment banker who arrives home to find that his trophy wife is yet again too tired to put on the expensive Agent Provocateur basque and stockings that he bought for her last month. This time she puts it down to the stress of organising the coming weekend's dinner party, but he's beginning to suspect that some other reason may lie behind her almost permanently subdued libido. And he'd be right, because once again that day she wasn't able to resist going upstairs for forty minutes of relaxation in bed. Little does poor hubby know that Giuseppe Zanotti has already given his wife six inches of hard pleasure that day, and tomorrow Christian Louboutin will be doing the same with his seven.

Sound far-fetched? Five years ago I'd have said most definitely yes, but today I'm not quite so sure.

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