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Posted 30 July 2011

This is the first in a series of gallery pages I'm adding as a supplement to my main diary posts. If you haven't yet read those posts then I recommend you do so before you look at the gallery images (use the 'Diary' link at the top of the page).

Some of these pictures will be sourced from my offline diary, and in general their quality is fairly poor. The majority have been taken in less-than-ideal lighting conditions and they are often spontaneous shots so that I have some sort of record of what I did on a particular day. Therefore I would like to stress at the outset that I'm not trying to win acclaim for visual content and you will find far better quality and more exciting imagery elsewhere on the Web. Furthermore the pictures will in most cases be heavily blurred and filtered as with many of the shots in the main diary, and I trust you will understand why I feel the need to do this. Nevertheless, despite all these drawbacks I hope you find the photos interesting and stimulating as they do give some further insight into my day-to-day activities.

Although I have many explicit shots in my offline diary (particularly of me sucking pricks - this is one of the easiest pictures to take outside the house, and I especially like to get such an action photo when I'm fellating a guy for the first time), the majority of them are relatively tame and the focus isn't on raw penetrative sex. A lot of the time I'm fully clothed, and unless it's a domination session then the men I'm with will very rarely be naked. I prefer guys to be smartly dressed (especially in business suits) and I like to play with cocks where the owners are still clothed and I am either massaging them through the trouser material or where I have unzipped them so I can properly wank them and take them into my mouth.

It's also important to remember that the shots I take are consciously designed to make both my husband and my boyfriend extremely jealous and highly aroused, and even after several years of seeing such imagery it very rarely fails to have this effect on them. Consequently a high proportion of the pictures I collect are of men kissing and fondling me, groping me, using sex toys on me, and disciplining me. In addition I have a strong preference for playing such games with more than one man at a time and I now give priority to men who are prepared to get involved in group games. In London I have the advantage that I usually return to Gerald's home after going out in public with a man, and if Gerald is there then he will often join my companion in playing with me for a while (taking the occasional picture in the process) before I go upstairs with my date so that he can abuse and fuck me in private. Another big plus in London is that I am almost completely anonymous there I have no career to ruin, no social circle to scandalise, no family to shock and outrage and therefore I can be extraordinarily promiscuous and very forward with men. This is the principal reason why over time I have toned down my activities closer to home and switched the focus of my hooker-style liaisons to the capital (and I'm expecting in the not-too-distant future to start spending three days per week in London rather than two).

I think it's best if you try to look at these pictures through my husband's eyes, and if you're a married man who dreams of being cuckolded then I suggest you sometimes imagine that it's your wife rather than me you're seeing in the shots (this is one instance where the distortion of the images is actually an advantage). Try to visualise what it would be like to receive pictures of this nature while you are at work, or how it would feel to come home and find such imagery waiting on your computer with some accompanying text filling in the sordid details. Above all, never forget that my husband isn't sharing me with other men but instead has been replaced by them, and he has to witness guys performing acts on me that he will never again enjoy.

I chose the picture below for this initial gallery entry because it is conspicuous by its ordinariness. I wanted to show something that is absolutely typical of the sort of image that appears in my offline diary two or three times each week and which gives you a fair idea of the quality of material that you can expect to see on these pages (in short, nothing earth-shattering):

Maria plays with two of her friends

This capture from a videoed session shows me enjoying a mode of sex that I can never get enough of: being groped and fondled by more than one man. While I'm exchanging full mouth kisses I love to have hands roving over me, exploring up my skirt, feeling my underwear, pulling at my suspenders, caressing my breasts, squeezing my nipples, and pressing fingers so hard against my pussy that the panty material is actually pushed well into my vagina. Then when those panties are unzipped or pulled down around my ankles I like the men to take turns pleasuring me with their hands, first with some teasing play where they stroke and squeeze my clit, and then with much more aggression until I am either finger-fucked to climax or I beg for something bigger to be pushed into me.

If you've read all the way through the main diary you'll probably understand by now that it's never really been about 'getting naked' for me, and I like to have long periods where I am just sensuously kissing a man while he slowly investigates what I'm wearing beneath my outer clothing. The feeling I like to have is one of being exploited by men, and in effect I'm playing out the office fantasies I developed during my years working as a business consultant. I also like men to be very tactile with me in public, but in a discreet way stroking a hand along my leg, toying with my garter clasps through my skirt, rubbing my backside when we're standing together, and so on and again this is something that I always fantasised my business clients would do to me when we met for lunch (though regrettably I was never able to make it happen). Essentially therefore the style of sex I like to indulge in when I'm not dominating a man has been very much moulded by my love of wearing highly unusual underwear combined with cuckolding desires and a powerful self-image of being a corporate prostitute. It's also a style of sex that particularly appeals to older men because there is very little pressure on them to perform and it's enormously exciting for them to be given a free pass to use a younger, attractive woman as their personal sex toy.

In this particular session (which only lasted some forty minutes as it was arranged on very short notice and I had another engagement to go to) I was brought to climax with a vibrating dildo by one of my suitors while the other gave me a beautiful clit massage. The reward for their efforts was an enthusiastic suck from me with full, unprotected ejaculation into my cock-adoring mouth. I masturbated both cocks simultaneously with my leather gloves, switching my oral attentions from one prick to the other every fifteen seconds or so and periodically I would take both of them into my mouth at the same time. I swallowed both loads in turn, save for some dribbles of cum that I allowed to leak out of my mouth, something I very often do as it looks great on camera to see the semen dripping on to my black clothing, and there's the additional enjoyment of knowing that Martin (and occasionally Matt) will see the cum-stained outfit at some point later.

Whether I take ejaculations in my mouth like this, or have the cum sprayed over me, or get the men to properly fuck me, is primarily my decision (although I do in general like to give guys what they want). In this respect I'm always in control and dominating proceedings even though I will play a submissive role. Even my alpha lovers mainly do what I require with little say in the matter, the only regular exception being when Alison and I visit Matt to act out his bondage fantasies (on these occasions my boyfriend is totally in charge and we do exactly as he demands). The key for me is variety, another reason why I like to be involved with so many different men.

I should maybe add that this gallery isn't here just for your benefit I intend to use it to add to my own excitement by letting you know what I get up to, and that's why I've been writing this short piece while drinking a coffee at Heathrow airport as I await the arrival of one of Martin's business customers who is visiting the UK for a couple of days. He used to stay at a hotel when he was here but for the next two nights he will be sleeping at my house, and this evening while my husband sits in front of his computer wanking as usual, I will be upstairs having sex with our guest.

He's married, but his wife is fifteen years older than me and she doesn't come close to competing in the looks department, so this guy makes sure he takes full advantage of the special customer care that I provide for Martin's company. He likes me to be in latex and he also likes to use inflatable sex toys on me, which is why if you were to lift up the side of my jacket right now you might notice the small rubber bulb that is sitting just above the waistband of my skirt. This is connected via a tube to the kinky latex briefs I'm wearing, and as we're walking among the throngs of people in the arrivals hall after I have greeted him, Martin's customer will have his arm held casually around my waist and we'll be happily talking together with no outward indication that at that moment he is in fact fully pumping up the partially inflated dildo that I've had inside me for the past two hours.

His other main passion is anal intercourse, something he has never been permitted to enjoy with his straight-laced, unadventurous wife, and my D-ring leather belt with attached silver chains is already lying on my bed waiting for him, together with an inflatable mouth gag and a number of other bondage restraints. There's also an unopened twelve-pack of condoms in my bedside drawer, and by the time I take this man back to the airport in a couple of days, I'm pretty sure the pack will be empty.

I'll be extremely disappointed if it isn't.

Maria is pleasured by two of her friends

However sleazy it may seem, having my clothing soiled with semen is a major turn on for me and this sort of picture is a very common one in my collection. Mind you, in this case these are just drips that fell from my mouth. I'm still inwardly debating whether to show you what it looks like when I have multiple ejaculations sprayed directly over me.
Maria's soiled skirt

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